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TCOOP: From coffee shop to champion

TCOOP logo.pngFor Scott O'Reilly, age 27, it started nearly a decade ago. In Amsterdam. In a coffee shop. That's where all the good stories start, isn't it?

Putting aside any of the other details (the internet has a long memory, y'all), O'Reilly was hanging out in said coffee shop when he learned to play poker.

"I was addicted ever since," O'Reilly said.

For the past seven and half years, O'Reilly has been better known as "Mongy" on PokerStars (and let's just not get started on the origin of that name), and since leaving Warwick university has played poker professionally.

"Poker means a lot to me" O'Reilly said, "It's great job that has enabled me to do two of my favorite things more than I could have dreamt of: travelling and partying."

Now O'Reilly has even more reason to party. He's one of the very first Turbo Championship of Online Poker winners.


O'Reilly: Fancy a cocktail?

On the very first day of TCOOP,O'Reilly won more than $23,000 (earning more than $3k per hour) in TCOOP Event #4. To do it, he defeated nearly ten thousand people.

"I actually once won a tournament on PokerStars with about 10,200 so its not the largest field," O'Reilly said.

That one was $100,000 freeroll for WCOOP registrants. While financially nice, it wasn't quite as satisfying as O'Reilly was hoping.

"I was very pleased with myself at a great accomplishment," O'Reilly said,"but I was gutted that it wasn't an official event, so no title or bracelet. So, I guess this helps heal that wound."

While the $23,000 cash was nice, it's not O'Reilly's biggest. He has two live scores for more than $100,000.

Now, 30 events remain in the series. O'Reilly has played all 19 events so far and is currently tied for third on the TCOOP leaderboard. He's hoping to make a run for the title.

"I simply love turbos," he said. "Other than Sundays, I tend to play 80-80% turbos these das. As soon as I saw TCOOP announced, I was more than a little bit happy and made sure I was going to be available for the entire schedule."

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