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hielkuh lucky and good, denies AceSpades11 second Super Tuesday title and wins $78,846.17

Another Super Tuesday and another super turnout as 579 players took a shot at PokerStars weekly $1,050 tournament. This meant that the $300,000 guarantee was almost doubled as there was $579,000 up for grabs, which would be shared between the top 72 players with $109,431 reserved for the winner. And it was fairytale stuff as hielkuh, a Dutch player who claimed in the chat box to only have had 20 euros in his account in September, beat two-time WSOP bracelet winner and former Super Tuesday winner Mark 'AceSpades' Radoja heads-up to win $78,846.17 after a four way deal.

Some of those who were out before the money kicked in were: David 'davidv1213' Vamplew (441st), Bryn 'BrynKenney' Kenney (437th), Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody (306th) and Team PokerStars Online's Caio 'Pessagno' Pessagno (167th).One Red Spade would make the money though as PokerStars Challenger Stavros 'IDOLLS' Kalfas finished 28th, good for $2,895.00.

It would take almost six hours for the tournament to be reduced to the final two tables and when it was the biggest and perhaps sickest hand of the tournament came right along. For all the hands at the final table perhaps hielkuh will look back on this one as the key hand of his entire tournament as he and zcedrick played a 404,000 chip pot. To put that in perspective this pot was bigger than six of the chip stacks at the final table.

Pre-flop AceSpades11 raised to 8,160 from the hi-jack, zcedrick three-bet to 17,550 on the button only for hielkuh to make it 48,000 from the small blind. Back on zcedrick he moved all-in for 193,750 total and hielkuh called.

zcedrick: K♣K♦
hielkuh: Q♥Q♦

The pre-flop cooler would continue post-flop as the board ran K♠3♥J♣9♥T♥ and hielkuh hit a miracle river to take the chip lead. "Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good I guess," he typed into the chat box afterwards.

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So zcedrick was out in 18th for $4,632 which is the same amount that EDWARDHOPPER (17th) and Bigdaft (16th) picked up. Whilst lanestars (15th), Bartho85 (14th) and Breknell (13th) all added $5,790 to their accounts. And the final three to fall before the final were Philipp 'philbort' Gruissem (12th), Wonderdino (11th) and Bryan "theczar19" Piccioli (10th) they all picked up $6,948 for their efforts.

Those nine exits all happened in the space of 45 minutes so after eight hours and 33 minutes the final table was set with AceSpades11 holding a slight chip lead from hielkuh. Special mention also to ninoley who was making his second Super Tuesday final table in just seven weeks having finished third in the October 8th edition.


Seat 1: hielkuh (Netherlands) 618,943
Seat 2: Tomatee (Uruguay) 549,017
Seat 3: Deputado1414 (Brazil) 163,758
Seat 4: 1mDonuts (Malta) 39,054
Seat 5: KornHizzle20 (Canada) 370,824
Seat 6: jus2awsum (Canada) 122,243
Seat 7: Mark 'AceSpades11' Radoja (Canada) 663,022
Seat 8: ramastar88 (Argentina) 112,250
Seat 9: ninoley (Brazil) 255,889

Level XXXI: Blinds 3,200/6,400, ante 800

No shortstack survival this week

After last week's amazing shortstack comeback by Palau777 then despite starting the final table with just over six big blinds 1mDonuts might well have been feeling confident. And when the Maltese based player got a double up on just the seventh hand of the final table it looked like another short stack comeback was in the offing. Two hands later he was out.

It folded to Deputado1414 in the hi-jack, the Brazilian opened to 15,744, 1mDonuts three-bet all-in for 64,508 and when it folded back to Deputado1414 he made the call.

Deputado1414: K♦Q♥
1mDonuts: A♠J♠

1mDonuts looked set fair for a double up but the 7♠J♦2♦4♦9♦ board had other ideas and he was out of the final, picking up $8,858.70 as he shut the door behind him. Within 10 minutes he'd have two players to keep him company.

Temporary disconnect becomes permanent

At the start of the final table ramastar88 from Argentina had been disconnected which meant each hand was taking some time. Finally, 14 hands into the final, he reconnected although he might well be wishing he hadn't.

After a raise to 14,400 from jus2awsum, he moved all-in for 80,850 and Deputado1414 re-raised forcing jus2awsum out of the pot. The Argentinian turned over A♠K♥ and was in a race against Deputado's T♣T♦. The Q♣K♣J♥ flop gave ramstar88 the lead, the A♣ turn gave him an unwanted two pair as it gave Deputado1414 a straight and the Brazilian improved to a flush on the 5♣ river. For finishing eighth ramstar88 picked up $13,027.50 for his troubles.

On the very next hand jus2awsum, who was down to just over 11 big blinds after his raise/fold on the previous hand, moved all-in for 81,388 from under-the-gun, hielkuh flat called from the cut-off and everyone else folded. Showdown time:

hielkuh: T♠T♦
jus2awsum: K♦Q♣

Yet again the highest ranking hand without a recognisable nickname (I don't think dimes has yet passed into popular poker parlance) would hold up as the board ran J♦3♦3♥A♦6♥ and jus2awsum peppered the board without quite being able to connect to finish seventh, good for $18,817.50.

Deputado1414 plays sheriff, gets it wrong

The first break of the final would come and go before any more significant action occurred, then the final table was lured out of its temporary slumber in back to back hands involving Deputado1414. With blinds at 4,000/8,000 ante 1,000 he opened to 16,000 and picked up calls from KornHizzle20 (239,186), AceSpades11 (705,545) and Tomatee (657,668).

So four to a flop of 4♣3♦T♠, this didn't slow down Deputado1414, he c-bet 32,000 and KornHizzle was the only caller. On the 4♠ turn Deputado1414 slowed down, checking the action to KornHizzle20. The Canadian based player bet 56,000, leaving just 135,000 back, Deputado1414 check-raised all-in and KornHizzle20 called all-in.

Deputado1414: 6♦6♠
KornHizzle20: A♦A♥

The J♣ river gave KornHizzle20 a full double up and left Deputado1414 with just 53,030. On the next hand ninoley open shoved from the cut-off for 170,901 (just over 21 big blinds) with K♠T♠ and Deputado1414 put the rest of his stack in from the big blind with K♣5♣. The 9♠K♦T♥Q♦T♣ board gave ninoley a full house and Deputado1414 a sixth place finish worth $24,607.50.

ninoley gets to work so he can go to work

Despite landing that knockout blow with five players remaining ninoley was the shortstack by some distance. A couple of orbits later the Brazilian got a much needed double up at the hands of hielkuh in a blind on blind battle. After AceSpades11 opened to 18,360 from the button, ninoley shoved for 265,171 from the small blind with A♠T♠ hielkuh called from the big blind with K♥Q♥ and AceSpades11 got out the way. The 4♥J♦A♥ flop set up a hell of a sweat for ninoley, but top pair held on the 5♦ turn and 6♠ river.

This meant that with blinds now 4,500/9,000 ante 1,125 less than 25 big blinds separated first from fifth and the tournament was paused to take a look at ICM chip chop numbers. When the figures, which included $6,000 left to play for, were announced it seemed quite a good deal. Everyone would lock up at least third placed money: '6.52a.m here, need to go to work," said ninoley. "8.52a.m just called in sick," shot back hielkuh. However, AceSpades11, the chip leader, rejected the deal as he wanted extra, something the remaining players weren't prepared to give. So play continued.

Kornhizzle20 squashes Tomatee

When deal negotiations took place Kornhizzle20 was the shortest stack of the lot with just under 500,000. In the space of 20 hands he'd more than double that to take a commanding chip lead and knockout Tomatee in the process.

He'd already taken a couple of chunky pots from the Uruguayan to take the chip lead when he landed the fatal blow. From a stack of 218,638 Tomatee min-raised to 20,000 from under-the-gun and KornHizzle20 made the call. The two of them took a J♠9♣T♥ flop and the chips flew in. Tomatee showed Q♠T♠ for second pair and an open ended straight draw, KornHizzle20 had K♠J♣ for top pair and a gutshot. The J♦ turn and 3♣ river kept KornHizzle20 in front and sent Tomatee out in fifth, $31,266 better off.

The KornHizzle20 rollercoaster

Now that he had the chip lead there was no way Kornhizzle was going to sit back and be a passenger, no he was going to drive the rollercoaster. And what followed was a very entertaining ride! As he went from chip leader to short stack, back to the chip lead and then back to the short stack again over the space of 59 hands which happened over 44 minutes. Here are the highlights, strap in, it might get bumpy:

Starting chip stack: 1,186,170:

Hand 5: Wins 254,284 chip pot against AceSpades11 with A♣8♦ on a 5♠9♠J♦A♦T♠ board. Chipcount: 1,279,562.

Hand 12: Gets unlucky to lose a 782,668 chip pot against hielkuh on a 9♠3♦Q♠8♣A♠ board with Q♦J♣ against A♥3♥ with the chips going in on the flop and turn. Chipcount: 918,228

Hand 13: Wins a 248,584 chip pot against AceSpades11 with A♥Q♦ on a A♠T♥2♣8♠A♦ board. Chipcount: 1,044,020

Hand 19: Loses a 957,976 chip pot to AceSpades11 which you can see below: Chipcount: 468,452 (now the shortstack)

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Hand 21: Loses 237,600 chip pot to AceSpades11 when he folds on the river of a 9♠9♣3♥6♣6♦ board. Chip count: 315,902

Hand 40: Wins a 884,128 chip pot against AceSpades11 with J♠6♦ against K♣J♥ on a 6♥J♣8♥7♥9♠ board with the majority of the money going in on the turn. Chip count: 884,128 (is now chip leader again)

Hand 42: Loses a 530,590 chip pot to hielkuh on a 8♠5♥4♠3♥A♦ board, hielkuh shows Q♥4♦ at showdown to win the pot. Chip count: 622,833.

Hand 43: Wins a 664,000 chip pot against ninoley with A♠9♠ on a Q♠J♠9♦3♥A♥ board. Chipcount: 964,833.

Hand 49: Loses a 531,674 chip pot to ninoley on a 3♥2♣T♥Q♠J♣ board with the latter shoving with A♣K♥ on the flop and getting called by KornHizzle20's J♠T♠. Chip count: 762,996

Hand 59: Loses a 525,208 pot to AceSpades11 who shows K♥J♠ at showdown on a K♣T♣5♦T♦5♣ board to claim the pot. Chip count: 430,393 (back to the shortstack)

And with that the ride was over as after the next hand the clock was paused to discuss a deal.

If at first you don't succeed

When the clock was paused the chip counts looked like this:

Seat 1: hielkuh, 784,352
Seat 5: KornHizzle20, 428,393
Seat 7: AceSpades11, 953,941
Seat 9: ninoley, 728,314

The original payouts were as follows:

1st. $109,431.
2nd. $80,191.50
3rd. $59,058
4th. $44,583.00

And the chip count chop numbers, which left $6,000 to play for, looked like this

AceSpades11: $80,477.38
heilkuh: $74,096.17
ninoley: $71,987.61
KornHizzle: $60,702.34

AceSpades11, wanted each player to give him an extra $1,000 on top of the chip chop numbers. "Again I am very experienced and I think that is very fair." He said as negotiations hung in the balance. However, KornHizzle20 would not budge from his number but after a little cajoling AceSpades11 convinced both ninoley and hielkuh to each give up $1,250 from their share and a deal was struck.

In the aftermath of the deal the chat box talk continued but it was in the form of congratulations rather than tense negotiations:

hielkuh: started in September with 20 euros, kinda changed my life... won the bigger 109 and now this :)"
AceSpades11 said, "that's awesome hiel"
AceSpades11 said, "congrats mate, love hearing those stories"
KornHizzle20 said, "i won the 320 6m today"
KornHizzle20 said, "got 2nd in the brawl sunday"
KornHizzle20 said, "and won the 100r on friday"
KornHizzle20 said, "get someeeeeee"
AceSpades11 said, "have 2 wsop bracelets ! /end ..."
KornHizzle20 said, "ya, guess that settles it"
hielkuh said, "yea that pretty much /ends it"

Kornhizzle20's wheels come off in fouth

Now that a deal had been struck play noticeably loosened up, ninoley - who don't forget had to get to work - was the main protagonist simply moving all-in for his entire stack of nearly 50 big blinds on multiple occasions.

However, he would not be the first out, 19 hands after the deal discussions were completed and some 81 minutes after Tomatee was eliminated in fifth place the one man show that was KornHizzle20 got cancelled.

From the button hielkuh opened to 36,000 with K♥6♥, KornHizzle20 three-bet to 88,550 from the small blind with A♦4♣ and hielkuh made the call. On the A♠K♣6♦ flop KornHizzle20 continued for 78,550 and hielkuh smooth called. The 8♥ fell on the turn and with just about a pot sized bet left KornHizzle20 moved all-in and was snap called. He didn't improve on the Q♠ river and was out in fourth.

All-in nin

Over the next dozen hands ninoley continued his aggressive tactic of moving all-in a lot and it would ultimately prove his downfall, as the saying goes, 'it works everytime but the last time.'

It passed to him in the small blind and he open shoved for 917,524 (46 big blinds) and hielkuh made the call.

ninoley: K♠J♦
hielkuh: 6♣6♥

The 8♥9♣Q♥ flop gave ninoley additional outs as did the 8♦ turn, but he missed them all on the 7♦ river and just like that we were heads-up. Congratulations to ninoley for his second podium finish in the Super Tuesday in just seven weeks

Heads-up chip counts:
It was quite the match up, in the blue corner we had Mark 'AceSpades11' Radoja, a two-time bracelet winner who was looking to become a two-time Super Tuesday winner. In the red corner hielkuh, a Dutchman who, if we believe his chat, had to call in sick to work and had just 20 euros in his PokerStars account in September. No contest right? Well thankfully there was a leveller - the chip counts - as hielku held a big chip lead of almost five to one.

Seat 1: hielkuh, 2,371,251
Seat 7: AceSpades11, 523,749

Blinds were 10,000/20,000 ante 2,500 as play got underway and it looked for all the world as if the Ductchman's inexperience was going to be brutally exposed as AceSpades11 scored two double ups to take a 1.7M to 1.2M chip lead. However hielkuh fought back and on the final hand there was just a single small blind separating the two stacks with hielkuh the one with the slenderest of advantages.

On the button hielkuh opened to 50,000 with Q♣5♣, AceSpades11 bumped it to 121,742 from the big blind with A♠A♦, heilkuh made the call and the two of them saw a 7♣4♥6♦ flop. First to act AceSpades11 led for 157,224, hielkuh made it 425,000, AceSpades11 shoved all-in and hielkuh called.

With two cards to come AceSpades11 was a 63% favourite to win the pot and all but seal his second Super Tuesday title. However the 3♦ turn gave hielkuh and unbeatable straight, AceSpades11 was drawing to a chop but the river was the 4♦ and hielkuh was the winner.

RSS readers click through to see replay

Congratulations to hielkuh on his victory and commiserations to AceSpades11 who, whilst denied his second title, did score the biggest cash of the tournament thanks to the four handed deal.

Super Tuesday: $1,050 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 579
Prize pool: $77,673.05
Places paid: 1800

1st. hielkuh (Netherlands), *$78,846.17
2nd. AceSpades11 (Canada), *$82,977.38
3rd. ninoley (Brazil), $70,737.61
4th. KornHizzle20 (Canada), *$60,702.34
5th. Tomatee (Uruguay), $31,266.00
6th. Deputado1414 (Brazil), $24,607.50
7th. jus2awsum (Canada), $18,817,50
8th. ramastar88 (Argentina), $13,027.50
9th. 1mDonuts (Malta), $8,858,70

*denotes four way deal

If you fancy spinning significantly less than 20 euros into substantially more check out the MicroMillions homepage, there's plenty of events left in the series which runs until Sunday.

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