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icallseat3 calls for a win in the Sunday Warm-Up

The Daylight Savings Time edition of the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up drew an impressive 4,312 entrants, once again blowing through the $750K guarantee to build a prize pool of $862,400. Add that to the $1.6 million prize pool for the Sunday Million, and PokerStars had nearly $2.5 million in two major tournaments this week. It took all afternoon, but shortly after the tournament moved past the eight-hour mark, the final table was set.

warmup 3.15.09.jpg

It was just a few hands into the final table when mad.afurable pushed his stack into the middle, with shabbyglass and bechis both calling. The live players checked down the board of 7♠-T♠-6♥-J♣-9♠, at which time bechis showed A♥-8♥ for the Jack-high straight. Shabbyglass mucks, and mad.ufarable becomes the first casualty of the final table, picking up $6,985.44 for his 9th-place finish.

A big three-way all in confrontation greeted the players coming back from their first break. Sebure moved all in from the hijack with A♠-Q♦, only to find action from big stacked bechis in the cutoff and MJOS in the small blind. Bechis had the slight edge preflop with 4♥-4♣, but when the board ran out J♠-2♥-K♠-9♠-6♦, it was MJOS who held the winning hand with A♥-K♥, good for the pot and the triple up. Sebure picked up $10,780 for 8th place.

Not only did schokonugget run into a major cooler when his pocket kings ran headlong into bechis' pocket aces, but the board added insult to injury as it came down 2♣-4♥-A♠, flopping a set for bechis and leaving schokonugget needing to draw perfect to stay alive. He was drawing dead on the T♦ turn, and when the8♦ was the irrelevant river card, schokonugget was done in 7th place ($17,248). KAMUK000 also fell to pocket rockets, this time in the hole for icallseat3, who raised preflop with aces from early position. KAMUK000 was the lone caller, and the two went heads-up to the Q♥-2♠-7♠ flop. Icallseat3 led out at the flop, and KAMUK000 moved all in over the top with K♠-5♠ for the naked flush draw. No spade on the 7♦ turn or the T♦ river, and KAMUK000 was done in 6th place ($25,872).

Icallseat3 continued his run when he won a big coin flip against shabbyglass to send shabbyglass packing in 5th place ($34,496). After shabbyglass raised preflop with 8♣-8♥ from early position, icallseat3 moved all in over the top with A♠-Q♠. The flop swung the pendulum to icallseat3 as it came down 3♣-A♣-9♣, but shabbyglass had plenty of club outs to stay alive. The 7♠ on the turn was no help, and the 6♠ on the river sealed the deal as icallseat3 extended his chip lead.

Pocket eights worked out significantly better for bechis when his 8♥-8♣ moved all in preflop. He found action from MJOS with J♦-J♣, and was drawing thin preflop, but when the flop landed Q♠-Q♣-8♦, bechis had flopped a full house and it was MJOS who was looking for help. The turn and river did not oblige, as they ran out 4♦-A♦, and MJOS was done in 4th place ($43,120).

Three-handed play lasted almost as long as the rest of the final table, as the three survivors feinted and jabbed and avoided big confrontations. Finally, it all came down to a coin flip as shaaarrrp moved all in preflop with 4♠-4♥. Icallseat3 called from the big blind with A♦-J♦ and the flop came down 6♣-8♣-9♦. Icallseat3 picked up more outs when the turn brought the Q♦, and he only needed a diamond, ace or a jack on the river to move one step closer to payday. The river brought the A♣, and Shaaarrrp was done in 3rd place ($51,744) as heads up play began.

After the marathon of three-handed play, it took only three hands of heads-up action for icallseat3 to end the tournament. Starting heads-up play with a massive chip lead, icallseat3 wasted no time calling bechis' preflop all in. Bechis tabled A♥-5♥, and was looking for help against icallseat3's pocket tens. The flop brought some help in the form of a five, coming down 8♦-Q♥-5♦. The turn was a useless 2♥, and bechis needed a five or and ace on the river to stay alive. The river brought the J♣ instead, and bechis was done in 2nd place for $77,616.

Icallseat3 put on a great display of solid poker at the final table, finishing off his last two opponents within four hands of each other on his way to a Sunday Warm-Up victory and the $111,249.60 top prize. Congrats to icallseat3 and all our final table players.

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