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Unkn0wn123 makes a name as latest Super Tuesday winner (4/16/13)

It's Tuesday again and that means something super happened once more on PokerStars, namely the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely attracts online poker's best. It was another big field this week, with 530 players creating a $530,000 prize pool, again easily exceeding the $300K guarantee. And after 11 hours and 21 minutes it was Unkn0wn123 of Uruguay coming away with all of the chips to earn a cool $100,700 first prize.

It took about half that total time -- just over five-and-a-half hours -- for the money bubble to burst, and with 63 players left Clark "snake8484" Hamagami, QuackAttaKK, homempeixe77, and Gustavo "PIUlimeira" Goto occupied the top spots as the only players with more than 100,000.

About two hours after that they were down to 18, with Olorionek, Sf3n0m3n0, Unkn0wn123, and liran2788 leading as the only four above 200,000. It would then take about an hour and 45 minutes more for nine more to fall, during which stretch Sf3n0m3n0 moved out in front by amassing a stack of nearly half a million chips.

Matt "ADZ124" Marafioti (18th), Ky3oB (17th), and a$$ou (16th) each earned $4,240 for their finishes. Shyam "G's zee" Srinivasan (15th), Gustavo "PIUlimeira" Goto (14th), and fortunaVine (13th) made $5,300 apiece. And Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil (12th), zwacke (11th), and Clark "snake8484" Hamagami (10th) each saw $6,360 more in their PokerStars accounts at tourney's end.

Nine hours and 15 minutes after the tourney had begun, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: lsaxer (Brazil) -- 270,031
Seat 2: Olorionek (Poland) -- 460,021
Seat 3: caicu (Portugal) -- 276,503
Seat 4: Unkn0wn123 (Uruguay) -- 406,614
Seat 5: Sf3n0m3n0 (Greece) -- 495,740
Seat 6: liran2788 (Israel) -- 194,493
Seat 7: Damián "pampa27″ Salas (Argentina) -- 140,559
Seat 8: Drewfus81 (Canada) -- 255,104
Seat 9: Gabriel "rouliroul" Rouleau (Canada) -- 150,935

lsaxer axed in ninth

The final table didn't begin well for lsaxer who quickly became involved in a preflop all-in situation versus Gabriel "rouliroul" Rouleau in which lsaxer had A♠8♦ and Rouleau Q♣7♠, but the board brought two pair to Rouleau to make lsaxer the table's short stack.

Shortly after that, lsaxer open-raised all in from the cutoff for 118,096 (about 14 big blinds) with Q♦T♦ and ran into caicu calling from the button with K♣K♠. The board came 4♦4♣J♠7♠Q♠, and lsaxer was the first final table elimination.

Drewfus81 done in eighth

Exactly one orbit later the blinds were still 4,500/9,000 when Drewfus81 opened for 18,000 from middle position and Rouleau raised to 40,500 from a seat over. Then caicu four-bet from the button for 126,000 and when it folded back around Drewfus81 shoved for 269,729 total. rouliroul folded, but caicu called.

Drewfus81: K♥K♠
caicu: A♣A♥

It was Drewfus81 with the kings this time, but caicu had picked up another big hand on the button with the better pair of aces. The community cards came 9♣6♣6♠7♣Q♥, and Drewfus81 was out in eighth.

rouliroul run out in seventh

About a half-hour later the blinds were up to 6,000/12,000 when Damián "pampa27″ Salas raised 2x to 24,000 from middle position, then Gabriel "rouliroul" Rouleau reraised all in for 131,088 and when it folded back to Salas he called.

pampa27 had 9♥9♦ and rouliroul A♠7♣. The board came 5♣Q♥T♠, then 8♥, then 3♦, and Rouleau's run had ended in seventh.

Sf3n0m3n0 snuffed in sixth

Play continued, with Sf3n0m3n0 having slid out of the lead and back to the pack. Then with the blinds up to 7,000/14,000, Sf3n0m3n0 raised big to 154,000 from under the gun, leaving but 21,000 or so behind. It folded around to Unk0wn123 who reraised from the big blind, and Sf3n0m3n0 called with the remainder.

Sf3n0m3n0 had K♥T♥ and needed to improve against Unkn0wn123's A♦9♠. The flop came 8♣T♠Q♦ to give Sf3n0m3n0 a pair of tens, but the J♣ fell on the turn to make a straight for Unkn0wn123, and after the 3♣ river Sf3n0m3n0 was done in sixth.

pampa27 put out in fifth

Two more eliminations came in rapid succession after that. In the first, Damián "pampa27″ Salas opened with a min-raise to 32,000 from UTG, then liran2788 reraised all in for more than 600,000 from the big blind and Salas called with the 314,384 he had behind.

Salas had A♥Q♥ and liran2788 A♣K♠, and after the board came 3♥J♦5♣4♥4♦, Salas was out in fifth. Not quite the Super Tuesday victory Salas enjoyed back in December, but a nice run nonetheless.

Olorionek ousted in fourth

Soon after that Unkn0wn123 raised to 32,000 from under the gun, liran2788 reraised to 80,000 from a seat over, then in the next spot Olorionek reraised again to 168,000, leaving but 30,667 back. It folded back to Unkn0wn123 who stepped aside, then liran2788 reraised and Olorionek called all in.

Olorionek had A♣J♥ and was hoping the hand would hold versus liran2788's K♦J♠. The flop came 6♦2♥J♦ to pair both players' jacks, and the 4♠ on the turn meant Olorionek was still ahead. Then came the river... the K♣! That made two pair for liran2788, and Olorionek was done in fourth.

No deal, then liran2788 leaves in third

The final three players then paused the tournament to discuss a possible deal, at which point liran2788 led with 1,186,329, Unkn0wn123 was next with 791,917, and caicu third with 671,754. "Chip chop" numbers were produced (leaving $6,000 for which to play), and while liran2788 and caicu were both amenable Unkn0wn123 wanted more, and when the others weren't interested the tournament was resumed.

Soon caicu lost some chips, then doubled back through liran2788 with K♥J♥ against the latter's 9♥9♣ when a king came on the turn. A little later Unkn0wn123 took a bunch of chips off of liran2788, too, after rivering trip kings and getting paid.

Before long, Unkn0wn123 had built a substantial lead with more than 1.96 million while caicu had almost 511,000 and liran2788 was down to just over 170,000.

Then with the blinds at 9,000/18,000, a hand arose in which Unkn0wn123 raised to 36,000 from the button, liran2788 jammed for 168,273 from the small blind, then caicu reraised to more than 300,000 and Unkn0wn123 got out.

liran2788 had Q♦8♦, but caicu had the big edge with Q♣Q♠. The board came A♦7♥A♣, then 7♦, then Q♥, that case queen giving caicu a full house and sending liran2788 railward in third.

RSS readers click through to view replay

caicu cut down in second, Unkn0wn123 numero uno

Unkn0wn123 began heads-up play with 1,930,229 to caicu's 719,771, and after nearly 40 hands Unkn0wn123 had chipped caicu all of the way down to just over 125,000 -- just over six big blinds.

That's when caicu open-pushed all in from the button with K♦T♦ and Unkn0wn123 called right away with T♣T♥. The flop came 6♦5♣Q♦, giving caicu a diamond flush draw, but the turn was the 8♣ and river the 3♠, and the player from Uruguay had won.

RSS readers click through to view replay

Congratulations to Unkn0wn123 for topping another big Super Tuesday field of 530 to win this week's tourney and earn a six-figure score!

4/16/13 Super Tuesday final table results:

1st: Unkn0wn123 (Uruguay) -- $100,700.00
2nd: caicu (Portugal) -- $74,200.00
3rd: liran2788 (Israel) -- $54,325.00
4th: Olorionek (Poland) -- $41,340.00
5th: Damián "pampa27″ Salas (Argentina) -- $29,150.00
6th: Sf3n0m3n0 (Greece) -- $22,525.00
7th: Gabriel "rouliroul" Rouleau (Canada) -- $17,225.00
8th: Drewfus81 (Canada) -- $11,925.00
9th: lsaxer (Brazil) -- $8,798.00

Entrants: 530
Prize pool: $530,000.00
Places paid: 63

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is only weeks away. Read about the planned for 2013 SCOOP schedule here.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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