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TCOOP 2013: GaggleoKings gains kingship in Event #10 ($11+R 3X-Turbo NLHE)

Action, poker, 3X-turbo and $610,340 was up for grabs to anyone willing to put up at least $11 in Event #10 of this year's TCOOP.

Aside from a 3X-turbo format, Event #10 also featured unlimited re-buys for the first 90 minutes and gave players the chance of adding-on after that. The cost? Another $11. Eleven dollars everywhere. The player who managed to outlast the 14,538-player field and take home the grand prize was GaggleoKings.

But 14,538 players pitching in $11 a piece didn't create the $610,340.00 prize pool. The thousands of entrants re-bought thousands of times. During the 90-minute re-buy period there were 39,453 re-buys and another 7,043 add-ons after that.

With so many players and re-buys, there were thousands of chips in play. Actually, there were millions, hundreds of millions.

When we got to the final table, Kimbalance was in the lead with 55 million of those chips. The final table chip leader got a large portion of those chips after bursting the final table bubble.

With 1.5M/3M blinds and a 375K ante, g0rynich moved all-in for 15,089,564 from under-the-gun. Action folded around to Kimbalance in the big blind, Kimbalance called.

g0rynich: A♣9♠
Kimbalance: A♠A♦

g0rynich was drawing slim and the 2♥K♠T♣J♦5♠ board brought no help for the final table bubble. g0rynich finished in 10th place and got $2,441.36 for the finish.

With g0rynich gone, Event #10 got down to its last nine players and final table.


The final table
Seat 1: 910suited33 -- 42,071,537
Seat 2: GaggleopKings -- 52,301,636
Seat 3: pama888 -- 35,507,600
Seat 4: unspass -- 16,858,119
Seat 5: karelli -- 49,686,153
Seat 6: Kimbalance -- 55,265,112
Seat 7: massiliimo -- 31,659,468
Seat 8: 1BigAceHole -- 54,646,833
Seat 9: onoxin1966 -- 33,391,552

Kimbalance squeaked into the lead, but the chip leader had several players in hot pursuit. But the player to grab a commanding lead was the shortest stack. unspass quickly went from short stack to chip leader with a double up and a back-to-back eliminations.

Pass the lead

With 2M/4M blinds and a 500K ante, unspass was fairly shortstacked with only 16 million. The Austrian short stack was the first player to move all in.

unspass was on the big blind and 1BigAceHole -- from middle position -- had just bet enough to put unspass all-in.

The rest of the players had already thrown their hands into the muck when unspass called and showed A♣Q♥ to 1BigAceHole's A♥T♦.

unspass was in the lead and the board ran 7♣6♣J♥Q♦T♥ to give the Austrian a double up. Armed with a stack of nearly 40 million, unspass was able to do some damage.

The blinds were 2.5M/5M and unspass raised to 12.5M from under-the-gun. 910suited44 was on the button and moved all-in for 28,821,537 when action reached him. unspass called and we had a flip.

unspass showed A♣K♣ and 910suited44 turned over J♠J♣. The 5♦8♠Q♥ flop kept 910suited44 in the lead, but a K♥ came on the flop and the coin fell in unspass's favor. The river was a 7♦ and 910suited44 became the first final table elimination, earning $3,662.04.

unspass then brought the tournament down to seven players the very next hand. 1BigAceHole open-shoved for 36,704,256 from middle position and unspass called from the big blind.

1BigAceHole showed A♦7♦, trailing behind unspass's A♥K♥. 1BigAceHole was hoping for sevens and diamonds but the T♣9♥4♠A♣3♦ board did not comply. 1BigAceHole was out in 8th and got 1BigCash worth $5,493.06.

unspass also became the massive chip leader with more than 110 million.

Rise of the king

pama888 joined unspass in the "100 million" club after nearly eliminating onoxin1966. pama888 moved all-in for 47,757,600 from early position and onoxin1966 called all-in.

pama888: J♣J♥
onoxin1966: A♠K♣

We had another flip and the coin would fall in favor of the pocket pair. The board ran 3♦8♥8♣5♦5♣ and pama888 was up to 102 million while onoxin1966 was down to only 2 million.

GaggleoKings then finished onoxin1966 off and took out karelli in the process:

onoxin1966 finished 7th for $10,680.95 while 6th place went to karelli, earning the Polish player $16,479.18.

GaggleoKings then took over the chip lead by doubling up through unspass. With 3M/6M blinds, GaggleoKings moved all-in for 76 million from under-the-gun. unspass called from the button and showed K♦K♠ to GaggleoKings's A♠Q♥.

GaggleoKings was at risk of leaving in 5th, but an A♥ came on the flop and gave the eventual champion 166 million chips instead.

Down to three

Kimbalance was now our shortstack and did what short stacks do: go all-in. Kimbalance moved all-in for 21 million from the button. massiliimo called from the small blind and Kimbalance turned over K♣7♠. massiliimo showed A♦5♦ for the lead, but the flop came 5♠4♦K♥ and Kimbalance hit a pair of kings.

Then the turn brought another 5, the 5♣. massiliimo hit three 5s and Kimbalance was out in 5th, taking home $22,582.58.

The blinds went up to 4M/8M and unspass was down to 21 million. unspass was also in the big blind and 8 of his 21 million chips were already in the pot. pama888 moved all-in for 87 million from the small blind and unspass called all-in.

Both players flipped over low cards. The sum of all four cards was barely old enough to rent a car. unspass showed 9♦8♣ and pama888 turned over 6♦3♠. The board came 3♦T♠6♠A♠T♦ and pama888's 6s and 10s took down the pot.

unspass was out in 4th and earned $28,685.98.


Both GaggleoKings and pama888 had about 100 million while massiliimo was in the lead with 160 million. After a few hands, GaggleoKings was down to about 90 million, pama888 was up to 130 million and massiliimo was sitting with about 150 million. They decided to make a deal.

Tournament staff paused play and crunched the numbers in the PokerStars Super Deal Computer.

The numbers came back and massiliimo was offered the most, $56,595.01. pama888 would get $55,145.90 and GaggleoKings would get $50,737.00. The final three players would fight for the title and an extra $8,000.

With the deal made, play didn't last very long. pama888 moved all-in right after the deal:

Heads up

Play was now heads up and massiliimo had a massive lead with 268,270,980 to GaggleoKings's 84,359,454.

Heads-up play lasted seven more hands and GaggleoKings won six of them. After winning the blinds a few times, GaggleoKings scored a game-changing double up.

With 4M/8M blinds and a 1M ante, GaggleoKings raised to 16M and massiliimo moved all-in for 268 million. GaggleoKings called and showed A♣K♦ to massiliimo's J♥4♦. The board came 9♣K♥T♥3♠6♥ and GaggleoKing's kings doubled the champ up to 206 million.

After another two hands of preflop pleasantries, we had the final hand of the tournament. massiliimo raised to 16M and GaggleoKings re-raised all-in for 205 million. massimiilo called and turned over A♠J♥ to GaggleoKings A♥3♠.

massiliimo was looking to avoid 3s, but the flop came Q♣8♠3♣. The turn was a 9♣ and the river brought a 5♠, eliminating massiliimo in 2nd place.

This made GaggleoKings the champion of Event #10. In addition to the agreed upon amount, GaggleoKings got an extra $8,000, bringing the total up to $58,737.00.

TCOOP Event #10 ($11+R NLHE 3X-Turbo) Results:

Entrants: 14,538
Re-buys: 39,453
Add-ons: 7,043
Prize Pool: $610,340.00
Places Paid: 2,025

1st: GaggleoKings (United Kingdom) -- $58.737.00*
2nd: massiliimo (Finland)-- $56,595.01*
3rd: pama888 (Lithuania) -- $55,145.90*
4th: unspass (Austria) -- $28,685.98
5th: Kimbalance (Russia) -- $22,582.58
6th: karelli (Poland) -- $16,479.18
7th: onoxin1966 (Russia) -- $10,680.95
8th: 1BigAceHole (Canada) -- $5,493.06
9th: 910suited44 (Canada) -- $3,662.04

* Denotes a three-way deal.

And that makes ten. While the speedy action of Event #10 has come to a screeching halt with GaggleoKings's victory, there's still about 40 more turbo events to go. Check out the TCOOP homepage to see which events fit your schedule.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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