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TCOOP: WorDn lays down the law in Event #34 ($215 NLHE, 2x-Chance)

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngTCOOP Event #34, a $215 NLHE double chance soiree, not only produced the second-largest prize pool the series has seen, but resulted in our first six-figure winner. Although Event #25 listed a $112,000 first-place prize, champion wcsquad3 made away with $85,652.01 after a four-way deal. Tonight, Germany's WorDn cracked the century mark, taking home $100,373.88, for his victory after reaching a deal with runner-up OBVAMENTS.

2,459 players came out for Event #34, 986 of them taking advantage of the second-chance single rebuy. 324 players earned a share of the $689,000 prize pool with first place set to earn $110,240.00. Fifteen Red Spades were in the field, with Team Online's Bjorn "Bjoerni89" Schneider (266th) and Team Pro's Alex Kravchenko (235th) notching cash finishes.

With ten players remaining, chip leader WorDn shoved all-in from under-the gun with A♦J♥ and Sirocko called off his remaining 1.98 million with 9♥9♣. Although the nines held up through the turn, the A♥ spiked on the river to make WorDn top pair, Sirocko's elimination sending us to the nine-handed final table.


Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: mcfaroe (3,227,566 in chips)
Seat 2: Starsky25 (1,097,126 in chips)
Seat 3: badboypony (472,771 in chips)
Seat 4: GALATON (951,344 in chips)
Seat 5: yor77 (433,088 in chips)
Seat 6: OBVAMENTS (1,874,694 in chips)
Seat 7: Tae Joon Noh (559,652 in chips)
Seat 8: WorDn (6,111,979 in chips)
Seat 9: mcnallyville (2,496,780 in chips)


The final table's first hand resulted in its first elimination. With the blinds up to 70,000/140,000, mcfaroe opened for 420,000 in the cutoff and GALATON three-bet shoved for his remaining 933,844. Although mcfaroe's Q♠4♠ was well behind GALATON's pocket tens, a queen on the river sent him to the rail in ninth place.

Starsky25 was the next to go, after open-shoving for 974,626 with pocket fives. OBVAMENTS called with K♦J♠ in the big blind and for the third consecutive elimination, the river card did the deed, the J♣ falling to send the pot to OBVAMENTS. For eighth place, Starsky25 took home $9,990.50.

The next deal of the cards had Tae Joon Noh all-in for his last 97,000 in the big blind. Although he showed down the best hand (A♥7♠ against mcfaroe's Q♠T♠) and had his opponent down to seven outs on the river, (the K♣8♥9♥2♥ board gave him the nut flush draw along with his ace-high), "RiverStars" struck again, the Q♣ falling to eliminate Noh in seventh place ($16,880.50).

Extreme short stackaments

With the final table down to six, OBVAMENTS broached the subject of a deal. However, some of the larger stacks weren't quite ready to run numbers, seeing as two players were hanging on with the smallest of stacks; badboypony held only 350,000 and yor77 had 411,000 with the blinds up to 125,000/250,000.

Although badboypony and yor77 scored a double-up apiece to hang on just a bit longer, the latter ended up falling to OBVAMENTS in a blind-vs-blind hand. Yor77 found A♦T♥ and moved in for 1.1 million from the small blind only to have OBVAMENTS wake up with Q♣Q♥ in the big. No lucky rivers here, the jack-high board sealing yor77's elimination in sixth place. A few hands later, more than half of badboypony's chips were committed in the big blind. Mcfaroe min-raised from the small blind with 5♠5♥, badboypony tossing his case 169k with K♠T♠. The pocket pair held and badboypony rode off into the sunset in fifth place, collecting $31,005.00.

Mcnallyville was the only short stack remaining at this point and although he doubled through OBVAMENTS with pocket eights against A♣6♠, those chips ended up in WorDn's stack a few hands later. WorDn open-shoved from the small blind with K♠4♦ and mcnallyville called with A♣J♠. WorDn hit a four on the flop and mcnallyville couldn't catch up, the board running out 4♥2♥2♠Q♣T♦ to send him home in fourth place.

The blinds rose to 150,000/300,000, leaving OBVAMENTS with less than nine big blinds. OBVAMENTS doubled through mcfaroe when his 8♥8♠ held against 2♣2♥, taking his stack up to 5.6 million while mcfaroe was left with only 2 million. The last of mcfaroe's stack went in the middle six hands later, his J♠T♦ trailing OBVAMENTS' K♦Q♠. A king hit the flop and another came on the turn, ending mcfaroe's run in third place. He earned $58,565.00 for his finish.

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 6: OBVAMENTS (8,080,856 in chips)
Seat 8: WorDn (9,144,144 in chips)

OBVAMENTS finally got his wish when WorDn agreed to pause the action in order to discuss a deal. They quickly agreed to an even split of the remaining prize pool, leaving $8,000 in play for the winner.

With each player sporting a 21 big blind stack, it was a quick match. Although OBVAMENTS chipped up to 10.2 million after the first few hands, WorDn scored a double-up when his Q♣K♣ flopped top pair against OBVAMENTS' A♥T♥. OBVAMENTS' last ten big blinds went in a few hands later with J♦8♣ and WorDn called with A♥5♣, an ace hitting the turn to seal the deal:

Congrats to WorDn on winning a TCOOP title and $100,373.88! For his runner-up finish, OBVAMENTS banked $92,373.87.

2012 TCOOP Event #34 ($215 NLHE 2x-Chance) results:

1. WorDn (Germany) $100,373.88*
2. OBVAMENTS (Mexico) $92,373.87*
3. mcfaroe (Faroe Islands) $58,565.00
4. mcnallyville (Mexico) $41,340.00
5. badboypony (Sweden) $31,005.00
6. yor77 (Netherlands) $23,770.50
7. Tae Joon Noh (South Korea) $16,880.50
8. Starsky25 (Canada) $9,990.50
9. GALATON (Russia) $6,201.00

*= reflects the result of a two-way deal that left $8,000 in play for the winner

Only three days remain before TCOOP comes to a close. Do you have your Main Event ticket yet? Head over to the TCOOP page for a full schedule and satellite information.

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