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Sunday Warm-Up: marcotorino tears up final table, banks $105k

new_sunday_warmup_thumb.PNGI don't know about you, but when I think "Warm-Up" I think of something gentle. An easy walk. Light stretching. A bit more hot liquid in that cooling cup of coffee. Just a little something to get the blood flowing in the early hours. Although this particular Warm-Up no doubt first landed on the PokerStars tournament calendar with those intentions, at this point it has grown into its own snarling beast with a massive $500,000 guarantee and thousands of runners each week. 3,351 of them showed up today to start their Sunday grind, bringing the prize pool up to $670,200. 495 players would earn a share of it with the winner banking an eye-opening $105,222.21.

Joining the field were two dozen members of Team PokerStars Pro and Team Online. Three of them cashed-- Vicky Coren (445th), Javier "El_Canonero" Dominguez (428th), and Lex Veldhuis (205th).

TiltMeHarder got unlucky on the final table bubble, open-shoving for his last 11 BB with A♣J♠. Unfortuanately for him, marcotorino was lying in wait with pocket aces in the big blind and sent the Swede home in tenth place, setting our final table.

Sunday Warmup 8-21-11.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: marcotorino (9,174,160)
Seat 2: treezer (3,205,748)
Seat 3: PedroKL (2,453,247)
Seat 4: RoyalSalute (2,581,962)
Seat 5: TheZQ (3,580,394)
Seat 6: extasyman (3,148,775)
Seat 7: John_Fishboy (3,259,458)
Seat 8: pokerwille (1,384,627)
Seat 9: Astor626 (4,721,629 )

Marcotorino entered the final table with a runaway chip lead, nearly twice more than second-in-chips Astor626. It was short-stacked pokerwille, though, who made the first all-in move, three-bet shoving for 1.38 million from the cutoff over extasyman's 175,000 opening raise. Extasyman made the call with pocket tens, but was outrun when pokerwille's A♠K♥ made top two pair on the turn. Minutes later, extasyman got his chips in the middle again, moving all-in for his last 1.39 million behind Astor626's 350,000 preflop three-bet. Astor626 made the call with A♥K♦, but was in serious trouble against extasyman's pocket kings. An ace hit the flop, however, and another fell on the turn, sending extasyman to the rail in ninth place as the final table's first casualty.

Following pokerwille's double-up and extasyman's elimination, John_Fishboy was left as the table short stack. With the blinds up to 65,000/130,000, John_Fishboy open-shoved for just over 2 million from UTG+1 and found a caller in RoyalSalute, who picked up Q♦Q♠ in the big blind. John_Fishboy was in trouble with A♠J♥ and found no help on the Q♣9♠5♠3♠3♦ board as RoyalSalute improved to queens full of threes. For his eighth-place finish, John_Fishboy took home $8,377.50, while RoyalSalute moved up to more than 7 million in chips.

RoyalSalute's chip count continued trending upwards as he snagged the rest of pokerwille's stack. After opening for 375,125, RoaylSalute was met with an all-in reraise from pokerwille, totaling 3.14 million. RoyalSalute made the call for about half of his stack, his pocket nines well ahead of pokerwille's A♦8♦. However, the flop gave everyone a sweat, coming down J♥6♦5♦, as pokerwille picked up the nut flush draw. The 8♠ on the turn gave him a pair to boot, but pokerwille couldn't improve on the river, the Q♠ falling to eliminate him in seventh place.

Only two hands later, PedroKL made his last stand. After Astor626 opened for a min-raise to 320,000 and marcotorino made the call, PedroKL went for the squeeze play, moving all-in for 3.56 million from the big blind. Astor626 folded, but marcotorino called, turning up K♥K♦ to PedroKL's A♣Q♠. Marcotorino hit top set on the flop and unable to catch running straight cards, PedroKL departed in sixth place, earning $21,781.50.

On the very next deal, chips were flying again, Astor626 making the initial raise to 320,000. Marcotorino called again and this time treezer came in with a three-bet, making it 2,000,000 straight (an amount that left him only 127,748 behind). The action folded back around to Astor626, who flat-called, and marcotorino ducked out of the way. Astor626 set treezer all-in on the K♥9♣2♥ flop with a min-bet of 160,000 and treezer tossed in his last few chips, turning up A♦J♦. Astor626's 8♠8♥ held up when sevens landed on the turn and river and treezer exited in fifth place, collecting a $28,483.50 payday.

With play suddenly four-handed, everyone agreed to pause the tournament and run chip-count chop numbers. When the figures came back, chipleader marcotorino was quick to agree to the deal, but his opponens had other ideas. Play resumed, and on the first hand back, TheZQ met his tournament end. With the action folded to him in the small blind, The ZQ pushed in his last 11 BB with K♣T♦ and Astor626 looked him up with pocket fours. The 7♦7♥4♣ flop was a disaster for TheZQ and boffo for Astor626, who made fours full of sevens. The turn was the 5♥ the river was the J♠, and TheZQ hit the rail, an extra $38,536.50 waiting for him in his account.

Once again, play was paused to run numbers for a potential deal and once again, negotiations fell apart. As play resumed, marcotorino held the lead with 15.2 million, Astor626 had 9.9 million, and RoyalSalute was right behind him with 8.3 million.

Less than ten minutes later, Astor626 folded his button and marcotorino, still near the 15 million-chip mark, opened for 600,000 from the small blind. RoyalSalute three-bet to 1.375 million from the big and marcotorino called. The flop fell T♦4♥2♠ and marcotorino immediately moved all-in, having RoyalSalute well-covered. After a bit of a tank, RoyalSalute decided to go for it and put his last 3.95 million in with A♥Q♦, only to discover his opponent had indeed flopped top pair with T♠8♠. Only an ace or a queen would save RoyalSalute, but the turn and river blanked out with the 6♣ and the 4♣, ending RoyalSalute's run in third place. $55,291.50 should ease the pain just a bit.

Marcotorino held a 1.5 to 1 chip lead over Astor626 as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 1: marcotorino (20,092,775 in chips)
Seat 9: Astor626 (13,417,225 in chips)

Marcotorino was relentlessly aggressive in his approach, winning 25 of the 38 hands played heads-up. In what would be the final hand of the tournament, Astor626 limped in from the small blind and marcotorino shoved from the big for 21.9 million. Although Astor626 had folded several times in this situation already, this time he decided to make the call with A♣3♠, only to find his hand dominated by marcotorino's A♦Q♠. The Q♥T♦8♣7♣5♠ board brought Astor626 no help, but locked up the Sunday Warm-Up win for marcotorino, who pocketed the $105,222.21 first-place prize. For his runner-up finish, Astor626 earned $78,413.40.

Sunday Warm-Up results, 8-21-2011

1. marcotorino (Argentina) $105,222.21
2. Astor626 (Spain) $78,413.40
3. RoyalSalute (Brazil) $55,291.50
4. TheZQ (Sweden) $38,536.50
5. treezer (Sweden) $28,483.50
6. PedroKL (United Kingdom) $21,781.50
7. pokerwille (Denmark) $15,079.50
8. John_Fishboy (Austria) $8,377.50
9. extasyman (Romania) $5,361.60

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