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bar-bar9999 grabs lead early, finishes strong to take 1/3/12 Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday logo.pngAfter three straight weeks of 400-plus-player fields, the first Super Tuesday of the year saw 388 come out for the weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em tourney. That field built a prize pool of $388,000, still well above the Super Tuesday's $150K guarantee. The top 45 finishers made the cash, with $75,078 due the winner barring any late night deals.

Just two representatives of Team PokerStars were among the field this week, with Pat Pezzin of Team PokerStars Canada going out relatively early in 266th. That left Anders "Donald" Berg of Team Online, still alive with a below-average stack after nearly four hours when just 100 players remained.

At that point bar-bar9999 was leading the way with a little over 84,000 with bratpack1979 and Stefan "YrssiNN" Huber neck-and-neck for second with about 48,000 each.

At the five-hour break exactly 50 players remained. bar-bar9999 still enoyed a large lead, sitting with 168,401 while no one else had crossed into six figures. Openshoves85 was the closest with 93,866, bearsfan775 third with 92,888, with YrrsiNN and tupacmn both right at 84,000. Meanwhile, Berg remained in the hunt in 21st with just over 38,000.

Over the next hour-and-a-half the field was cut down to 20, with the eliminations including Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser (44th, $2,328), Betudontbet (42nd, $2,328), iwonthurtyou (34th, $2,522), MarkusG91 (30th, $2,522), and Nicolas "niccc" Chouity (25th, $2,910).

bar-bar9999 was still out in front, by then the only player over 200,000. Rounding out the top five were pappadogg, Stefan "YrssiNN" Huber, bearsfan775, and "Donald" Berg up to fifth with better than 135,000.

It would take another 75 minutes for the next 10 eliminations to occur: C-Webb93 (20th, $2,910), bearsfan775 (19th, $2,910), iamnrg (18th, $3,880), Paolo69 (17th, $3,880), Chris "NigDawG" Brammer (16th, $3,880), pampa27 (15th, $4,850), Yoggi744 (14th, $4,850), tupacmn (13th, $4,850), Artem205 (12th, $5,820), and bratpack1979 (11th, $5,820).

With 10 left, bar-bar9999 remained the big stack with almost 550,000 -- nearly twice second-place YrrsiNN -- while Anders "Donald" Berg had slipped to the bottom of the chip counts and risked bubbling the final table with less than 80,000.


Anders "Donald" Berg of Team Online

Berg hung on for several minutes, then found himself involved in a three-way hand with leader bar-bar9999 and Openshoves85. The blinds were 2,000/4,000, and "Donald" opened with a raise to 10,000 from UTG. bar-bar9999 made it 20,989 from a seat over, and Openshoves85 called the reraise from the button. The blinds folded and Berg called as well, leaving himself just over 80,000 behind.

The flop came 3♣A♣3♥ and Berg checked. bar-bar9999 bet 17,989, Openshoves85 folded, and Berg called. The turn was the Q♥ and Berg quickly checked again. After a long pause, bar-bar9999 shoved, and Berg snap-called, showing A♠5♠. Alas for "Donald," his opponent had A♥K♣, and after the 9♥ river the king kicker played and Berg was out in 10th.

They were down to nine.


Seat 1: pappadogg -- 220,101
Seat 2: whereisdonny -- 106,001
Seat 3: YrrsiNN -- 346,265
Seat 4: 1time4meee -- 157,112
Seat 5: BEGEMOTIK3 -- 126,367
Seat 6: bar-bar9999 -- 662,669
Seat 7: POWOFOO -- 138,421
Seat 8: Openshoves85 -- 90,476
Seat 9: Deputado1414 -- 92,588

A huge margin for bar-bar9999 to begin the final table, his 662,669 representing just over a third of the remaining chips in play.

The remaining players battled a short while longer, finally reaching the last hand before the eight-hour break. With the blinds at 2,400/4,800, POWOFOO opened for 9,600 from late position and got one caller in whereisdonny from the big blind. Both checked the 3♣8♠K♥ flop. The turn brought the 2♦ and bet of 14,400 from whereisdonny, and POWOFOO called.

The river was the 9♥ and whereisdonny fired again, this time for 42,800, leaving himself but a little over 26,000 behind. POWOFOO promptly raised all in for more than 116,000, and whereisdonny tanked for about a minute while considering whether or not to risk his last chips. Finally he called, showing K♦J♠ for top pair, but POWOFOO had him beat with A♥A♠. whereisdonny wouldn't be returning from the break, having been knocked out in ninth.

It would take about a half-hour before anymore eliminations would occur, then three happened in rapid succession.

First, with the blinds at 3,200/6,400, 1time4meee open-raised all in from middle position for 62,362 and it folded around to Deputado1414 in the big blind who made the call. 1time4meee held 4♦4♥ but had run into Deputado1414's Q♦Q♥, and after the five community cards came 5♣J♦9♦6♣A♠, seven remained.

Just two hands later it was pappadogg open-raising all-in from the small blind for 78,898 and Stefan "YrssiNN" Huber calling from a seat over. pappadogg had Q♠J♣ but YrrsiNN had woken up with A♦J♠. The flop came 2♦J♥A♣, pairing pappadogg once but Huber twice, and after the 8♣ turn and T♥ river they were down to six.

Four hands after that, YrrsiNN opened with a min-raise to 14,400 from UTG and it folded around to Openshoves85 in small blind who reraised all in for 163,504. Then Deuptado1414 reraised all in over the top of that for 184,010, forcing a fold from YrrsiNN.

Openshoves85: 6♥6♣
Deputado1414: A♠K♠

The flop came 7♦9♥K♣, pairing Deputado1414. The turn and river brought a couple of deuces -- 2♣2♠ -- and suddenly just five players remained.

After that flurry, Stefan "YrssiNN" Huber had seized the lead with just over 700,000, with bar-bar9999 having slipped to second with just a touch under 400,000. POWOFOO and Deputado1414 were not far behind in the 370,000-chip range, with BEGEMOTIK3 the short stack with just over 100,000.

Those five would play a half-dozen more hands, then one arose in which BEGEMOTIK3 opened for a minimum raise to 14,400 from the small blind, and bar-bar9999 responded with an all-in push from the BB. BEGEMOTIK3 called with his remaining short stack, showing J♥J♦ to bar-bar9999's A♣T♦.

BEGEMOTIK3 was okay through the first four community cards -- 8♥6♠K♥8♣ -- but the A♠ fell on the river, giving bar-bar9999 the better pair and sending BEGEMOTIK3 out in fifth.

Nine hands after that the blinds were still 3,600/7,200 when YrrsiNN raised to 14,400 from UTG, then bar-bar9999 called from the button. POWOFOO reraised to 49,000 from the small blind, getting Deputado1414 to fold the BB. YrrsiNN then four-bet to 96,969, forcing bar-bar9999 out. POWOFOO shoved all in for 362,668 total, and YrrsiNN called the shove.

POWOFOO had A♣J♦ and YrrsiNN 9♥9♦. The board came 6♦7♣8♦K♣6♥, giving YrrsiNN nines and sixes and sending POWOFOO to the rail in fourth.

The remaining trio played to the nine-hour break, at which point Deputado1414 suggested a deal but the other two said no. At that point bar-bar9999 was back on top with 829,099, YrrsiNN next with 784,187, and Deputado1414 third with 326,714.

Play resumed, and after 10 minutes the blinds were 4,500/9,000 when bar-bar9999 raised to 18,000 from the button, Deputado1414 reraised all in for 250,208 from the small blind, YrrsiNN folded, and bar-bar9999 called.

Deputado1414 showed A♠T♠ and was hoping to improve against bar-bar9999's J♥J♠. But the board came K♠7♠3♥6♣4♦, and Deputado1414 was gone in third.

Heads-up play began with bar-bar9999 enjoying a lead with 1,157,042 to Stefan "YrrsiNN" Huber's 782,958. The pair soon agreed to discuss a deal, and as they waited for an administrator they chatted a bit.

YrrsiNN: 8 am here ... brain is melting lol
bar-bar9999: 9 here
bar-bar9999: lol
YrrsiNN: but its worth the struggle
bar-bar9999: sure
bar-bar9999: i have a flight today to the bahamas lol u coming?
YrrsiNN: yeah on the 6th

Help arrived, and the two PokerStars Caribbean Adventure-bound players quickly agreed to a "chip chop" deal, leaving $3,000 for which to play.

When they started back, both players appeared to loosen up a bit. YrrsiNN grabbed the chip lead, and soon a hand arose in which bar-bar9999 found himself at risk and in a precarious spot with a single card to come.

In the hand, YrrsiNN opened preflop for the minimum to 18,000 from the button and bar-bar9999 called. The flop came monotone -- 8♦9♦3♦ -- and bar-bar9999 checked. "YrrsiNN" Huber bet 19,969, bar-bar9999 raised to 49,898, Huber made it 96,969, bar-bar9999 pushed it further to 189,898, and Huber called.

The turn then brought the 3♠ and an all-in shove for 580,184 from bar-bar9999 which YrrsiNN called. bar-bar9999 had K♦8♠ for eights and a flush draw while Huber held K♠K♣ for the better pair. But the river brought the 4♦, completing bar-bar9999's flush and catapulting him back into the lead.

RSS readers click through to see replay

It wasn't long after that hand that the end arrived. YrrsiNN had battled back to close the gap, pushing up over 910,000 to bar-bar9999's 1.02 million. The blinds had moved to 5,000/10,000, and Huber opened for 20,000. bar-bar9999 made it 50,000, then YrrsiNN raised again to 110,000. bar-bar9999 responded by pushing all in, and Huber called with his remaining stack.

YrrsiNN: A♥Q♠
bar-bar9999: 4♥4♦

The board came 9♠5♥9♥8♥3♣, meaning bar-bar9999's fours held and both players were free to go rest up for their upcoming adventure in the Bahamas.

RSS readers click through to see replay

Congratulations to bar-bar9999 for seizing the chip lead early, maintaining it all of the way to the final table, then closing the deal to take the first Super Tuesday title of 2012!

Super Tuesday results for 1/3/12 (*reflects a two-way deal):
1st: bar-bar9999 ($68,767.45)*
2nd: YrrsiNN ($62,570.55)*
3rd: Deputado1414 ($42,680)
4th: POWOFOO ($32,010)
5th: BEGEMOTIK3 ($22,116)
6th: Openshoves85 ($17,072)
7th: pappadogg ($13,192)
8th: 1time4meee ($9,312)
9th: whereisdonny ($6,790)

As both bar-bar9999 and YrrsiNN noted, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is almost upon us. Here are some travel tips for those who'll be joining tonight's top two finishers in the Bahamas.

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