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Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler rolling, chops and wins Super Tuesday again (4/23/13)

As is usually the case for the Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars, a number of familiar names participated, with several still around at night's end. And from the field of 538 who played this week, it was one of the familiar ones atop the leaderboard once the last hand had been dealt, as Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler had won yet another Super Tuesday title following a three-way chop.

If that wasn't impressive enough, Wheeler's victory came close on the heels of his winning a side event at EPT Berlin a few hours before where he took down Event #19, the €2,100 NLHE turbo! No shinola!

After all of that, Wheeler had enough energy left to send a tweet once the Super Tuesday finally concluded...

@JDPC27: Haven't slept in over 30 hours now, but i do know what it feels like to Shiiip the Super Tuesday #ondheaterbiatches #supertuetriplecrown

The win marked Wheeler's second Super Tuesday in two months, and third overall. Here's the story of how he managed to win it this time.

From 538 to 18

That field of 538 meant a prize pool totaling $538,000, again crushing the tournament's $300K guarantee. The top 63 made the money, and while a six-figure score had been scheduled for the first-place finisher, the deal between jdtjpoker, GoToCa$hier, and Ky3oB meant Wheeler's victory earned a payout of $81,539.64.

After four-and-a-half-hours just 100 players remained, led by Magardan (74,975), yadio (67,720), and rent82 (65,655). A half-hour after that the field had been cut to 75, with Magardan extending the lead to push up over 150,000 when no one else had 100,000.

Soon the money bubble approached, with rent82 having been moved to Margadan's table to win some chips and grab the advantage away. And once the field shrunk to 63 and they made the cash, it was Ky3oB pushing past everyone to claim the top spot by the six-hour break.

It was at that break that one remaining player -- Mike "Tîmex" McDonald -- delivered a tweet. Like Wheeler, McDonald is at EPT Berlin, and so was taking the occasion to report on how things were going there for him.

@MikeMcDonald89: Made day 2 of the 2k, and then had the genius idea to register the Super Tuesday which apparently runs until like 10am

Sitting in 18th position with 49 remaining at about 5:00 a.m. Berlin time, the player with a username taken from a timepiece was correct to say the Super Tuesday would be lasting some time longer -- indeed, more than five more hours.

Alas for McDonald, he'd only last a little under an hour more, finally succumbing in 27th to chip leader Ky3oB for a cash of $3,228, good enough to cover the €2,150 buy-in for the event he'll be continuing after a few hours of sleep.

From 18 to 9

Soon they were down to 18 players, with Margadan among the fallen having been eliminated in 21st ($3,228) and Ky3oB was still in front with nearly 400,000. Then as the field was cut to nine it was PokerPetty00 pushing out ahead of everyone into the lead.

Anton "aJarov" Yakuba (18th), JMDA Y SALO (17th), and EdenR (16th) each earned $4,304 for their finishes. liutas.a (15th), 8/28/12 Super Tuesday winner Sheeter 200 (14th), and tbyrd5595 (13th) took away $5,380 apiece. And Yann "yadio" Dion (12th), Daniel "KrazyKiddo" Bass (11th), and jknack10 (10th) came just shy of the final table while cashing for $6,456 each.

Just nine were left.


Seat 1: Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler (Mexico) -- 353,046
Seat 2: AceSpades11 (Canada) -- 313,214
Seat 3: Ky3oB (Ukraine) -- 204,701
Seat 4: PokerPetty00 (Germany) -- 536,526
Seat 5: rent82 (Ireland) -- 158,177
Seat 6: GoToCa$hier (Portugal) -- 263,201
Seat 7: triantafill (Greece) -- 435,379
Seat 8: nailuj90 (Germany) -- 332,796
Seat 9: tonydatiger5 (Canada) -- 92,960

From 9 to 3

tonydatiger5 started the final table as the short stack, but managed to chip up a little and then enjoy a double-up through nailuj90. In that hand, tonydatiger5 was all in with 3♥3♠ against nailuj90's A♦7♠, and the flop came an eye-popping 6♠3♣3♦ to give tonydatiger5 quads and renewed tourney life.

The nine would continue to fight for chips for 45 minutes -- all of the way to the nine-hour break -- at which point PokerPetty00 was still leading with nearly 700,000.

About 10 minutes after play resumed, nailuj90 would run A♥T♦ into AceSpades11's K♣K♥ to get knocked down to 46,835 (just under six big blinds). Then on the next hand nailuj90 open-pushed from early position and got a single caller in Ky3oB.

nailuj90 had K♥J♥, but again had run into a big pair as Ky3oB had A♦A♥. The board ran out 4♦7♣4♠J♣2♥, and after nearly an hour the final table finally had its first elimination.

About 15 minutes later the blinds were 4,500/9,000 when Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler opened for 18,000 from the hijack seat, then AceSpades11 -- winner of the Super Tuesday in January 2012 -- reraise-shoved for 142,336 from one seat over.

It folded back and Wheeler called, showing 9♣9♥ while AceSpades11 had 3♦3♥. The community cards came 7♥Q♣4♠8♣8♦, and AceSpades11 was out in eighth.

Wheeler would be responsible for the next elimination as well. The blinds had climbed to 5,000/10,000 when Wheeler min-raised to 20,000 from UTG, then triantafill reraised all in from the small blind for 159,018. It folded back to Wheeler who called, and the players' hands were revealed...

triantafill: A♦K♠
jdtjpoker: A♠T♠

triantafill had the preflop edge, but the flop came T♦Q♥5♥ to put Wheeler ahead. The turn was the A♥ and river the 8♣, and triantafill was eliminated in seventh.

Five hands later PokerPetty00 min-raised to 20,000 from the cutoff, then rent82 pushed from the button for 63,057. The blinds folded and PokerPetty00 called.

It was rent82's A♠8♣ versus PokerPetty00's A♦6♦. rent82 was still ahead after the 7♥5♥4♠ flop, but the 3♦ turn gave PokerPetty00 a straight. The river was the 3♣ and they were down to five.

Another lengthy stretch with no eliminations followed, during which several short stacks took turns surviving all-ins while PokerPetty00 hung on to the chip lead for most of the time, then Ky3oB moved back on top.

Finally they were approaching the 10-hour mark when a short-stacked tonydatiger5 opened with a 3x raise to 60,000 from under the gun leaving but a couple of thousand behind, and when Ky3oB reraised from the button the others scattered and tonydatiger5 called all in.

tonydatiger5 had K♠7♠ and needed help versus Ky3oB's A♣K♦, but the board came 4♣6♣3♠, then T♠, then T♥, and tonydatiger5 was out in fifth.

Talk of a chop followed the break, although play continued on without any pause to discuss terms. Then came a hand in which Ky3oB opened for the minimum with a raise to 40,000 from UTG, then PokerPetty00 reraised all in for 386,376 from the button. The blinds got out, then Ky3oB quickly called.

PokerPetty00 had A♠T♦ and Ky3oB Q♥Q♣. The board arrived seven-high -- 7♦2♠4♠2♣3♦ -- and PokerPetty00's run had ended in fourth.

A deal, then Ky3oB KO'd in third

One hand later the tournament was paused for the final three to talk about a possible deal. All three were close in chips, with Ky3oB leading (988,308), jdtjpoker next (892,450), and GoToCa$hier third (809,242).

ICM numbers were produced -- leaving $6,000 for which to play -- and perhaps reflecting some fatigue after a long day-then-night-then-morning of poker, Wheeler began the subsequent discussion with a proposal to keep things short and simple.

dtjpoker: i want to save a long debate
jdtjpoker: we can do icm numbers or we can play it out
GoToCa$hier: I agree
jdtjpoker: if u ask for anything more, we play
Ky3oB: i agree
jdtjpoker: i agree

With that a deal had been struck, and soon hands were once again being dealt.

It would take but five hands for three to become two. Following a Ky3oB button-open to 40,000, it folded to Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler in the big blind who reraised to 112,420. Ky3oB then made it 199,999 to go, Wheeler shoved for 986,950 total, and Ky3oB called all in for almost that much.

Wheeler had A♦9♥ and Ky3oB A♠8♠. The flop came 7♠2♠4♦, then the 9♦ on the turn improved Wheeler to a pair though he still had to fade the flush draw. The 3♥ then fell on fifth street, sending Ky3oB to the rail in third.

RSS readers click through to view replay

It was another impressive run for Ky3oB, who finished 17th in the Super Tuesday just last week.

GoToCa$hier falls short as Wheeler grabs another Super Tuesday

That big pot gave Wheeler the big advantage to start heads-up play with 1,977,758 to GoToCa$hier's 712,242. The pair played 30 hands after which GoToCa$hier had chipped up a little to almost 915,000. Then -- nearly 11-and-a-half hours after the tourney had begun -- the final hand took place.

It started with a min-raise to 50,000 by GoToCa$hier, called by Wheeler. The flop came 8♠7♥6♦ and after jdtjpoker checked, a series of bets would result in GoToCa$hier being all in and at risk, with GoToCa$hier betting 52,725, Wheeler raising to 125,000, GoToCa$hier reraising to 197,275, Wheeler pushing it up to 420,420, GoToCa$hier moving all in for 861,669, and Wheeler calling.

Wheeler had 9♦8♦ for top pair and an open-ender while GoToCa$hier had 8♥6♠ for two pair. The turn then brought the T♥ to complete jdtjpoker's straight, and after the T♦ river it was all over.

RSS readers click through to view replay

Congratulations to Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler for taking down the Super Tuesday yet again, this time only a few weeks removed from his having chopped and won the tournament back in early March after having won it before back in October 2011!


Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler

Kudos as well to GoToCa$hier and Ky3oB for making it to the three-way deal and earning paydays nearly as handsome as Wheeler's.

4/23/13 Super Tuesday final table results (*reflects three-way deal):
1st: Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler (Mexico) -- $81,539.64*
2nd: GoToCa$hier (Portugal) -- $74,039.97*
3rd: Ky3oB (Ukraine) -- $77,105.39*
4th: PokerPetty00 (Germany) -- $41,964.00
5th: tonydatiger5 (Canada) -- $29,590.00
6th: rent82 (Ireland) -- $22,865.00
7th: triantafill (Greece) -- $17,485.00
8th: AceSpades11 (Canada) -- $12,105.00
9th: nailuj90 (Germany) -- $8,930.80

Entrants: 538
Prize pool: $538,000.00
Places paid: 63

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is just weeks away, with the schedule kicking off May 12. Check the SCOOP page for all of the details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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