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TCOOP: AlexKP cleans up, wins Event #37 ($55 PLO [6-Max, 2R1A])

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngEvent #37 on the Turbo Championship of Online Poker schedule was guaranteed to feature a few hours of action-fueled power poker. The game was six-handed pot-limit Omaha, with a $55 buy-in plus a couple of re-buys and an add-on available to inspire further risk-taking early on. And five-minute levels -- the norm for most of these TCOOP events -- ensured further there wouldn't be a lot of waiting around for perfect spots to commit those chips.

The first 90 minutes constituted the re-buy period, during which late registration remained available as well. Players started with 5,000 chips, and had the option to re-buy two times (5,000 chips for $50) during those first 90 minutes. An add-on period followed, during which players could grab another 5,000 for $50 more if they wished.

By the time they reached the end of the re-buy period, a total of 1,422 had entered Event #37, with the group having picked up 1,741 re-buys between them. Another 286 add-ons were then purchased, making the total prize pool $172,450, beating the event's $100K guarantee by a wide margin.

The top 180 finishers would make the money. A top 24 finish got you at least four figures. Making the final four earned you at least $11,036.80. And winning the sucker would reward you with a $28,455.04 payday barring any final-table deals.

Just 486 of the original 1,422 remained when play resumed after the add-on period, with Geddit71 leading the way as the only player among them to have cracked the 200,000-chip mark. Behind him were just six players with better than 100,000 -- fireman19984, Fred-wpt, Joe "ender555" Ebanks, Baddrawings, thegr8str8, and JohnSmith.

Among the Team PokerStars players just three remained at that point.

Shane "shaniac" Schleger of Team Online would last a while longer before getting knocked out in 295th by Andre_Hansen. The money bubble then burst at about the two-and-a-half-hour mark, and Team PokerStars Pro Martin Staszko was eliminated shortly thereafter in 165th place ($232.80), knocked out by Yanque.

That left just Alex Kravchenko of Team PokerStars Russia to represent the home squad. He'd hang on a while longer before finally having the last of his chips taken by $harlatan to go out in 72nd ($388.01).

By the three-hour mark just 50 players were left, with 19Moir91 having pushed way ahead with almost 1.4 million chips, dj_friction his nearest challenger with just over 837,000.

But with the blinds rising quickly, chips necessarily were moving back and forth at a rapid pace. One casualty of chip redistribution was 19Moir91 who saw his run end in 12th place ($1,810.72) following a eyebrow-raising beat applied by Alexander "AlexKP" Petersen. Take a look:

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Following 19Moir91 to the rail were moneyM7 (11th, $1,810.72), JohnSmith (10th, $1,810.72), Yurmala (9th, $2,759.20), G-$tarr91 (8th, $2,759.20), and lazgeich (7th, $2,759.20).

After just under four hours of play, they'd reached the six-handed final table.


Seat 1: AlexKP -- 9,169,315
Seat 2: Norrmaniano -- 779,567
Seat 3: DASILVOTE -- 1,168,784
Seat 4: theczar19 -- 1,326,951
Seat 5: dj_friction -- 2,215,643
Seat 6: Fred-wpt -- 2,584,740

During that stretch run to the final table, Alexander "AlexKP" Petersen (profiled here) ran red-hot to build his stack up to that huge advantage with six left. And with the blinds 125,000/250,000, the others were going to need to run well themselves -- and soon -- if they hoped to close the huge gap.

In just the fifth hand of the final table, AlexKP completed from the small blind and Norrmaniano checked in the big blind. The flop came K♣2♥T♥ and AlexKP checked. Norrmaniano bet 500,000 (the pot), leaving himself but 29,567 behind. AlexKP responded with a raise and Norrmaniano called, showing 8♥7♣6♥4♥ for a flush draw to AlexKP's flopped set of deuces with T♦4♠2♠2♣.

The turn and river brought no more hearts and a couple of fives, improving AlexKP to a full house and sending Norrmaniano out in sixth.

The remaining five began to talk about possibly making a deal, but that discussion was soon interrupted. With the blinds up to 150,000/300,000, Bryan "theczar19" Piccioli raised to 1.05 million from the cutoff, then AlexKP reraised to 3,176,471 from the big blind. Piccioli called with the 853,902 he had left, showing Q♣Q♠T♠7♣. Meanwhile AlexKP had A♦A♣A♥3♣.

The flop came 5♣Q♥K♣, giving theczar19 a set and AlexKP a club flush draw. The turn was the 2♥ and Piccioli was still best, but the river was the 8♣ and they were down to four.

Now Petersen was up over 10.7 million with the other three all hovering just above or below 2 million. Some deal talk ensued again, but with nothing agreed upon the remaining four carried on without pausing.

From there the other three -- dj_friction, Fred-wpt, and DASILVOTE -- found themselves all-in a few times, all surviving, until finally dj_friction ran out of luck versus AlexKP. All in for 1,931,286 total with A♠T♠7♣6♣ against Petersen's A♣J♠6♥3♥. The board came 3♦5♦5♠9♦J♦, giving AlexKP a winning two pair and sending dj_friction out in fourth.

On the very next hand it was Fred-wpt exchanging bets with AlexKP preflop to get his 2,156,380 all in with A♠K♦6♠5♣ against Petersen's A♦T♣8♦6♣. The five community cards came 6♦8♣2♦7♥5♥, giving both two pair but AlexKP's eights and sixes were best and Fred-wpt was eliminated in third.

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After just over four hours of play, two players remained. Alexander "AlexKP" Petersen continued to enjoy the huge advantage with 14,318,800 to DASILVOTE's 2,926,200. DASILVOTE would survive four hands, then on the fifth watched as AlexKP completed from the button to 500,000. DASILVOTE checked, and the pair saw the flop come 7♣5♠T♣.

DASILVOTE led for 1 million, AlexKP raised to 3.4 million, and DASILVOTE called with the 926,200 he had left.

AlexKP: 9♠7♥7♠3♥

A flopped set of sevens for AlexKP had given him the lead in the hand, although a non-pairing club could still preserve DASILVOTE's tourney life. But the turn was the A♦ and river the K♥, meaning AlexKP had won the last of DASILVOTE's chips and a TCOOP title.

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Congratulations to Alexander "AlexKP" Petersen for besting a field of 1,422 -- and knocking out all five of his opponents at the final table -- to grab the TCOOP gold-plated card capper and a $28K-plus payday!


Alexander "AlexKP" Petersen, TCOOP Event #37 champion

TCOOP Event #37 Results ($55 PLO, 6-Max 2R1A):
1st: AlexKP ($28,455.04)
2nd: DASILVOTE ($21,383.80)
3rd: Fred-wpt ($15,951.62)
4th: dj_friction ($11,036.80)
5th: theczar19 ($7,070.45)
6th: Norrmaniano ($4,742.37)

Still a couple of days left to jump into the TCOOP game yourself. See the Turbo Championship of Online Poker website for details.

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