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Hitting the Gutshot: gutshtallin Wins the Sunday Warm-up

The starting time for the Sunday Warm-Up was bumped up 45 minutes tonight, and the result was the guarantee being broken. Helping to smash the $750,000 guarantee by PokerStars was the 3,806 players who contributed to the $761,200.00 prize pool.

GravityPilot is skydiving into the final table of the Warm-up once again as he took fifth in this tournament a few month ago in July for a $52,056.30 score. For a little back information on his final table run, check out the PokerStarsBlog final table write-up here. Displeased came very close to a WCOOP final table in Event #31 $1,050 buy-in tourney, as he bowed out in 16th place good for $2,224,12 (find the WCOOP live blog here) .

After TheBonafide’s Kd-Jd ran head first into xnotthatonex’s pocket aces that flopped a set our final table was set below:


Click on image to enlarge

Seat 1: coinflipster (2061103 in chips)
Seat 2: GravityPilot (1533320 in chips)
Seat 3: Gran_Goliat (7327839 in chips)
Seat 4: Mi||a.TiMe (1089333 in chips)
Seat 5: xnotthatonex (6368913 in chips)
Seat 6: MadSkillz609 (3040239 in chips)
Seat 7: freeds (6888137 in chips)
Seat 8: Displeased (5003246 in chips)
Seat 9: gutshtallin (4747870 in chips)

Using some skillz, MadSkillz609 put Gran_Goliat on a position steal after Gran_Goliat raised it up to 420,000 from the cutoff on his big blind. The button and small blind got out of the way, but MadSkillz609 decided to resteal and shoved for his remaining 2.8 million in chips. Unfortunately, Gran_Goliat’s pocket kings (Kd-Ks) said “not this time sir” and was well ahead of MadSkillz609’s Ah-6h. The board played out with no excitement Js-Tc-3s-9s-2d and the skillful one was left with $6,546.32 in ninth place.

Just three hands later short stacked Mijja.TiMe found a hand to go with while holding just three BBs with blinds at 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000 in middle position, he open-shoved for 645,333 with pocket eights (8s-8h). But Displeased found a hand he had more than neutral feelings towards as he over-shoved with pocket queens (Qd-Qs) giving him a solid advantage pre-flop. The flop raised Displeased level of concern to “overly annoyed” with all hearts coming out 6h-Kh-Jh. The 5s and 5c on the turn and river missed Mijja’s flush draw and returned Displeased to his normal state of mind. For eighth place Mijja.TiMe received $9,515.00 and the knowledge that Displeased was at least happy after that hand.

Another pocket pair preflop battle took place ten hands later as coinflipster’s pocket sevens (7s-7c) did not have a fifty percent chance of beating xnotthatonex’s pocket jacks (Jh-Js) for a 4.2 million chip pot. Once again the favorite held up on the board of 5h-Tc-6d-3d-3h as coinflipster was left to join a Pot Limit Omaha game perhaps to work on his coin flipping skills with the extra $15,224.00 he earned in seventh place.

15 or so hands of blind steals went by and a big hand developed between gutshtallin and freeds. gutshtallin opened UTG for 625,000 with blinds at 125,000/250,000 ante 25,000 as it folded around to freeds in the small blind who flat called and Displeased folded his big blind. Flop of 8s-Tc-5c had freeds check while gutshtallin followed through with a 1 million chip bet. freeds check raised all-in for his 4.8 million as gutshtallin made the call leaving 5.4 million behind and creating a 11.2 million chip pot. Flush draw and overcard for gutshtallin’s Kc-9c while freeds slowplayed his red ladies (Qd-Qh) to a big lead in the hand. The cruel Kd on the turn gave gutshtallin the lead and left freeds with one out on the river. The Qs did not hit, as the Js sent freeds home with $22,836.00 in sixth place.

Six hands later saw GravityPilot’s parachute come out while left with just under five BBs while in the big blind and facing a 615,000 chip raise from xnotthatonex. Any ace will do just fine here and GravityPilot jumped for his remaining 1.4 million with Ah-9s, only to be staring at the pocket jacks of xnotthatonex. Two pair on the board of Qh-Qs-6s-2d-6h helped no one as GravityPilot landed in fifth place with a golden parachute filled with $30,448.00.

Displeased upped his level of uneasiness to perturbed while holding only 2.1 million in the small blind and blinds at 125,000/250,000 ante 25,000. He open shoved those remaining chips in the small blind into the chip leader’s gutshtallin’s big blind that was sitting on 19 million chips and made the call with Ac-7c. Displeased remained that way after the 4d-Ah-Jh changed nothing to gutshtallin’s preflop advantage, and no two pair or trips came on the turn or river to lighten his mood as gutshtallin’s pair of aces sent the grumpy gorilla home with $38,060.00 in fourth place.

This started several attempts to get take a look at the chop numbers between the remaining three but someone resisted to take a look so they played on.

The move to play on was costly to the short stack xnotthatonex, as he managed a small double up but was unable to get anything going. His fateful hand began with Gran_Goliat opening for 1 million on the button with blinds at 200,000/400,000 ante 40,000 and xnotthatonex 3-betting more then half his stack to 4.02 million. gutshtallin folded as Gran_Goliat pushed with pocket tens (Th-Td) and xnotthatonex decided there were too many chips in the middle to fold and turned up 8d-Qd for the 14.2 million chip pot. A set flopped for Gran_Goliat on the flop of Jd-6s-Ts left xnotthatonex looking for running diamonds or a nine. Neither the Ac nor the Jh provided those diamonds as xnotthatonex was gone with $45,672.00 in third place as deal talks immediately opened up between the final two.

After some quick sparring about who had the most poker muscle the two came to the deal shown below:

Gran_Goliat: $80,593
gutshtallin: $76,870

The players began the head-up journey for the remaining $10,000 with the following chip stacks:

Seat 3: Gran_Goliat (22934622 in chips)
Seat 9: gutshtallin (15125378 in chips)

After a rivered straight for gutshtallin versus Gran_Goliat’s two pair shifted the chip lead the two continued to throw the chips back and forth while the cards were not allowing a winner. Gran_Goliat found himself down to only 6.4 million with blinds at 250,000/500,000 ante 50,000 and managed to double up, then four hands later did it again after losing the blinds three times in a row to nearly knot up the match.

It took a preflop race of gutshtallin’s presto magic (5d-5c) versus Gran_Goliat’s Js-Ts for a 26.9 million chip pot with gutshtallin holding 11.1 million behind to settle the winner’s $10,000 share. A flop of Ad-7c-5s gave gutshtallin a commanding lead with bottom set, leaving Gran_Goliat looking for running spades. Only one spade hit, as the turn and river came Tc and 8s. Gran_Goliat received $80,593 as part of the deal, and this week’s Sunday Warm-Up champ, gutshtallin, made $76,870 plus the $10,000 for the win!

Sunday Warm-Up Results 10-26-08
(based on two-way deal)

1. gutshtallin $86,870.00
2. Gran_Goliat $80,593
3. xnotthatonex $45,672.00
4. Displeased $38,060.00
5. GravityPilot $30,448.00
6. freeds $22,836.00
7. coinflipster $15,224.00
8. Mijja,TiMe $9,515.00
9. MadSkillz609 $6,546.00

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