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TCOOP: What the winners get

TCOOP logo.pngFinally, the mystery is solved. After a month of waiting, we now know what winners of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker will receive to commemorate their titles.

As you know, World Championship of Online Poker champs receive a bracelet. Spring Championship of Online Poker title-holders get a fancy watch. Today we learned that TCOOP winners will get gold. Or to be more precise, a 24k gold-plated card capper.

If one thing is clear, TCOOP winners won't have to worry about their cards blowing away. Coming in at 90g apiece, these card cappers are going to be heavy. All 50 winners of TCOOP events will get their card cappers mailed to them in very nice boxes as proof they are TCOOP champs.


But, wait...there's more!

For TCOOP, it's not just the winners who will walk away with a reminder of their performance. PokerStars said today that the people who make the final table but don't manage a gold-capper performance will still earn silver-plated card cappers for their efforts.

So, get out there and try to win you one. Thirty events remain. Take a few hours and win a title!


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