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TCOOP: How Mongy won Player of the Series

Thumbnail image for 13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngScott "Mongy" O'Reilly played every single event of the 2012 Turbo Championship of Online Poker. Scott "Mongy" O'Reilly won a TCOOP championship and tens of thousands of dollars. Scott "Mongy" O'Reilly won the TCOOP Player of the Series title.

We knew all of those things about Scott O'Reilly. But...how did he do it?

Well, that's what we wanted to know.

When the 50 TCOOP events were finally finished, O'Reilly was actually tied with another played named TeHKai for the Player of the Series title. Ultimately, however, O'Reilly won more money overall, and that variable served as the tie-breaker.

After it was all said and done, we had some questions for O'Reilly. We started with the most obvious.

PokerStars Blog: It appears you made a concerted effort to win the leaderboard. I mean, you played every event!. What was your motivation for doing so?

O'Reilly: I planned from before TCOOP started to play as many events as I wanted, so I purposefully didn't make any plans for the eleven days. Turbos are definitely my preferred type of poker, so PokerStars announcing TCOOP was a great day in my books.

I think the major contributing factor to playing every event was winning an event and running deep in another on the first day. I was in the lead after Day 1 on the leaderboard, so I thought it would be stupid not to give each event a go to try to get another early result to extend my lead.

I guess had I not been in contention for the leader board so early then I probably would have taken a day off in the middle to clear my head. I am lucky in the fact that I have been around the poker world for quite a few years now, so I have learned all of the mixed games along the way.

Player of the Series is a notoriously hard achievement as it requires you to run and play good for 50 tournaments, which unfortunately is sometimes out of the players' hands. As soon as I felt I had a shot at winning it, there was no way I wasn't going to play every event.


PokerStars Blog: So now that you have officially won it, is it as satisfying as you thought it would be?

O'Reilly: Winning means a lot to me. I have been in this game a long time now, and especially over the last few years I have dedicated myself to tournaments, particularly turbos. Throughout this time I have had some great results, but I have lacked a title. As soon as TCOOP was announced, I knew it was for me. The thought crossed my mind quite a few times on the weeks leading up that I have a shot for winning one of the events, but it was only a very small hope at wining Player of the Series, too! The last few days have made me a wreck.

PokerStars Blog: How much of a grind was it to play every single event?

O'Reilly: Toward the end of the series I was suffering from sleep deprivation, as I couldn't keep a regular sleep pattern. So, when it was all over, it felt like a relief! I think on the last day there were six events which I had to play all of to give myself the best opportunity to win, but the problem was that there was a 12 hour 30 minute gap between the first and last event, certainly not the session I needed after ten days straight!

Other than that I thought it was pretty simple, Most of the events I was just one- tabling, so I was able to do other real life stuff at the same time. It doesn't really feel like you are working when you are used to playing at least a dozen tables. I think overall the SCOOP seat is great, but the trophy and the title probably mean more to me. To quote Rupert Elder: "I am only in it for the trophies!"

PokerStars Blog: Talk a little about the battle with TeHKai.

O'Reilly: It was all very close at the top. I have to say unlucky to TeHKai , because for the last couple days you could barely separate us. On the penultimate day he took over me in the last tournament. With six events left on the Sunday I knew it would be a fight.

I started by cashing both of the first two to recapture the lead, but in the third event, the $2100 high roller, I got dreadfully close to the money, points, and well-needed extension of my lead. I busted six from the money with kings versus king-queen. Lets just say it hurt!

Funny, I remember spilling a cup of coffee on my new iPhone and some very important papers, and I just didn't care. The poker was just too much of a priority. Don't worry though. Apparently iPhones are tough.

Still, though, I had the lead again to put me in the drivers seat. With three tournaments left, it looked like an utter disaster. TehKai decides to go deep in the 8-game and the main event, taking a 20-point lead on me with one event to go: the supersonic.

I love this tournament. It's always been my favourite of the week. I have been lucky enough to chop it heads up, too, which is always nice. The problem with it is it's a hyper turbo. This means that you need that little bit of extra luck at showdown, as it's occurring far more regularly. I had to get 20 points (top third of people finishing in the money) and I needed TeHKai to not make the money.

I was lucky in the fact that he busted out pretty quickly, so I now knew I had a clean shot at it. I had to get to top 132 out of the 3,000-player field. Certainly not an easy task! Well, a lot of run good later and I found myself busting in around 70th place, frantically checking that no-one could bink both the main event and the supersonic to take me over!

TehKai and I ended on the same exact points, but I knew I had him on the money-won goal difference. Let just say I was a very happy, relieved...and drunk.

PokerStars Blog: So, I'll assume you're ready for a break?

O'Reilly: Definitely! My girlfriend has had to put up with me, so she's going to get some well-deserved time. Poor girl doesn't even play poker...yet. I will probably treat myself to something nice, and a nice holiday.

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