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Sunday Warm-Up: WCOOP victory not enough, knecht_poker takes down $115K in win

new_sunday_warmup_thumb.PNG"Why, it's the drunken piano player. You're so drunk, you can't hit nothin'. In fact you're probably seeing double" quotes Billy Clanton as he draws his knife against the famous (or infamous) Doc Holliday. Doc having no problem with his blood alcohol content calmly retorts as a second gun is drawn from his holster "I have two guns, one for each of ya". Memorable quotes from the movie "Tombstone" and while this author has had his moments with seeing double from playing hockey and long nights sailing with Captain Morgan, there was no double vision this morning after checking over the roster of Sunday Majors tournaments today.

Two Sunday Warm-ups and two Sunday Millions each with their regular guarantees and huge prize pools all for the $215 buy-in starting a half-hour after normal first tourney. At the end of late registration the normal Sunday Warm-up had 4,063 entries, good for a $812,600.00 prize pool and whopping $127,579.64 slated for first. The second a slightly smaller affair but still crushed the same $500,000.00 guarantee with 3,816 entries and $119,823.75 for first.

Team PokerStars pros and Team Online were out trying to double barrel tonight's Warm-ups but none could do so. Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby and fellow Team Pro Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth were happy for the second shot after busting out early in the first Warm-up as they would collect the buy-ins back after finishing 219th place ($496.08) and 261st place ($442.65) respectively in the second. Team Online's Javier El_Cañonero Dominguez would do the opposite cashing in the first Warm-up (239th place, $495.68) but failing to get out of the early rounds in the second. Only Team Online's Kevin "WizardOfAhhs" Thurman would enjoy a deep run in either tournament, as he was still alive in the second Sunday Warm-up after seven hours, but for a report on his finish you will need to wait for the Sunday Majors recap from Brad Willis as we are here to report on the original Warm-up tonight which only had nine tables of nine remaining after the same amount of time.

15 minutes after nine hours of play, 13 players remained, four more eliminations till the final table would be locked up. moussy69, Tic Dee, franck223, and FeriBo needed some chip love to have a shot at the six-figure payday at the final table. All players at Table 264 had to contend with the aggressive chip leader WCOOP 2011 Event #31 champ Vingtcent who was looking to add to an already impressive tournament resume. Also at Table 264 was PlatinumStar nutsbabyaa looking to improve on a fourth place finish ($54,963.20) earlier this year in this very tournament.

FeriBo (13th place, $3,656.70) and franck223 (11th place, $4,875.60) would not hold on to those short stacks. And with the blinds at 80K/160K ante 16K one more of the aforementioned shorties would suffer the same fate on the bubble. Tic Dee would take chance holding A♥6♣ would open shove a very small 763,799 chip stack. Folded to powerpokerBR on the button with a better ace A♣J♥ and plenty of chips to make the call. No six on the 9♠ 5♠ 5♥ Q♣ T♣ board and Tic Dee was gone in tenth place as the final table below started up:


Seat 1: zarabatana (4333780 in chips)
Seat 2: moussy69 (2895760 in chips)
Seat 3: Vingtcent (3449310 in chips)
Seat 4: f0ni21 (8013084 in chips)
Seat 5: dUT73 (3764479 in chips)
Seat 6: powerpokerBR (6595377 in chips)
Seat 7: nutsbabyaa (4104624 in chips)
Seat 8: inheritance (1535300 in chips)
Seat 9: knecht_poker (5938286 in chips)

After losing a big flip, Vingtcent would cede the chip lead to f0ni21 as Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome welcomed everyone to the final table.

"Fold if I go all-in?"

Quote from dUT73 as the Dane pleaded with inheritance as board showed 9♣ J♦ Q♥ 3♠. With the blinds at 125K/250K ante 25K holding just one chip, not a million, 100K, just one chip after going all-in preflop minus that one chip and shoving the chip with perhaps hopes of a misclick. dUT73 would not catch any charity as inheritance called with pocket kings K♥K♣ well ahead of dUT73's 4♦A♠. J♠ on the river shipped the 2,777,674 plus two chips pot to inheritance ending dUT73's night in ninth place ($6,500.80).

Vingtcent makes his move

Not a tight table by a long shot but one with perseverance as our eight would play on to the 200K/400K ante 40K level until the next elimination. Watch below as Vingtcent's stack hits eight figures:

RSS readers please click through to view video

A bit a run-good for Vingtcent as pocket tens T♥T♠ would hold against powerpokerBR's Q♦K♣ on the A♦ 6♦ 9♥ 8♣ 8♠ board and powerpokerBR's bankroll was increased by $10,157.50 in eighth place.

The foundation of the money dam has been broken

After nearly an hour of final table play and just two eliminations, three more players would hit the rail in just five minutes. Five hands after eliminating powerpokerBR, Vingtcent was back looking for more chips with a bullying open shove from the small blind. Final table chip leader f0ni21 could not build on the solid starting chip stack holding just 1.4 million left. But, a ray of light because of the ace in his hand A♦9♣ as f0ni21 made the call. Vingtcent was playing the bully with J♠5♥, and sometimes the bully gets away with the lunch money. This was one of those cases as a five hit the turn 6♣ K♠ 6♦ 5♣ 2♥ shipping another 3.9 million chips to Vingtcent as f0ni21 took a seat in seventh place ($18,283.50).

Ving the Executioner

With the blood of f0ni21 barely cleaned from the chopping block Vingtcent was already raising the ax again. This time it was zarabatana's head under the Vingtcent's steel three hands after f0ni21's body was removed from the final table. The blinds holding steady at 200K/400K ante 40K zarabatana would call a 410K raise from Vingtcent in the big blind to see a 3♠5♣5♠ flop. zarabatana tried a little give-and-go by shoving for 387,412 but it did not work as Vingtcent called holding an overpair of nines 9♠9♦ as zarabatana needed a ten badly 7♥T♠. Q♠ opened up a flush draw on the turn, but the red 2♦ closed it as zarabatana became Vingtcent's latest victim in sixth place ($26,409.50).

Putting money in trust

Some folks save their money to hand over to family member after death, it's a nice farewell knowing your family is well taken care of financially. However inheritance, the poker player, is trying to take money from the living. With the blinds still at 200K/400K ante 40K inheritance had plenty of chips from unwilling donors and able to trade preflop flop raises with nutsbabyaa to get all of the Denmark native's chips in the middle. A speculative T♥6♥ for nutsbabyaa and A♦T♠ for inheritance. Exactly zero hearts, sixes, or tens hit the 2♣ J♠ 4♣ 5♦ Q♣ board and nutsbabyaa would not improve on the previous Sunday Warm-up final table, finishing tonight in fifth place ($34,535.50).

Good sized cheddar

Down to four left and moussy69 holding the only non eight-figure stack at the table, some quick grabs of chips would be necessary as the other three cats salivated on acquiring that cheese. moussy69 would try to steal a few chips preflop by shoving 3.3 million chips over the top of knecht_poker's min raise with the blinds still at 200K/400K ante 40K. A small ace 3♠A♥ was big enough to make the call as moussy69's broadway cards J♣K♥ would need a little push from the board. The only push moussy69 got was off the table as T♣ 2♦ 4♥ 6♠ T♦ came down on the board, ending moussy69's night in fourth place ($46,724.50).

Executioner becomes victim

Two massive stacks, the tournament about to be paused for a deal, 8♣ 3♥ 7♠ flop, and only one walks away. Watch below as Vingtcent and inheritance knock heads post flop for a 21.2 million chip pot.

RSS readers please click through to view video

Usually the thought of the impending deal would get players to back off a bit, knowing a great deal money is about to be locked up. Not these guys as Vingtcent and inheritance would shove their chips in the middle post flop. Vingtcent slightly ahead with top pair 8♠Q♥ as inheritance was not far behind holding two overcards and an open ended straight draw 9♠T♥. inheritance would not need the straight draw as the pair draw got there on the turned 9♣. No lady or eight on the river 3♦ and Vingtcent would fall short of another major victory in 2011, finishing in third place ($67,039.50).

Honoring the chop

inheritance and knecht_poker would immediately get down to chopping up the remaining two spots by assuring two six-figure paydays tonight. After some light banter with our lovely Canadian host, here's how the funds were doled out (leaving $10,000.00 aside to take Adrienne to dinner of course).

inheritance $107,153.84

knecht_poker $105,500.00

"I'm your huckleberry, say when"

Another Doc Holliday quote as he was about to start his duel with the fearsome Johhny Ringo, inheritance would take a slight edge into heads-up play, up 23 million to knecht_poker's 17.6 million, but the 200K/400K ante 40K blinds made that gap fairly small. By hand 11 inheritance opened up a 25.8 million to 14.7 million chip lead as both decided to end things preflop. 29.4 million chips in the middle as knecht_poker's tournament life would ride on pocket fours 4♥4♦ and inheritance hoping to connect with his A♦9♠. The final flop card 3♥J♦9♦ matched inheritance's nine for a huge lead, leaving knecht_poker to just two outs. Magically a third sailboat 4♠ hit the turn and 29.4 million chips found their way to knecht_poker's harbor.

Determined to end this quickly, just six hands later as the blinds finally moved up to 250K/500K ante 50K knecht _poker tried to bully inheritance with a shove over his min raise from the button. This author doubts inheritance could hit the call button quickly enough with pocket kings K♥K♠ as knecht_poker was about to even this tournament back up holding a suited connector 9♥T♥. That connector went to work early finding a gutshot draw on the flop 2♥ 6♦ 7♣. K♦ on the turn shutout any runner-runner two pair/trips possibilities, but the four outer 8♥ on the river was worth $10,000.00 as the title of Sunday Warm-Up champion was knecht_poker's! Kyle "knecht_poker" Knecht will be adding this victory next to his WCOOP 2010 bracelet won in Event #14.

$500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up results (10-16-11):
(* denotes part of two-way deal)
1. knecht_poker (Mexico) *$115,500.00
2. inheritance (Canada) *$107,153.84
3. Vingtcent (Netherlands) $67,039.50
4. moussy69 (Lebanon) $46,724.50
5. nutsbabyaa (Denmark) $34,535.50
6. zarabatana (Portugal) $26,409.50
7. f0ni21 (Norway) $18,283.50
8. powerpokerBR (Brazil) $10,157.50
9. dUT73 (Denmark) $6,500.80

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