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David "Betudontbet" Emmons takes 4/30/13 Super Tuesday; Goldenboys chops for 2nd

It was another big crowd gathered around the virtual tables for this week's Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars. A total of 541 entered, building a $541,000 prize pool which once again crushed the $300K guarantee. And after 10-and-a-half hours it was David "Betudontbet" Emmons of Mexico outlasting the U.K.'s Goldenboys following a lengthy heads-up battle.

Thanks to a two-way deal that saw the pair chop first- and second- place money down the middle (with an extra $6K going to the winner), both players came away from this week's event with big paydays, with more than $92K going to Emmons and just over $86K to Goldenboys. Here's a summary of how it all played out...

From 541 to 18

It would take about five-and-a-half hours for the cash bubble to burst, and with 63 left Dribbelkip, espartaco60, and eijseijs sat atop the leaderboard.

Two hours after that the field had been trimmed to just 18, with Carter "cswidler" Wilder having moved into first position ahead of Goldenboys and lechuckpoker. Meanwhile, Dribbelkip was still there with a below-average stack while eijseijs (38th) and espartaco60 (42nd) had both been eliminated, each cashing for $2,705.

Others turning a profit yet no longer around with two tables left included Aaron "AaronBeen" Been (21st, $3,246), David "WhooooKidd" Baker (22nd, $3,246), Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka (24th, $3,246), Richard "nutsinho" Lyndaker (39th, $2,705), Scott "stpauli111" Hall (47th, $2,542.70), Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth (53rd, $2,542.70), Stefan "I'am_Sound" Huber (57th, $2,380.40), and Amit "AMAK316" Makhija (61st, $2,380.40).

From 18 to 9

Almost another hour would pass before the final 18 had played down to nine, during which period David "Betudontbet" Emmons and ChanceCU had moved into the top spots.

Regarding the fallen, Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet (18th), twirlpro (17th), and Dribbelkip (16th) each earned $4,328 for their finishes; flashdisastr (15th), jayjay908 (14th), and JUAN PRIMO20 (13th) took away $5,410 apiece; and Jeremy "00psiedaisy" Fitzpatrick (12th), sir mont3ki (11th), and a.S.e High (10th) made $6,492 each for their efforts.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: David "Betudontbet" Emmons (Mexico) -- 570,808
Seat 2: Halfrek (Denmark) -- 174,552
Seat 3: route666 (United Kingdom) -- 220,383
Seat 4: Djanik8 (Russia) -- 183,606
Seat 5: Goldenboys (United Kingdom) -- 320,280
Seat 6: Vojtech "Vojta_R" Ruzicka (Czech Republic) -- 177,182
Seat 7: lechuckpoker (United Kingdom) -- 383,068
Seat 8: ChanceCU (Mexico) -- 559,834
Seat 9: Carter "cswidler" Widler (Canada) -- 115,287

Ruzicka runs out, Widler waylaid

There were a number of familiar names and avatars at the Super Tuesday final table -- including eventual winner Emmons -- although two of them would be hitting the rail in short order.

First a hand arose in which Vojtech "Vojta_R" Ruzicka limped in from the small blind (to 5,600), lechuckpoker raised to 13,600 from a seat over, and Ruzicka called. The flop came 3♠Q♣T♣, and Ruzicka check-called a bet of 17,500 from lechuckpoker. The turn then brought the 6♣. Ruzicka checked again, lechuckpoker bet 37,500, Ruzicka shoved all in for 139,082, and lechuckpoker called.

Vojta_R: K♣J♠
lechuckpoker: Q♠T♠

Ruzicka had an open-ended straight draw while lechuckpoker had flopped two pair. The river was the T♥, improving lechuckpoker further to a full house and sending Ruzicka railward in ninth.

Shortly after that hand, a short-stacked Carter "swidler" Widler open-raised all in for 82,187 from the button with K♥8♦ and got a single caller in Halfrek in the big blind who held A♥8♠.

The board came 7♠J♠J♥, then 6♦, then 4♠, and Widler was out in eighth.

Halfrek halted, route666 sunk

Alas for Halfrek, those chips would soon be headed elsewhere. With the blinds at 3,200/6,400, Djanik8 made a min-raise to 12,800 from UTG, Goldenboys called from a seat over, and lechuckpoker reraised to 32,000.

It folded around to Halfrek in the small blind who shoved all in for 252,939, and everyone folded except lechuckpoker who swiftly called the push.

Halfrek had picked up J♥J♣, but lechuckpoker had K♠K♥. The flop came 8♥K♣9♣ to give lechuckpoker a set, and by the 2♦ turn Halfrek was drawing dead.

The remaining six played through the nine-hour mark, then shortly after returning from that break the blinds were 4,000/8,000 when lechuckpoker opened for 16,000 from under the gun. It folded to route666 on the button who reraised all in for 106,483, and after the blinds folded lechuckpoker called.

route666 had A♣5♦ and was hoping the hand would hold versus lechuckpoker's K♥Q♠. But the flop came Q♦T♥3♠ to pair lechuckpoker's queen, and after the T♠ turn and 5♥ river, route666 had reached the end of the road in sixth.

Djanik8 done, ChanceCU cut down

Just a few hands later ChanceCU min-raised from the button to 16,000, David "Betudontbet" Emmons called from the small blind, then Djanik8 reraised big to 184,000 from the big blind, leaving but 7,658 behind.

ChanceCU took that opportunity to skedaddle, but Emmons reraised back and Djanik8 called all in. Betudontdet showed 8♥8♣ and Djanik8 A♦4♣. The board came 5♦T♠2♠2♣4♥, giving Emmons the better two pair and ending Djanik8's run in fifth.

Another 25 minutes would pass, during which time Emmons pushed up over 1.25 million and into the lead while ChanceCU slipped down below 100,000 to fourth of four. Soon ChanceCU was open-pushing for 52,673 from UTG and Emmons calling from the button, and when the other two folded ChanceCU opened K♥2♠ while Betudontbet showed K♣T♠.

The flop came Q♦T♥3♣, making the situation even less inviting for ChanceCU, and the 9♠ on fourth street meant only a jack could still earn ChanceCU a saving chop. But the 4♥ fell on the river, and they were down to three.

lechuckpoker leaves in third

On the very next hand, lechuckpoker raised 2.5x to 25,000 from the small blind, Emmons reraised to 55,000 from the big blind, lechuckpoker shoved for 419,758, and Emmons called.

It was 6♠6♣ for lechuckpoker and A♠K♣ for Betudontbet, and the 7♦4♦A♦ flop gave Emmons the big advantage with a pair of aces. The turn was the 9♦, meaning lechuckpoker could only win with the 6♥ but could tie with any diamond. But fifth street brought the 7♣, and lechuckpoker was out.

RSS readers click through to view replay

A deal, then Betudontbet (finally) gets Goldenboys's chips

When they started heads-up play, Betudontbet had close to a 2-to-1 chip lead with 1,758,634 to Goldenboys's 946,366.

Emmons would add to the lead, but then Goldenboys doubled up with Q♠Q♣ through Emmons's A♦Q♦, and suddenly Goldenboys had over 1.57 million to Betudontbet's 1.14 million.

Just a couple of hands later they both decided to pause the tournament, and despite having the chip advantage Goldenboys proposed they split the remaining prize money evenly -- save $6,000 for which to play -- and Emmons readily accepted the offer.

They continued on past the tourney's 10-hour mark, with Goldenboys increasing the lead then Emmons fighting back to even the score. Eventually it was Betudontbet again moving in front to regain that almost 2-to-1 advantage from the start of heads-up play. But Goldenboys soon clawed back to narrow the gap once more.

Finally, almost exactly one hour after heads-up play began, the final hand took place.

The blinds were up to 8,000/16,000, although both players were still deep as Betudontbet had 1,425,543 (89 BBs) and Goldenboys 1,277,457 (80 BBs).

Emmons opened with a min-raise to 32,000 from the button, then Goldenboys min-reraised back to 64,000. Betudontbet responded by making it 128,000, then came another reraise from Goldenboys to 288,000. Emmons then six-bet shoved and Goldenboys called.

Goldenboys: 9♥9♦
Betudontbet: T♣T♠

Goldenboys needed a nine, but the flop came 4♠8♣T♦ to give Emmons a nearly unbeatable set of tens. The 2♣ on the turn then sealed it, making the K♣ a final insignificant detail in the story of Betudontbet's triumph.

RSS readers click through to view replay

Congratulations to 2012 TCOOP Main Event winner David "Betudontbet" Emmons for adding a Super Tuesday title to his crowded mantle of big PokerStars scores. And kudos to Goldenboys for making it to the two-way chop to earn a huge payday this week as well.

4/30/13 Super Tuesday final table results (*reflects two-way deal):
1st: David "Betudontbet" Emmons (Mexico) -- $92,265.00*
2nd: Goldenboys (United Kingdom) -- $86,265.00*
3rd: lechuckpoker (United Kingdom) -- $55,452.50
4th: ChanceCU (Mexico) -- $42,198.00
5th: Djanik8 (Russia) -- $29,755.00
6th: route666 (United Kingdom) -- $22,992.50
7th: Halfrek (Denmark) -- $17,582.50
8th: Carter "cswidler" Widler (Canada) -- $12,172.50
9th: Vojtech "Vojta_R" Ruzicka (Czech Republic) -- $8,980.60

Entrants: 541
Prize pool: $541,000.00
Places paid: 63

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is less than two weeks away. Check the SCOOP site for the full skinny.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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