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Slyfox151 jumps over the final table competition in Sunday Warm-Up!

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The turnout for the Sunday Warm-Up continues to swell, with 3,896 players turning out this week to take their shot at a piece of the $750,000 guaranteed prize pool. As usual, the huge field blew through the guarantee, with a total prize pool of $779,200 and a whopping $101,296 for first place! It took a little over eight hours for our competitors to make the final table, with smfoto67 picking up $4,285.00 for 10th place and the final table bubble. There was no runaway chip leader at the final table, but the presence of one Bill Ivey in the middle of the pack made all the chip leaders sit up and take notice.

RaisingRay91 and jwaces were the most active players early on, with a couple of big confrontations early on. First jwaces doubled through RaisingRay91, then RaisingRay91 returned the favor a few hands later. Play settled down a bit after that, until Bill Ivey picked a tough time to make a move. After a preflop raise from RaisingRay91 in late position, Bill Ivey moved all in over the top with Ks-Qs. RaisingRay91 turned over pocket Aces, and Bill Ivey needed help. Some of that help came on the flop, in the form of the 6c-9c-Kc board, but the turn and river came down Jh-9d, missing Bill Ivey and moving RaisingRay91 into second in chips. Bill Ivey picked up $6,701.12 for 9th place.

After trading double-ups with RaisingRay91 early, jwaces found himself on the short stack at the final table. He finally fell in 8th place ($9,740) after running his pocket pair into a bigger pocket pair from ArzrA. Finding pocket threes in middle position, jwaces moved his stack into the middle, hoping to either pick up the blinds and antes or at worst find himself in a coin flip. Action folded around the ArzrA in the big blind, who woke up with pocket Queens at the worst possible time for jwaces. ArzrA made the easy call, and turn a four-flush with his Qd on a board of 10d-5d-8d-6d-6h. After that hand, ArzrA went into the first break of the final table with a slight chip lead over jeroenromate.

The tournament tide can turn quickly, though, and after losing a few big hands, it was ArzrA who made his exit next, picking up $15,584 for 7th place. As had been his habit for several hands, ArzrA open-shoved when he decided to play a hand, and this time he picked up pocket sevens to do it with. BlackFourz made the easy call with pocket nines, and turned a straight as the board came down 10d-Jc-Kd-Qd-10c.

Six-handed play only lasted for a few hands, as just three hands later Bjorg0010 shipped it all inwith Ad-Jc. Slyfox151 called with the dominating Ah-Ks, and flopped the joint with a board of As-Kh-Kc. Bjorg0010 was drawing to one out for the chop on the flop, but the case ace did not materialize as the turn and river ran out 7s-Qh. He took down a $23,376.00 payday for 6th place.

RaisingRay91 was the next to fall, busting in 5th place in a brutal hand against BlackFourz. In an ugly battle of the blinds, BlackFourz open-shoved when action folded around to his small blind. RaisingRay91 had seen this movie before, and snap-called with Ac-6d. It turned out to be a pretty good call, as BlackFourz tabled Kh-7c. Both players hit the 3c-Ah-Kc flop, but it was the 7d on the turn that gave BlackFourz the lead. RaisingRay91 couldn’t apply the re-suck on the river as it came down the Jd, and he finished in 5th place for $31,168.

Sometimes in tournament poker you’re faced with tough decisions. You have to make calls for all your chips with second pair based on a read. You have to jam with a straight on a flushy board because you know your opponent will call you with top pair. And then there are the hands that play themselves. Like when you’re four-handed in a massive online tournament and the button open-shoves. And you’re in the big blind with pocket Aces. That’s where jeroenromate found himself in the hand that send aty79 to the rail in 4th place ($38,960). Aty79 moved his short stack all in from the button with Qc-10h, and jeroenromate made the easiest preflop call in poker. Nothing out of the ordinary happened on the 6c-6h-5h-8d-3d board, and then there were three.

Even with that pot, jeroenromate was the next casualty of the final table, finishing 3rd for $46,752. Finding himself on the short stack and sandwiched by two opponents who had him easily covered, jeroenromate moved all in with what he hoped were at least live cards – 9s-6c. Slyfox151 made the call with Ah-9h, and jeroenromate was way less live than he’d hoped. The board missed both players as it ran out Qd-Kd-3d-4s-7s, and slyfox151’s Ace kicker played to boot jeroenromate in 3rd place.

With that elimination, slyfox151 took a big chip lead into heads-up play, with a little over 24 million to BlackFourz’ 14.6 million. The players took a moment to discuss a chip count chop, and agreed on $83,348 for slyfox151, with a guaranteed $78,075 for BlackFourz. That left the two players to duke it out for $10,000 in the pot for the eventual winner, and that was all decided on the very first hand after play resumed.

BlackFourz picked up half of his namesake on the button and raised preflop with 4d-4s. Slyfox151 re-raised, BlackFourz moved all in over the top, and slyfox151 insta-called with Kc-Kh. The flop of 5s-Qs-Qd helped neither player, but the As on the turn gave BlackFourz additional outs to the flush to stay alive. The 2h on the river sealed the deal, though, as Slyfox151 claimed the extra $10K to bring his total for the win up to $93,348! Congrats to all our final table players and our champion slyfox 151!

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