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Sunday Warm-Up: Big hands not needed in AA d@n¡ KK's win

Thumbnail image for Sunday Warm-Up logo NEW.PNGNo April Fools jokes here today as a trip around the internet will surely net you more well-planned fun like Google Maps going retro and updating its usage on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (maybe Mario to guide you to the nearest Starbucks?). Or Hungry Hungry Hippos coming out for the iPad whipped up by the folks at Think Geek. Not joking around are the 3,506 players who signed up for tonight's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up. Much like the recent MicroMillions series, there was no need for the guarantee with a $701,200.00 prize pool and an impressive $110,089.57 slated for tonight's champ.

Team PokerStars Pro Richard Toth's night ended in 611st place and Toni Judet (1196th place) could not make it two straight cashes in the Sunday Warm-Up (finishing 156th last week) However, Canada's Pat Pezzin (341st place $364.62) and U.K.'s Liv Boeree (363rd place $336.57) would make sure the Red Spades did not get shutout at the cashier's window.

It would take just eight and half hours before reaching the final two tables as shamthedon (United Kingdom) and Bank of H. (Germany) would cash out quickly in 17th and 18th place respectively ($2,103.60). luckyluck653's luck would run A♦Q♦ into EPT Berlin champ Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee's pocket kings K♣K♠ for a tournament changing 7.3 million chip pot. Despite a queen on the board 3♦ 5♣ 8♣ Q♠ 2♣ luckyluck653 would settle for 16th place ($2,103.60). Anrikt's pocket sevens ran into some bad luck against scorpchess' pocket fives after a third five appeared on the flop to end the night in 15th place ($3,155.40).

The late beats continued with sceamer69's pocket kings K♠K♦ would be all-in against the ale6ka's Q♦A♠ and watched helplessly as the board spat out four wheel cards 5♠ J♠ 2♣ 4♣ 3♦ ending sceamer69's tournament in 14th place ($3,155.40). Fanov's pocket eights squashed the short stack of Hermea's 6♥7♠ in 13th place ($3,155.40) and at the same time scorpchess showed PapaGreggio to the rail with aces in 12th place ($4,207.20) right before the ninth hourly break with MacPhee continuing to hold the chip lead.

Aces popped up again, this time held by Mindkaos who guided them to victory over SorsaPari's eights as the Finn finished in 11th place ($4,207.20) setting up the final table bubble. A bubble that would last about as long as an ant's leg with the blinds at 50K/100K ante 10K AA d@n¡ KK would flip with Pashi8 for a two million chip pot preflop. Big slick K♣A♠ for AA d@n¡ KK and pocket tens T♥T♣ for Pashi8 who watched two aces drop on the flop A♣ A♥ 6♦ 7♥ 6♠ and drop him from tournament as well in 10th place ($4,207.20).


Seat 1: kytra (4041787 in chips)
Seat 2: Mindkaos (2457676 in chips)
Seat 3: Fanov (7139669 in chips)
Seat 4: wpr101 (3004380 in chips)
Seat 5: scorpchess (3909979 in chips)
Seat 6: badambrown (1023495 in chips)
Seat 7: AA d@n¡ KK (2997050 in chips)
Seat 8: ImaLuckSac (6282730 in chips)
Seat 9: ale6ka (4203234 in chips)

Not AA or KK but does the trick

AA d@n¡ KK was kind enough to set up the final table and was also kind enough to lighten the final table by one player. With the blinds moving up to 65K/130K ante 13K badambrown would open shove from middle position for 986,495 chips with pocket sixes 6♥6♦ as AA d@n¡ KK on the immediate left re-shoved for over two million holding pocket tens T♥T♦. The 7♦ 2♠ 8♦ 3♦ 3♣ board was all-low but without a six or a straight badambrown was down in ninth place ($5,609.60).

Innocent min-raise turns into big pot

With the blinds holding at 65K/130K ante 13K kytra would min-raise from UTG+1 as Fanov called two seats down to see an all-club 8♣Q♣7♣ flop come out and incite a series of post flop raises for different reasons. Fanov enjoyed top pair top kicker A♦Q♥ while kytra flopped a pair with the nut flush draw 7♥A♣. 6.8 million for the winner, and that would be Fanov as the Canadian would fade the flush draw and take home the big pot while kytra would take home eighth place cash ($8,765.00).

MacPhee stops the slide

Kevin would come into the final table second in chips but slid down to 3.4 million by the first break. With the blinds at 100K/200K ante 20K Mindkaos tried to take the EPT champ's min-raise with a shove to 1.8 million holding 5♣A♥ but found some resistance instead. Kevin would quickly make the call holding jacks J♠J♣. Despite flopping a wheel draw 2♣ 4♥ 8♦ 7♠ 4♣ Mindkaos' stack was deflated in seventh place ($15,777.00).

Chip leading pot

11.2 in the middle preflop between scorpchess and ale6ka. One gets the chip lead, the other gets $22,789.00 for sixth place. Watch below:

RSS readers please click through to view video

Blinds moving up to 125K/250K ante 25K scorpchess would come in for a raise to 520,000 as ale6ka tried to steal from the big blind by three-bet shoving to 5.4 million. scorpchess covered and made the call with big slick A♥K♠ as ale6ka's 5♠A♠ needed some spade magic. 8♠ 4♥ 8♦ K♣ J♣ board would pass 11.2 million chips to scorpchess as ale6ka took home $22,789.00 in sixth place.

Supernova Elite shines

wpr101 already showing off the six stars signifying the Supernova Elite status was also showing off skills used to earn that distinction. The blinds moving up again to 150K/300K ante 30K Fanov tried applying pressure from the small blind with a shove to 3.3 million. However, wpr101 liked his small ace 5♦A♠ just enough to make the call. It was a good one as Fanov turned up T♦J♥ and the little ace that could ran up the K♦ 2♣ 8♥ 6♠ 2♥ board for the win as Fanov left with fifth place cash ($29,801.00).

Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee finishes in fourth place

Six hands later MacPhee would be tangled up in a similar hand that knocked out Fanov. Blinds still at 150K/300K ante 30K scorpchess would raise to 630,000 from the button as Kevin shoved for 3.03 million from the big blind holding two broadway cards J♦K♥. Once again a small ace A♦2♠ would make the call. The ace was not needed this time as two deuces hit the 4♥ T♦ 2♣ 2♥ 6♣ board to end MacPhee's tournament in fourth place ($40,319.00).


Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee

Mutual Respect

wpr101 asked for a just a little bump from scorpchess and AA d@n¡ KK despite being third in chips and got it. Check out the three-way deal below that left $10,000.00 for the winner:

AA d@n¡ KK $84,000.00
scorpchess $80,500.00
wpr101 $75,478.97

$10,000.00 bad beat on video

This author would probably require a new laptop, but watch below as wpr101 and scorpchess get it all-in preflop for a 16.5 million chip pot:

RSS readers please click through to view video

Both players held a big hand as wpr101 showed kings K♦K♠ trumping scorpchess' queens Q♦Q♣. The ladies however would find a sister on the 8♥ 5♣ 7♣ Q♠ 2♥ board and wpr101 finished in third place with the chopped cash.

Quick finish

One hand? Actually two hands later after wpr101 left in third place, but it's the first that set the table for our Sunday Warm-Up champ. With the blinds at 200K/400K scorpchess would limp in from the button as AA d@n¡ KK checked the option to see a 9♣ A♠ 5♣ flop. AA d@n¡ KK led out for 455,555 as scorpchess made the call. 7♥ on the turn and AA d@n¡ KK up it to 985,555 as scorpchess smoothed it out to 2.4 million even. Sticking with the lucky fives, AA d@n¡ KK three-bet to 5,785,555 as scorpchess shoved for 18.2 million and AA d@n¡ KK made the call holding the flopped two pair 5♥9♦. scorpchess' unfortunate two pair 7♦5♦ would not catch a runner-runner boat on the J♣ river as the 31.7 million chip pot slid to AA d@n¡ KK.

The next hand with scorpchess holding just 3.3 million chips faced a raise from AA d@n¡ KK for all of them. K♠Q♣ was a ticket for redemption but AA d@n¡ KK's J♠7♣ found a nice seven on the A♥ 7♥ T♣ 6♣ A♣ board to take down the extra $10,000 and the April Fools edition of the Sunday Warm-Up!

$500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up results (04-01-12):
(* denotes part of three-way deal)
1. AA d@n¡ KK (Spain) *$94,000.00
2. scorpchess (Russia) $80,500.00
3. wpr101 (Estonia) $75,478.97
4. Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee (Canada) $40,319.00
5. Fanov (Canada) $29,801.00
6. ale6ka (Belarus) $22,789.00
7. Mindkaos (Sweden) $15,777.00
8. kytra (Romania) $8,765.00
9. badambrown (United Kingdom) $5,609.60

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