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karakrud's wild ride ends with 12/10/13 Super Tuesday title

We all know that No Limit Holdem is a game of aggression, but sometimes the path to victory for the most aggressive player one of many peaks and troughs. It's the stuff of heart attacks. And we saw that today in the weekly Super Tuesday as Chilean karakrud mixed up some creativity and flair to endure a wild ride to the title and a six-figure pay day.

Today's $1,050 Super Tuesday brought together a strong field of 540 players to create a prize pool of $540,000. The top 63 places would take home profit.

George Danzer, Nacho Barbero and Jake Cody were flying the flag for Team PokerStars, but they were early eliminations before the bubble burst on the UK's Cejakas14 in 64th place. Cejakas14 went home empty-handed as the remaining players were happy to have secured at least $2,376.

After eight and a half hours of toil, CzarKassim lost a race with king-jack against karakrud's pocket deuces when a third duck hit the flop, to see our Super Tuesday final table set as follows:


Final Table line up
Seat 1: karakrud (885,550 in chips)
Seat 2: Dhr. Awesome (451,478 in chips)
Seat 3: all in 2526 (270,926 in chips)
Seat 4: Aggro Santos (194,902 in chips)
Seat 5: Paris Dedes (307,146 in chips)
Seat 6: Handebraken (140,222 in chips)
Seat 7: Gasnjep (189,680 in chips)
Seat 8: metallist353 (104,720 in chips)
Seat 9: F P C (155,376 in chips)

karakrud was a big chip leader, with the final table blinds starting off at 3,600/7,200/900, however it would take only a few hands for karakrud give up that advantage.

karakrud tried to put the big stack to work with a triple-barrel bluff against Paris Dedes, however Paris Dedes turned top pair with ace-queen and went with it to see karakrud's nine-three exposed.

Paris Dedes shot to the lead, and then increased that further with the first elimination of the final table. It would be metallist353 moving all in from early position with 7♦7♠ but Paris Dedes made the call in the big blind with a superior pair - 9♠9♦. The board arrived A♥A♣K♦6♣3♠ to see metallist353 collect $8,964 for 9th place.

F P C was next to go, moving all in from early position with A♦T♣ at the wrong time as Dhr. Awesome found K♣K♦ and made the call. The board was laid out Q♠8♦6♦J♠3♣ to leave the kings in front and see F P C finish in 8th place for $12,150 in prize money.

The troubles continued for karakrud with the double up of Aggro Santos. karakrud had the best hand with ace-jack but Aggro Santos improved to a full house with king-queen to double through.

That didn't slow karakrud, and the aggression eventually paid off with a rather creative straight:

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As the blinds ticked up, it would be Gasnjep next to depart. Gasnjep three-bet shoved with A♠J♠ and Paris Dedes made the call with K♥Q♥. The board ran out K♦J♥3♣K♣4♥ to give Paris Dedes trip kings to eliminate Gasnjep in 7th place for $17,550.

A few hands later and Handebraken joined the rail. karakrud was in the thick of the action once again, opening with a min-raise from under the gun. Action folded to Handebraken in the big blind who moved all in with A♣Q♦, but karakrud wouldn't budge from T♣T♥. The board landed K♣9♣3♥J♥9♠ to leave the pair in front as Handebraken was out in 6th place for $22,950.

Dhr. Awesome found a big double up with pocket kings against karakrud's pocket jacks, before the five remaining players dug their heels. Most of the pots remained small as the chips were passed around the table.

Something had to give and it was former Sunday Million winner all in 2526 who made a move at the wrong time. all in 2526 moved all in for around fifteen big blinds with K♥T♠ but ran smack into the A♥A♠ of Aggro Santos. There were no surprises on the board of 8♠8♣7♠2♦4♥ as all in 2526 departed in 5th place for $29,700 in prize money.

The four remaining players seemed in pretty good spirits. A couple of them seemed to know each other, with some friendly discussion unfolding in the chat box, while some unfriendly play unfolded on the felt such as this hand that was six-bet but didn't see a flop:

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karakrud was getting back on top until a million-chip cooler saw karakrud run ace-king into Paris Dedes' pocket aces. karakrud couldn't escape as Paris Dedes doubled through.

karakrud was able to weather the blow and the luck changed around when a flop of 2♣6♦A♦ greeted both karakrud and Dhr. Awesome. The chips went flying with Dhr. Awesome committing with A♣J♠ for top pair, only to find karakrud had flopped two pair with A♥2♥. The turn was the 7♠ and river the 5♥ to see Dhr. Awesome fall in 4th place for a great return of $42,120.

The wild aggression of karakrud went to a new level three-handed. karakrud three-bet shoved with just six-four offsuit but Aggro Santos found the double up with ace-jack. No problem for karakrud who got those chips back soon after, calling a three-bet shove holding J♣T♦ to be racing with Aggro Santo's 7♣7♠. The board ran out 3♠T♥K♠Q♥9♠ to see karakrud flop a pair and improve to a straight to leave Aggro Santos out in 3rd place for a $55,350 score.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: karakrud (1,422,308 in chips)
Seat 5: Paris Dedes (1,277,692 in chips)

karakrud was back into the lead but with the blinds at 7,000/14,000/1,750, they were pretty deep when heads-up play commenced.

Paris Dedes drew first blood, winning a seven-figure pot with second pair when karakrud had kicker problems with the same pair. However, as was the trend of the final table, karakrud quickly recovered with a big double up connecting on the river with a flush draw to better Paris Dedes' top pair, top kicker.

karakrud continued to win the bigger pots before the final hand of the tournament erupted.

karakrud min-raised preflop, and then fired bets on the flop and turn on the board of 2♥7♣4♦8♠. On the turn, Paris Dedes check-raised all in with karakrud making the call holding K♠7♥ for second pair, which was ahead of Paris Dedes' J♥T♥ for a straight draw with overcards. The river was revealed as the 5♠ to leave Paris Dedes to collect $75,600 for 2nd place with karakrud taking down the Super Tuesday to win a massive $102,600 in prize money. Congratulations!

Super Tuesday Final Table Results
Entrants: 540
Prize pool: $540,000.00
Place paid: 63

1st karakrud (Chile) - $102,600.00
2nd Paris Dedes (Greece) - $75,600.00
3rd Aggro Santos (United Kingdom) - $55,350.00
4th Dhr. Awesome (Netherlands) - $42,120.00
5th all in 2526 (Israel) - $29,700.00
6th Handebraken (Malta) - $22,950.00
7th Gasnjep (Netherlands) - $17,550.00
8th F P C (Brazil) - $12,150.00
9th metallist353 (Russia) - $8,964.00

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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