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paulwiter prevails in 11/26/13 Super Tuesday, earns $115,668

There were 612 runners for this week's Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em that consistently draws huge fields. That marked the 10th time in 2013 the Super Tuesday has exceeded 600 players, with this week's tourney ranking as the 7th largest of the year (and in the Super Tuesday's history). The turn out meant a $612,000 prize pool -- more than twice the tourney's $300K guarantee -- with Juan "paulwiter" Garcia of Uruguay ultimately earning the biggest chunk of it by capturing the $115,668 first prize.

They were well past the five-hour mark when the money bubble burst and just 72 remained. At that point one red spade sporter, Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen of Team Online, had just been eliminated a couple of spots shy of the cash in 74th. Meanwhile Petersen's Team Online teammate, Caio "Pessagno" Pessagno, had survived the bubble's bursting albeit with a short stack that put him right at the bottom of the counts.

Pessagno would hang on, however, doubling a couple of times and persisting with below average chips as the field shrunk to fewer than 40 players. Then finally a hand arose that saw Pessagno commit his stack of just over 12,000 (six big blinds) with K♥J♣ but run into kntna waiting in the blinds with A♥J♦. The board brought a jack but no king, and Pessagno finished in 37th for a $2,754 cash.

With 36 players left Juan "paulwiter" Garcia had already charged to the front with about 275,000 at a time when no one else had cracked the 200,000-chip mark. Garcia was hoping to add another big score to his résumé after winning $143,397.49 for taking down WCOOP Event #19 ($109 NLHE) a couple of months ago.

An hour or so later just 18 were left with chipdonky247 having assumed the top spot with more than 430,000, about 100,000 clear of the nearest challenger.

It took another hour more for nine more to fall, during which time paulwiter reclaimed the top spot while pushing up over 700,000 while chipdonky247 slipped to bubble the final table.

David Buetta (18th), Spowi07 (17th), and pablotenisis (16th) each earned $4,896 for their finishes. Sobizzle21 (15th), Aditya "intervntion" Agarwal (14th), and Sifosis (13th) took away $6,120 apiece. And claffit01 (12th), Nik "Reraiseallin" Persaud (11th), and finally chipdonky247 (10th) made $7,344 each for not quite making the final table.

Just nine remained, with a number of familiar names among them.


Seat 1: Kevin "iacog4" Iacofano (United Kingdom) -- 279,953
Seat 2: MrKloutt (United Kingdom) -- 207,159
Seat 3: Jonkgbg (Sweden) -- 486,172
Seat 4: Yukold (Brazil) -- 400,567
Seat 5: Douglas "Dowgh-Santos" Souza (Brazil) -- 201,702
Seat 6: texaszanardi (Chile) -- 160,624
Seat 7: geoas2003 (Romania) -- 174,954
Seat 8: Juan "paulwiter" Garcia (Uruguay) -- 744,651
Seat 9: Dylan "WhiteRabbito" Honeyman (Australia) -- 404,218

Not long after the final table began, the blinds were 3,200/6,400 when Kevin "iacog4" Iacofano min-raised to 12,800 from middle position, then Jonkgbg reraised to 25,600 from the cutoff seat. It folded to texaszanardi in the big blind who four-bet to 59,876, forcing a fold from Iacofano. Jonkgbg responded with another reraise to 140,800, and when texaszanardi shoved all in for 262,665 total, Jonkgbg called.

texaszanardi had K♥K♠ but had run into Jonkgbg's A♠A♣. The flop then made matters worse for texaszanardi, coming A♦4♥7♦ to improve Jonkgbg to a set of aces. The turn was the J♦, making the T♣ river no matter and knocking texaszanardi out in ninth.

The remaining eight made it to the nine-hour break, and all eight continued to battle for another half-hour. Then came two knockouts in consecutive hands.

The blinds had risen to 4,500/9,000 when Juan "paulwiter" Garcia -- still leading -- raised to 18.881 from the cutoff and Dylan "WhiteRabbito" Honeyman called from the button. It folded to MrKloutt in the big blind who reraised all in for 118,530, and while Garcia folded, Honeyman made the call.

MrKloutt had A♦J♥ and kicker trouble against Honeyman's A♠Q♦, and after the board came 9♥K♠3♠5♣8♠, MrKloutt was finished in eighth.

On the next hand Douglas "Dowgh-Santos" Souza opened for 18,493 from under the gun, then paulwiter reraised to 39,993 from a couple of seats over. It folded back around to Souza who pushed for 202,685, and Garcia called.

Dowgh-Santos showed A♥Q♥ and wanted to see an ace come to help him beat Garcia's Q♣Q♦. An ace did come on the flop, but so did the case queen as it landed Q♠A♠5♦. The turn was the 4♠ and river the 5♣, and Dowgh-Santos's tourney run ended in seventh place.

About 15 minutes after that hand it was Yukold raising 2x to 20,000 from middle position, then geoas2003 reraising all in for 138,108 from the next seat. It folded to Kevin "iacog4" Iacofano in the big blind who called all in for just a little less than what geoas2003 had pushed for, and Yukold folded.

geoas2003 had A♣K♦ and needed help against Iacofano's K♥K♣. The board came jack-high, though, rolling out 4♥9♠6♠T♠J♥, and geoas2003 was knocked down to just 4,352 -- not even a small blind. All in on the next hand with J♦7♣ against Yukold's A♠Q♥, geoas2003 got no help from the 8♥8♠K♦A♥Q♣ board and was eliminated in sixth.

Just a couple of minutes later it folded to Juan "paulwiter" Garcia who raised big from the small blind with 9♠7♥ and Dylan "WhiteRabbito" Honeyman called all in for 120,368 (about 10 BBs) from the big blind with A♦3♠ The 3♥4♠9♣ flop paired both, but put Garcia in front, and after the 5♦ turn and K♣ river they were down to four.

Play continued through the tourney's 10-hour mark, then a few minutes later the blinds were 6,000/12,000 when paulwiter was at it again with a raise to 27,772 from the small blind. This time Kevin "iacog4" Iacofano reraised all in for 261,542 from the big blind and Garcia called without hesitation.

paulwiter: A♦Q♣
iacog4: Q♣4♦

The flop came 7♦K♦Q♥ to pair both players but Garcia's kicker kept him in front. The turn was the K♠ and river the 2♦, and Iacofano was done in fourth.

A short while after that Yukold raised 2x to 32,000 from the button, then Jonkgbg reraised all in from the big blind to 210,788 and Yukold called. Jonkgbg had A♣6♠ and was hoping the hand would hold against Yukold's K♣T♣, and after the 8♥5♥J♣ flop and 8♣ turn, Jonkgbg was still ahead. But the river brought the T♠ to pair Yukold, and Jonkgbg was done in third.

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Heads-up play began with Juan "paulwiter" Garcia enjoying almost a 2-to-1 chip lead over his fellow South American with the Uruguayan player's 1,991,727 chips well ahead of the Brazilian Yukold's 1,068,727.

Yukold battled gamely over the next half-hour, although the stacks were still roughly the same at the tourney's 11-hour mark. Then a few minutes after that paulwiter won a big pot after flopping top pair of kings then turning trips, and getting Yukold to call bets on all three post-flop streets.

That one left Yukold with just under 330,000 with the blinds up to 10,000/20,000, and just a couple of hands later Yukold shoved all in from the button and got a call from paulwiter.

It was A♠2♠ for Garcia and Q♣4♥ for Yukold. The flop came A♣3♣6♣ to pair paulwiter's ace but also give Yukold flush outs. The turn then brought the 9♠ and the river the 6♥, and paulwiter had won.

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Congratulations to Juan "paulwiter" Garcia who had the lead for much of the final hours of play in this week's Super Tuesday, including throughout the final table to take away a nice $115K-plus first prize -- a second six-figure score in three months for the Uruguayan!

11/26/13 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results

Players: 612
Prize pool: $612,000
Places paid: 72

1. Juan "paulwiter" Garcia (Uruguay) -- $115,668.00
2. Yukold (Brazil) -- $84,762.00
3. Jonkgbg (Sweden) -- $62,424.00
4. Kevin "iacog4" Iacofano (United Kingdom) -- $47,124.00
5. Dylan "WhiteRabbito" Honeyman (Australia) -- $33,048.00
6. geoas2003 (Romania) -- $26,010.00
7. Douglas "Dowgh-Santos" Souza (Brazil) -- $19,890.00
8. MrKloutt (United Kingdom) -- $13,770.00
9. texaszanardi (Chile) -- $9,363.60

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