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Sunday Warm-Up: A calming $97K win for madsamot

With all eyes on Atlantis for the 10th annual PokerStars Caribbean Adventure one would think the population of tonight's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up might be down. Considering those players often frequently play the Sunday Majors they might be enjoying the live poker action or something call "sun" and "warmth" that this scribe remembers feeling about four months ago. 3,527 players (more than last week) did make the journey for tonight's tourney creating a sizable $705,400.00 prize pool. The biggest chunk of that stack of cash was broken off by madsamot who took away $97,000.00 after proving to be bulletproof.

The chip leaders with 13 players left going into the ninth hourly break were recipients of some fortunate cards just before the break. selinatis would attempt a four-bet shove for 3.58 million to push ramiro_ak off Q♦Q♥ while holding pocket eights 8♠8♣ but ramiro_ak made the call. Luckily the third eight hit the door 8♦ 2♠ 4♥ 5♣ 5♥ shipping selinatis the 6.5 million chip pot. On the adjacent table staszeq would trade bets with SytseVliegen until the opponent was all-in for 2.49 million. SytseVliegen's jacks J♠J♥ led staszeq's A♥T♥ and the lead was bolstered by a jack in the door J♦A♠K♣5♣. However, staszeq would find a lady on the river Q♥ for the broadway straight knocking out SytseVliegen in 14th place ($3,174.30).

It would take the entire 50K/100K ante 10K blind level to say good bye to advenje (Netherlands), TaoJ (Cyprus), and blueskyyM (Estonia) in 11th through 13th place as hand-for-hand play would only last two hands. With the blinds moving up to 65K/130K ante 13K microstacked Glacier15568 with just under 600,000 chips would call the raise of madsamot and three-bet of staszeq all-in. madsamot would made a couple of value bets on the 8♦ 5♠ 3♦ 6♦ 9♥ board while flipping up the nut flush T♦A♦ and hauling in the 2.47 million chip pot leaving Glacier15568 out of the final table in tenth place.


Seat 1: Sghango (1248356 in chips)
Seat 2: mezzias (4913560 in chips)
Seat 3: staszeq (4459805 in chips)
Seat 4: selinantis (6303924 in chips)
Seat 5: seikoboy (2463067 in chips)
Seat 6: Pokerfan89Gr (4102703 in chips)
Seat 7: HOLLANDSNEXT (3848624 in chips)
Seat 8: young_diam18 (2140125 in chips)
Seat 9: madsamot (5789836 in chips)

Everyone take your seat and get comfortable. Except Sghango.

Making the final table of a Sunday Major is a huge feat. Outlasting massive crowds of satellite winners and high-rolling sharks for a six-figure win can make a player's profit for a year. Sghango knows about making this final table having been here in November and taking sixth place for $26,422.50. Sghango's time at the final table tonight would be considerably shorter as the second hand got dealt and Sghango shoved for 1.15 million over a raise to 271,700 by madsamot. The original raiser made the call holding A♠T♠ and Sghango showed pocket fours 4♥4♠. The sailboats did not even get past the flop 5♥ 8♠ T♦ A♦ 7♦ as Sghango took home a lot less than last time banking $5,643.20 in ninth place.

Sghango will not be lonely on the rail

On the very next hand with the blinds holding at 65K/130K ante 13K a rare three-way pot started with everyone playing nicely. young_diam18 limped in from early position as staszeq called out of the small blind and selinantis checked the option. After the K♣7♥6♥ flop came out the kittens turned into mountain lions looking for blood as the blinds checked to young_diam18 who bet 198,454. staszeq called but selinantis raised to 519,730 as young_diam18 shoved for 1.97 million. staszeq donated the dead chips as selinantis made the call holding top pair 9♠K♥. The big pair was not big as young_diam18's slowplayed aces A♠A♣, but help was on the way for selinantis as a nine peeled off on the turn 9♣ and blank on the river 8♠ to hand the 4.63 million chip pot to selinantis as young_diam18 got it in good but the cards told a different story finishing in eighth place ($8,817.50). A regular in the Super Tuesday tournament young_diam18 will be back here soon.

Chip leader selinantis not playing for second

Ten hands later with selinantis in the chip lead holding 9.5 million chips compared to second place madsamot holding 8.4 million, went looking for an eight figure stack by min-raising from the cutoff as seikoboy three-bet all-in for 3.2 million with pocket sevens 7♥7♣. selinantis did not hesitate in making the call with jacks J♠J♦. Despite the eight extra outs received on the flop 5♠ 4♦ 6♣ seikoboy would watch two aces fall A♦ A♣ and $15,871.50 added to the bankroll in seventh place.

Yes, Holland is next to cash out

HOLLANDSNEXT would continue the theme of big pot poker playing tonight as just five minutes after seikoboy collected that $15K, HOLLANDSNEXT would try to shore up a small stack by four-betting all-in for 2.84 million over madsamot's three-bet. Watch below as HOLLANDSNEXT is indeed the next to leave:

RSS readers please click through to view video

madsamot would quickly call the four-bet with pocket kings K♠K♦ as HOLLANDSNEXT's A♣T♠ would miss the 3♦ J♣ 4♥ Q♥ 9♥ board completely and take home $22,925.50 in sixth place.

And now for not-so brief interlude

Despite the massive amounts of all-ins and two-outers hitting, the next player to lose their seat at the final table would not disappear for nearly an hour. With the blinds up to 125K/250K ante 25K and changing within a few minutes mezzias would shove from the hijack seat for 4.46 million as selinantis overshoved for 7.3 million. Pocket tens for selinantis T♦T♣ would find no surprises against mezzias' treys 3♥3♦ easily taking down the 9.4 million chip pot 6♠ 8♣ 4♣ J♣ J♥. mezzias efforts, as noted in the chat box by Team Online's Shane "shaniac" Schleger were worth $29,979.50 in fifth place.

Not a fan of losing this way

Pokerfan89Gr would be looking at the replay tomorrow and sigh about what could have been. As the blinds moved up to 150K/300K ante 30K staszeq would shove from the button for 6.73 million holding A♦5♥ as Pokerfan89Gr called the bet with pocket nines 9♠9♥ from the big blind. An ace would land on the door A♥ 3♦ 3♣ K♠ 4♥ and nail down the 13.7 million chip pot for staszeq as Pokerfan89Gr's stack plummeted to 1.2 million. Those chips would last four more hands as selinantis scooped them up ending Pokerfan89Gr's night in fourth place ($40,560.50).

ITM, Chip Chop, deal

Schleger would run all the options open for our remaining three players to pass around the cash and after some light tugging towards getting more money, they reached the deals seen below leaving $10,000.00 to this week's champ:

madsamot: $87,000.00
staszeq: $82,000.00
selinantis: $72,476.27

Good night Poland

With the blinds up to 200K/400K ante 40K staszeq would be reeling from doubling up selinantis and left with just over four million chips. Four hands later staszeq would shove those chips from the small blind holding K♦Q♦. Unfortunately, selinantis also woke up with a decent three-way hand A♠9♠ and made the call. An ace on the flop and only one diamond A♥ 4♣ 6♠ 4♦ 3♠ sent staszeq off with the $82,000.00 from the chop in third place. staszeq would improve from the last trip to the Sunday Warm-Up final table, banking $14K for seventh place back in September.

Not the night to slowplay aces

As young_diam18 found out earlier this was not the night to hide pocket aces for value. Both players would get their opponents into tripping their trap on the flop, and both would ultimately lose after a fortunate turn card came up. Watch below as our champion claims the title and the extra $10,000 for the win.

RSS readers please click through to view video

After the 5♣ 3♥ Q♦ flop the pair would trade small raises until all 16.1 million was in the middle as madsamot turned over top pair Q♥J♠ well behind the concealed aces A♦A♣ of selinantis. Another lady did not take long to hit the board Q♠ and the 6♥ failed to flip the tide back as madsamot would take away tonight's biggest prize of $97,000.00 and the title of Sunday Warm-Up champion!

$500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up results (01-06-13):

Players entered: 3,527
Places paid: 540
Buy-in: $215.00
Prize pool: $705,400.00
First place: *$97,000.00

(* denotes part of three-way deal)

1. madsamot (Norway) *$97,000.00
2. selinantis (Lithuania) *$72,476.27
3. staszeq (Poland) *$82,000.00
4. Pokerfan89Gr (Greece) $40,560.50
5. mezzias (Sweden) $29,979.50
6. HOLLANDSNEXT (Netherlands) $22,925.50
7. seikoboy (Netherlands) $15,871.50
8. young_diam18 (Austria) $8,871.50
9. Sghango (Germany) $5,643.20

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

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