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TCOOP: Tridynamo powers to the Event #48 8-Game win

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngPitch, Spit in the Ocean, No Peeky Baseball, 31, Chicago, Black Bottom, Follow the Queen, Rivers. All games you may play at a home game (although the last one was an event at the recent PokerStars Caribbean Adventure ). On the last day of the 2012 Turbo Championship of Online Poker http://www.pokerstars.com/tcoop/ fit in between the $2,100 High Roller event the $700 Main Event, were eight games that the average player would see in a regular casino versus during Tommy's Friday Night game in his parent's basement. $100,000.00 guaranteed Event #48's $320 buy-in 8-game tournament features H.O.R.S.E. plus 2-7 triple draw, NLHE, and Pot Limit Omaha to make sure the big bet specialists had a round to play. Well, almost a round with the three minute level one could get up to help themselves to a beer and miss out on a game.

557 players would beat yet another PokerStars guarantee as the $167,100.00 prize pool paid out 72 ways. The leaders for the TCOOP Player of the Series award trying to gain points for that 2012 SCOOP Main Event-High ticket along with a trophy to show to all your home game mates. Tied at the top Mongy would not gain any points in 302nd place, but co-leader TeHKai would going into the 72 player bubble with a top ten stack. Third place StoyanB would sit out as fourth place MrP0P, who final tabled the H.O.R.S.E. tournament yesterday, took an early exit today in 510th place. Team PokerStars Pro Theo "Theo J" Jorgensen and Team Online Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome would sit on the same table late into the tournament but may have jinxed each other finishing just out of the cash in 96th and 90th place respectively.

Leaving Team Pro Vanessa Selbst and Team Online's Mikhail "innerpsy" Shalamov to safely make it into the cash after PureProfitFo busted in 73rd place on Selbst's table to a flopped straight by staknchip83.

TeHKai would eventually go out in the 12K/24K bets 2-7 Triple Draw round in 27th place picking up 15 valuable TCOOP Player of the Series points.

interpsy: "Hey Vanessa : ) "
V.Selbst: "heya gl to you"

Down to 24 left and both near the top of the leaderboard Mikhail and Vanessa would join up at Table 20 as the possibility of a two Red Spades reaching the final table came closer and close as players continued to bust at a rate of about one every other hand

Flushing out the pros
Watch Kaila show Selbst to the door and scoop a 402,736 chip pot from innerpsy at the same time:

RSS readers please click through to view video

By hitting a flush on fifth street 5♦ 3♦ / A♦ 6♦ K♦ 4♠ / 6♣ Kalia would take the chip lead and knockout Selbst in 17th place ($1,554.03).

Down to two tables of six, Mikhail still reeling from the huge hand against Kalia, would be all-in before the draws in 2-7 Triple Draw and bets at
K/60K. 220,796 chips in the middle as Jamie_KK would take one on each of his draws as the Russian Team Online member would take two. "innerpsy" at least did not catch a pair on the last draw 8♥ 6♥ 2♠ 5♣ A♦ but neither did Jamie_KK who notched a decent Eight-smooth 8♠ 4♦ 3♠ 2♣ 5♠ to take out Mikhail in ninth place ($3,509.10).

The bubble would burst quickly after WERPOI was dumped in eighth place ($3,509.10). Moving to limit hold em' and bets at 30K/60K Bowlerman14 would set Jarcon86 all-in after Jarcon86 had only 17,236 after paying the big blind for a 94,472 chip pot. 7♦5♠ for Jarcon86 needed a little boost against Bowlerman14's 8♣Q♥. Both players would throw gutter balls on the 6♣ 3♥ T♦ J♦ K♥ board but Bowlerman14's queen played ending Jarcon86's night in seventh place ($3,509.10) starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: Klaus-tro-fo (365268 in chips)
Seat 2: Kiikot_2008 (163008 in chips)
Seat 3: Kaila (468579 in chips)
Seat 4: Bowlerman14 (676310 in chips)
Seat 5: Tridynamo (763985 in chips)
Seat 6: Jamie_KK (347850 in chips)

KK no good in Razz

Shortly after the start of the final table the players were moved to the 40K/80K Razz round and Jamie_KK, unable to do anything with the chips acquired from innerpsy, would have his tournament chips all-in by fourth street against Kalia. Starting out with a nice 5♠ 2♦ / 4♠ and ending with a Razz-like K♥ 9♣ K♦ / J♣ Jamie_KK's Jack-nine was well behind the 8♥ 2♣ / 7♦ 5♣ 3♣ A♠ / 3♥ Seven-Five of Kalia earning $5,347.20 in sixth place.

No deal = No extra money for fifth place

As soon as our final four sat down they tried to broker a deal but could not get the entire table to accept the attempt to pause. Just before the hourly break and three and half hours into the tournament Kalia would claim yet another player's chips. On to Stud Hi-Lo and bets of 50K/100K ante 10K Klaus-tro-fo would try to find a winning combination against the bulldozer Kaila by raising all of his remaining 169,268 chips after the door cards were dealt. Wired aces A♠ 3♣ / A♥ 4♣ Q♥ 5♥ / 9♣ were plenty to take down the deuces of Klaus-tro-fo 2♦ 8♦ / 7♣ 9♠ A♣ 2♣ / K♦ and scoop the 383,536 chip pot as Klaus-tro-fo slid off the final table in fifth place ($8,355.00).

Finding a kot of money to sleep on

On to 2-7 Triple Draw and bets at 80K/160K, Kiikot_2008 found five cards to go with holding just 205,774 chips and three-bet all-in. Tridynamo called the extra 45,774 and drew two. Kiikot_2008 would draw two on the first and second draws as Tridynamo liked his five card hand and stood pat on the second draw. Kiikot_2008 drew one more on the third draw needing an eight, a six, or a four to beat Tridynamo's 3♠ 8♣ 5♦ 4♣ 7♦. But, hit a ten instead 3♥ T♣ 2♥ 5♥ 7♠ earning $11,697.00 in fourth place.

Cannot convert the 2-7 split

Still in the 80K/160K 2-7 Triple Draw round, Bowlerman14 holding 486,140 chips would raise from the button as Kalia three-bet from the big blind and Bowler14 made the call. Kalia took one, Bowlerman14 drew two as Kalia bet and Bowlerman14 called. Bowlerman14 only needed one for the second draw and Kalia bet again while drawing one and set Bowlerman14 all-in. Kaila was pat with an Eight-Seven 5♣ 7♥ 8♠ 2♥ 4♥ as Bowlerman14 needed an eight. Instead Bowlerman14 hooked it right and caught another trey 3♣ 5♥ 3♦ 6♦ 4♦ finishing the 10th frame with a $17,127.25 score in third place.

Too dynamo for Kaila to handle

Despite taking down the remaning Team PokerStars players and half the final table, Kaila was not able to overcome a slight heads-up disadvantage (1.44 million to 1.34 million) against Tridynamo. The two would battle for five minutes, enough for the game to switch over to Omaha Hi-Lo and with Tridynamo taking the lead (2.08 million to 703K) the final hand was pitched below:

RSS readers please click through to view video

With the bets at 100K/200K Kaila tried representing a big hand by betting and raising on every street with the board showing Q♣ 3♦ 6♦ 2♥ 3♠. Unfortunately for Kaila, it was Tridynamo who had the set hand keeping pace with all the raises and putting in a few of his own showing queens full with a six-five low Q♥ Q♦ A♥ 5♦ as Kaila fell short holding 7♥ 7♣ 6♥ 4♣. No deal in place meant Sweden's Tridynamo would capture the entire $31,749.00 first place prize and the TCOOP champion's gold card protector!

$100,000 guarantee 2012 TCOOP Event #48 $320 8-Game results (01-29-12)
1. Tridynamo (Sweden) $31,749.00
2. Kaila (Canada) $23,394.00
3. Bowlerman14 (Canada) $17,127.25
4. Kiikot_2008 (Russia) $11,697.00
5. Klaus-tro-fo (Germany) $8,355.00
6. Jamie_KK (United Kingdom) $5,347.20

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