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TCOOP 2013: First place for frma1103 in Event #49 ($700 NLHE Main Event)

Are we here already? Such is the nature of the TCOOP -- blink and it's over. And today's last day of play saw the $2 million guaranteed Main Event (Event #49) play out blazingly fast in just over five, breath-taking hours, with frma1103 of Sweden ultimately outlasting a huge field to claim a $326,880 payday following a seven-way chop at the final table.


With a $665+$35 buy-in, Event #49 needed just over 3,000 entrants to meet that eye-popping guarantee, and by the time the no-limit hold'em tournament got underway the total entries had already rushed past that mark with two hours of late registration still left to go.

Less than an hour into the event, the field had expanded to more than 4,500 players as the total prize pool cruised past $3 million. And near the end of the second hour the total further grew to more than 5,000 entries. Compare that to the 3,667 who entered this same event last year (won by David "betudontbet" Emmons).

Finally late registration closed, with 5,060 having joined the fun and an enormous $3,364,900 prize pool having been amassed. A cool $527,887.96 was scheduled as the top prize, but as mentioned the final seven would make a deal to flatten out the payouts somewhat at the end.

The bubble bursts, and a min-cash for Kroko-dill

By the time late registration closed the field had already played down to less than 2,000 players, with RiverBoom, sveta1950, and Manrock8 sitting atop the counts. A little over 50 minutes later they were already down to 675 players and the bursting of the bubble.

Bashov was in first position by then, followed by grind4fame, Mr.Ingenious, and Anton "ekziter" Astapov. Soon among the first cashers earning $1,144.06 for finishing in 659th place was Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko, coming up shy of earning that PokerStars Grand Slam by adding a TCOOP win to his WCOOP, SCOOP, and Sunday Million titles.

Representing the red spade

A couple of Team PokerStars Pros were in the top 100 at that point -- Theo "Theo J" Jorgensen and Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero. And their teammates Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby, Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes, and Maxim Lykov remained in the hunt as well.

A short-stacked Brenes soon fell in a hand versus Varosky to go out in 559th ($1,211.36). DonKolion then took the last of Hruby's chips to knock the latter out in 464th ($1,278.66). And as the tourney crossed the three-hour mark, Barbero was eliminated in a hand versus oneTC to finish in 400th place ($1,379.60).

A short while later Lykov ran 6♣6♥ into the 9♣9♥ of benzidebuc, and when the community cards brought no improvement to Lykov's hand he fell in 312th ($1,615.15). Finally, Jorgensen lasted a while longer before finding himself at risk with J♣J♠ versus NutStylin's A♥K♠, and when an ace fell on the river the last Team PokerStars Pro went out in 174th place ($2,355.43).


Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen

Finding a final table

After three hours and 42 minutes, just 100 players remained with Markus "MarkusG91" Garberg occupying the top spot in the counts with a stack of more than 3.2 million.

Less than 20 minutes later they were down to 50, with jobetzu having snuck past Garberg into first with more than 7.2 million.

About 20 minutes after that just 18 remained, with SennaBoris79 having moved in front with more than 18.6 million, a full 8 million clear of the rest of the field.

It would only take about 15 minutes more for the next nine to fall, with SennaBoris79 maintaining the lead throughout that stretch.

la maquette (18th), SiiliSuhonen (17th), and Jason "Roberts34" Roberts (16th) each earned $10,094.70 for their efforts. BubibrokeLeg (15th), moukari6 (14th), and NutStylin (13th) took away $15,142.05 apiece. And Aussie_star1 (12th), jobetzu (11th), and Duke672778 (10th) all saw $20,189.40 added to their PokerStars accounts.

Just nine were left, each playing from a different country.


Seat 1: elmiami21 (Mexico) -- 7,277,660
Seat 2: pistecaloze (Netherlands) -- 5,825,980
Seat 3: T.J. "1BigAceHole" Ulmer (Canada) -- 12,600,925
Seat 4: thinkfast9 (Greece) -- 4,459,330
Seat 5: SennaBoris79 (Russia) -- 22,939,424
Seat 6: kekim1 (Slovenia) -- 15,849,451
Seat 7: GadMO (Israel) -- 10,496,204
Seat 8: frma1103 (Sweden) -- 6,893,894
Seat 9: Xereles (Norway) -- 14,857,132

Xereles exits in ninth

More than an orbit's worth of hands passed, then with the blinds up to 500k/1m Xereles open-raised all in from middle position for 8,263,238. Then pistecaloze reraised all in for a little more from a couple of seats over, forcing folds all around.

Xereles had A♠9♠ and needed help against pistecaloze's T♦T♠. The 5♦J♥2♣ flop wasn't good for Xereles. And the T♥ turn was even worse, giving pistecaloze a set and making the river 2♠ no matter to end Xereles's run in ninth.

elmiami21 eliminated in eighth

Shortly afterwards the blinds were already up to 600k/1.2m when kekim1 shoved for more than 18.5 million from late position, then elmiami21 called all in for 2,927,660 from the big blind.

It was A♠5♣ for elmiami21 while kekim1 had picked up K♦K♠. The flop fell K♣2♥3♦ to improve kekim1 to a set of kings, but the 5♥ on fourth street did give elmiami21 an escape route with a gutshot to a wheel. But the river brought the J♣, and elmiami21 was knocked out in eighth.

The magnificent seven chop it up

The remaining seven players battled on for another orbit, then all agreed at least to discuss the possibility of making a deal regarding the remaining prize money. By then kekim1 had pushed into first place while SennaBoris had slipped back to (relative) short-stacked status.

And it was a lot of money to discuss, as the top seven spots collectively awarded more than $1.71 million! The fact that the average stack was about 12 big blinds at that point likely provided further encouragement to the deal-making idea.

"ICM" numbers were produced, yielding the following totals:

kekim1 (21,210,235 chips) -- $289,509.06
frma1103 (20,745,334) -- $286,880.00
pistecaloze (16,665,198) -- $261,354.00
GadMO (15,321,204) -- $251,844.09
1BigAceHole (12,800,925) -- $232,224.42
SennaBoris79 (8,613,444) -- $193,069.50
thinkfast9 (5,843,660) -- $160,816.59
Left To Play for -- $40,000.00

All but TJ "1BigAceHole" Ulmer quickly agreed to the proposed figures, then Ulmer suggested he desired a little more ($245k). However the others quickly made clear they were ready to play on rather than negotiate further, and Ulmer changed his mind and agreed to the deal as proposed.

In all it only took 10 minutes for the deal to be struck -- kind of a turbo-fueled bit of deal-making, considering seven individuals were involved -- and just like that cards were back in the air with a not-insignificant $40K still on the line.

SennaBoril79 sent out in seventh

Just a few hands later the blinds were 700k/1.4m when former chip leader SennaBoris79 raised all in from middle position for 5,313,444 and kekim1 repopped it from a seat over, scattering the rest.

SennaBoris79 showed K♣3♥ and kekim1 7♥7♣, and when the board came 6♥5♠5♦A♣5♥ kekim1 had a full house and SennaBoris79 was out in seventh.

A double-KO: pistecaloze put down in sixth, thinkfast9 thwarted in fifth

Two hands later a huge three-way preflop all-in situation erupted between GadMO, pistecaloze, and thinkfast9.

Following a GadMO opening 2x raise to 2.8 million from early position, pistecaloze shoved from the button for 3,989,273, then thinkfast9 reshoved from the big blind for 6,481,160 and GadMO called.

thinkfast9: A♥K♦
GadMO: 9♦9♣
pistecaloze: K♠J♣

The first three community cards came 3♣8♥2♥, and GadMO's pocket nines were still best. But the J♦ next arrived on the turn to give pistecaloze the best pair.

Then came the river... the 9♠! A set for GadMO, and knockouts of pistecaloze (in sixth) and thinkfast9 (in fifth).

GadMO gone in fourth

Alas for GadMO, that good fortune would last but two hands more.

On the very next hand kekim1 reraise-shoved a stack of more than 26 million, and GadMO came over the top for just a little more to force folds all around. GadMO had T♥T♣ and kekim1 Q♦J♦, and jacks appeared on both the flop and the river to give kekim1 trips and send GadMO down to fewer than 850,000 chips -- a little less than one small blind plus an ante.

All in automatically on the next hand from the SB, GadMO took T♣8♣ up against kekim1's K♦7♠, and when the board came 2♦9♣Q♦5♠2♥ GadMO said "gg guys" on the way to being sent railward in fourth.

Ace in the hole fails 1BigAceHole, stopped in third

The remaining trio battled on with frma1103 gradually pushing ahead with a little more than 50 million, kekim1 occupying second position with about 32.7 million, and T.J. "1BigAceHole" Ulmer third with just over 18.3 million.

With blinds up to 800k/1.6m, Ulmer open-pushed for 18,101,850 from the small blind and kekim1 called from the big blind. 1BigAceHole was taking his chances with an ace as he turned over A♣7♠, better than the K♦J♥ of kekim1 with five cards to come.

But the flop came K♥6♥Q♣ to pair kekim1's king, then the J♣ turn improved kekim1 to two pair. Ulmer still had hopes of seeing a saving ten on fifth street to make a straight, but the river was the 4♥ and they were down to two.

RSS readers click through to view replay

kekim1 KO'd in second, frma1103 finishes first

Heads-up play began with the two remaining players nearly even in chips as kekim1 had 51,284,332 and frma1103 49,915,668.

The pair would play seven hands without seeing a flop, during which stretch frma1103 nudged ahead by the slimmest of margins with 50,915,668 to kekim1's 50,284,332. Indeed, with the blinds up to 1m/2m, less than a small blind separated the pair.

That's when frma1103 opened with a raise to 4 million from the button, then kekim1 suddenly jammed that 50 million-plus stack and frma1103 just as suddenly made the call. It was a fitting, head-spinning sequence to come at the end of the fast-paced TCOOP series.

kekim1 showed a couple of face cards -- K♦J♠ -- and frma1103 A♦Q♦. The board came 3♠8♠5♦, then T♥, then 4♦, and the title was frma1103's.

RSS readers click through to view replay

Congratulations to frma1103 who in just five hours and 11 minutes topped a huge Main Event field of 5,060 to grab the title and a better than $326K payday! And kudos as well to the other six players who made it to the seven-way chop and thus all guaranteed themselves six-figure scores!

TCOOP Event #49 $700 NLHE Main Event (*reflects a seven-way deal):
1st: frma1103 (Sweden) -- $326,880.00*
2nd: kekim1 (Slovenia) -- $289,509.06*
3rd: T.J. "1BigAceHole" Ulmer (Canada) -- $232,224.42*
4th: GadMO (Israel) -- $251,844.09*
5th: thinkfast9 (Greece) -- $160,816.59*
6th: pistecaloze (Netherlands) -- $261,354.00*
7th: SennaBoris79 (Russia) -- $193,069.50*
8th: elmiami21 (Mexico) -- $42,061.25
9th: Xereles (Norway) -- $26,919.20

Entrants: 5,060
Prize pool: $3,364,900.00
Places paid: 675

With all 50 events of this year's TCOOP series in the books, go check out the full results and other stats from the series over on the TCOOP page.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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