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TCOOP: Baja272's hole in one

TCOOP logo.pngThe motivation to play poker comes from a lot of different places. Some people want to make a million bucks. Some people want to be a world champion. Thomas, a PokerStars player from Copenhagen, just wants to play golf.

At 38 years old, Thomas (aka Baja272 on PokerStars) has a loving wife who endures his two pastimes better than a lot of women could.

"I'm probably better at golf than I am in poker, and I've been playing golf all my life," Thomas said. "I try to make money on poker to pay for my golf, and that's my primary goal with poker."

Otherwise, Thomas just considers himself a normal guy, just like any other poker player who would love to play in the big games. For now, he's just happy to be in the game and be able to afford his frequent rounds of golf.

Now, he can afford a lot more greens fees. Just a few days ago, Thomas sat down for a $55 PLO Knockout Turbo Championship of Online Poker event and beat out more than 3,700 players for the $17,583 first prize.

"PLO is not my usual game, but I had decided that on that Saturday I would play just about any TCOOP that was on the program," he said. "As it turned out, that PLO Knockout tournament became the only one that day because of my deep run. What a thrill."


This win came at a good time for the Dane. Times on the table hadn't been going so well.

"I have been feeling, probably like any other poker player, a bit unlucky and on the wrong side of the flops and flips in a lot of tournaments recently," Thomas said. "But this time, it all went my way."

Unlike many of the recent TCOOP winners, Thomas is no poker pro. This was his biggest-ever poker win. During the week, he's an advertising man.

"I think I need to win the Sunday Million to even consider going pro," he said. "I'm happy about where I'm at the moment."

Where he is right now is happily married to a woman who stands to get a good vacation out of the deal. She wants to go to Mauritius. Thomas wants to show her Las Vegas. It's a coin-flip right now. Google tells us both places have golf courses, so both husband and wife could end up happy.

"Otherwise I'll just try to continue my good run in poker and see if I can make a good result on PokerStars once more in the near future," Thomas said.

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