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TCOOP: Baja272 barrels through to Event #9 win ($55 PLO [Knockout])

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngThey call it the action game. Throw in five-minute levels and knockout bounties as added accelerants, and a pot-limit Omaha tourney becomes a blazing blur. Or a blurry blaze. Or whatever... no time to fuss over it. Suffice it to say, Event #9 of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker, a $55 buy-in PLO tourney with knockout bounties, had plenty of action packed into its brief just-over-four-hour span.

About 2,000 were playing when the tourney began Saturday morning, and as the field size continued to grow during the 60 minutes of late registration, the knockouts and bounty-collecting began in earnest. Indeed, several occurred on the tourney's very first hand, including dirkdiggler9 collecting two at once by eliminating chessyjames and Eschi_1987.

Another 1,400 or so $10 bounties would be gobbled up during that first hour, with dirkdiggler9 grabbing three more to push his chip stack close to the top 10. By that initial break, a total of 3,770 players had registered, making a prize pool of $154,570 with another $37,700 reserved for bounties. In other words, as we've seen repeatedly so far during the TCOOP, the tourney's guarantee -- $100,000 -- was smashed to bits.

The top 495 finishers would divide up the non-bounty booty, with $24,269.83 going to the player finishing on top barring any last-second deal-making.

Dashing to the Cash

After an hour of play 2,312 players still had chips, with pxmichael, wsop2013_NL, and cryllin sitting at the top of the leaderboard. dirkdiggler9 would collect a couple more bounties over the next half-hour before falling in 1,396th, demonstrating how one can still profit in these bounty tourneys without even making the cash.

They'd only just crossed the 90-minute mark when the field had been cut to 1,000 players, with ShowM4n on top as the only one with more than 100,000 chips. Rounding out the top five at that point were Yura Kolosov, JAAndre, Mordonio, and Pipedream17.

It would take another 45 minutes -- about two hours and 15 minutes from the start of the tourney -- for the cash bubble to burst. With 495 left it was JAMIC_KQ on top with just over 250,000 chips, thegosu2 close behind with about 248,000, and Yura Kolosov near as well with just over 246,000.

Powering through the Pros

Team PokerStars Pros who managed to join the group making the money included Nuno Coelho (Portugal), Alex Kravchenko (Russia), and Martin Staszko (Czech Republic).

Coelho would soon fall in 431st, earning $74.19 plus whatever bounties he might've scored. Staszko lasted a little longer, finishing 276th ($92.74) when bonittaa claimed his bounty. And Kravchenko hit the rail shortly after that, eliminated in 206th ($123.65) when TkalexV took the last of the Russian's chips and the $10 that went with them.

Flat-Out Flying to the Final Table

The cashing out had only lasted a half-hour when they were down to 100, with Yura Kolosov, TeHKai, and luisma1987 on top as the only players with more than 600,000 chips.

By the time they'd crossed the three-hour mark just 50 remained, with lottttodrunk closing in on 1 million, Odd_ODDsen second with almost 957,000, and ramondemon77 third with just under 819,000. There would be a lot more chip movement, however, as the tourney raced toward the final table, with all three falling in the meantime -- ramondemon77 in 31st ($347.78), lelottttodrunk in 17th ($463.71), and Odd_ODDsen in 12th ($927.42).

With 10 left, od_jeb_i was in front with over 4.23 million, wolli next with 2.93 million, and Sangre52 third with 2.87 million. Then PizzicatoXev shoved all in for just over 530,000 and got a caller in the leader od_jeb_i. PizzicatoXev had A♣T♣T♥7♥ and od_jeb_i A♠K♣J♣6♥, and when the board came 8♣2♠J♥4♠A♥ to give od_jeb_i two pair and the best hand, PizzicatoXev was out in 10th ($927.42).

Just three hours and 45 minutes into the event, they were down to nine.


Seat 1: TeHKai -- 1,180,328
Seat 2: Sangre52 -- 2,996,074
Seat 3: od_jeb_i -- 4,142,735
Seat 4: krakukra -- 2,561,917
Seat 5: wolli -- 2,931,799
Seat 6: reno8 -- 1,718,367
Seat 7: Mordonio -- 924,952
Seat 8: Nistepakke -- 725,724
Seat 9: Baja272 -- 1,668,104

od_jeb_i remained in front, but with the blinds at 125,000/250,000 and rising quickly, all nine still had a shot at a TCOOP title.

High-Stress: Working Nine to Five

The bustouts started within a few hands and continued at a quick pace throughout the final table. First it was krakukra reraising all in for 2,186,917 following a 3x raise by Sangre52 and getting a call, with krakukra showing A♥Q♦Q♠J♠ and Sangre52 A♠A♦7♣6♥. The board came 4♣6♠4♠5♥8♥, giving Sangre52 a winning straight and sending krakukra out in ninth.

The blinds moved up to 150,000/300,000, and Baja272 opened to 1.05 million from UTG. It folded around to Nistepakke in the big blind who called all in for his last 425,724, turning over J♥T♥9♠7♣. Baja272 had K♦K♠6♣3♠, and when the five community cards came 8♠4♠5♣8♥9♣, Baja272's hand had held, sending Nistepakke to the rail in eighth.

A moment later Baja272 was again raising to 1.05 million from early position, and this time wolli reraised all in for 1,163,432. It folded back to Baja272 who called the small reraise, tabling K♠K♦J♣6♣ to wolli's A♥Q♦T♣4♥. Five cards later -- 9♠3♠3♦J♥6♦ -- Baja272's kings and treys were best, giving him another bounty and knocking wolli out in seventh.

Five hands later the blinds were 200,000/400.000 (Level 43) when Mordonio open-pushed from UTG for 1,049,904, od_jeb_i reraised all in from the small blind, and reno8 stepped aside from the BB.

od_jeb_i: A♦A♥K♥9♣
Mordonio: A♣K♦T♠5♠

Mordonio needed some help, but the 8♦6♥T♣2♠7♣ that rolled out in the middle failed to provide it, sending him railward in sixth.

Upon Mordonio's elimination the remaining five quickly agreed to discuss a deal and the tourney was paused. Baja272 led at that point with 4,757,260 with Sangre52 just a touch behind with 4,682,991 and reno8 close as well with 4,386,734. od_jeb_i was fourth with 2,962,263 and TeHKai last with 2,060,752.

"Chip chop" numbers were produced, leaving $2,000 on the table for which to play, and after a few minutes of contentious discussion all five at last agreed to the proposed figures. Their discussion having carried them through the four-hour break, cards were soon back in the air.

Ten to Turn Five Into One

It would take but 10 minutes of blistering action -- nearly all of the hands featuring preflop all-ins along the way -- for the final five players to be reduced to one.

On the third hand back, reno8 opened with a 3x raise to 1.2 million from under the gun, then Sangre52 reraised to 4 million from the small blind, leaving but 282,991 behind. reno8 called the reraise, and the pair saw the flop come 2♠J♦3♦. Sangre52 pushed those last chips out in front and reno8 called. Sangre52 had A♥K♣K♠7♥ for kings, but reno8 had hit the flop twice with his A♠J♠9♥3♥. The turn was the 6♥ and river the 5♥, meaning reno8's jacks and treys were best and Sangre52 was gone in fifth.

The next elimination saw a three-way all-in occur involving od_jeb_i, reno8, and Baja272. In that one, od_jeb_i (UTG/cutoff) opened for 1.75 million, reno8 (button) made it 4.5 million, Baja272 (small blind) called all in with his last 2,246,508, then od_jeb_i called all in as well with the 753,022 he had left behind.

od_jeb_i: 8♦6♠5♥4♠
reno8: A♥Q♠T♠6♥
Baja272: A♣K♠K♦4♣

The board was most favorable to Baja272, coming K♥J♦9♥7♥J♥ to give him a full house and the nearly 8 million-chip main pot. reno8 grabbed the change from the side pot, and od_jeb_i was out in fourth. Take a look:

RSS readers click through to see replay

reno8 would win a big one after that to claim most of TeHKai's chips, but then TeHKai would survive a sequence of preflop all-ins versus reno8 to grab back most of the latter's stack and push into first past Baja272.

Then, with the blinds 250,000/500,000, TeHKai raised to 1 million from the button and reno8 called from the small blind to put himself in for just 406,156 total. Baja272 called as well from the big blind, then both he and TeHKai checked the T♣K♦J♦ flop. The turn was the A♠ prompting a full-pot bet of 2,406,156 from Baja272. TeHKai took more than a minute to think about what to do -- a rare pause amid the unrelenting action -- before finally calling the bet.

The river then brought the 2♠. Baja272 bet 2 million this time, and TeHKai quickly gave up. Baja272 showed Q♠T♥6♠5♦ for the Broadway straight, better than reno8's 6♦6♥4♠4♥.

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Just two remained. Baja272 had about a 2-to-1 advantage with 12,551,836 to TeHKai's 6,298,164. The pair traded a couple of small pots (relatively speaking), then came the final hand.

With the blinds at 300,000/600,000, Baja272 raised to 1.8 million from the button and TeHKai called. The flop came 4♠5♦K♣, prompting a check from TeHKai. Baja272 bet 1.65 million, and TeHKai paused a beat before pushing all in for 4,198,164. Baja272 called, showing J♦J♠8♥6♣ for jacks while TeHKai had T♦9♦7♠6♦ for an open-ender.

The turn was the 2♦ and river the J♥, and Baja272 had taken the last of the chips, the final $10 bounty, the extra $2,000 on the table, and the TCOOP title!

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Congratulations to Baja272 for surviving a breakneck pace to take away more than $17,500 -- plus all of those bounties -- and win TCOOP Event #9! And kudos as well to the other four players who survived the nonstop mayhem far enough to chop.

TCOOP Event #9 Results ($55 Pot-Limit Omaha Knockout) (*reflects five-way deal):
1st: Baja272 ($17,583.39)*
2nd: TeHKai ($10,473.98)*
3rd: reno8 ($14,881.31)*
4th: od_jeb_i ($12,182.19)*
5th: Sangre52 ($15,442.66)*
6th: Mordonio ($5,023.52)
7th: wolli ($3,477.82)
8th: Nistepakke ($1,932.12)
9th: krakukra ($1,236.56)

Have a few hours to spare? Care to try to turn a little into a whole heck of a lot? Well the TCOOP series is definitely for you. Check out the Turbo Championship of Online Poker website for full information on the remaining week's worth of tournaments and satellites.

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