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TCOOP 2013: Yaba smashes field and wins Event #2 ($55 NL Omaha Hi/Lo)

Canada's Yaba did not back down on the final table bubble. With action hand-for-hand, Yaba took on the chip leader and won a decisive pot in a double up to avoid elimination. That daring move propelled Yaba into the chip lead with ten to go. Yaba held the lead when the final table begun and proceeded to knock out three players en route to a victory in TCOOP Event #2 $55 NL Omaha Hi/Lo.

Today's menu served up Omaha Hi/Lo with a little twist. Full-blown no-limit. No betting restrictions. This is not your grandpa's nitty Omaha 8 game. This is not your daddy's PLO8 game. The future is now. No-limit Omaha Hi/Lo. No more training wheels. You can let it rip and shove at any time.

The second event on the first day of TCOOP attracted 3,144 runners. The top 396 players were worthy of sharing in the spoils of the prize pool, worth $157,200 with $24,759.40 set aside for the eventual champion.

One player noticeably absent from Event #2 was Kroko-dill. He's the only player eligible to become a PokerStars first Grand Slam champion. Kroko-dill is also among an elite group of players seeking a Triple COOP, or a victory in all three COOP events (TCOOP, SCOOP, and WCOOP). Speaking of the Triple COOP, Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer has three individual COOP titles (2 WCOOPs and 1 SCOOP), but he needs a TCOOP title to become the first-ever Triple COOP champion.


Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer seeking a Triple COOP

George Danzer played n Event #2 along with fellow PokerStars Team Online and Team PokerStars Pros like John Duhamel, Lex Veldhuis, Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, Roy "godlikeroy" Bhasin, Matthias "mattidm" De Meulder, and Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby.

The initial wave of casualties in the first hour included Duhamel, mement_mori, godlikeroy, and George Danzer. When Event #2 reach its second hour, Lex Veldhuis hit the road in 618th place.

Team PokerStars Pro De Meulder busted out in 489th place and missed the money. Aces was his downfall... De Meulder took A♥A♣T♠9♦ into battle against 3_Mr.PStar_3's A♠K♣J♥2♣ and anetus2000's A♦T♦5♠4♣. Two deuces on the flop secured the high hand for 3_Mr.PStar_3 with trips, but he also scooped when he dragged the low with 6-5-4-2-A.

Martin Hruby went the deepest out of his fellow Team PokerStars members but when action slowed down near the money bubble, he struggled with a below-average stack. The money bubble eventually popped and Hruby locked up a guaranteed cash, but succumbed in 220th place ($141.48).

With 100 to go, keeisr (Norway) held the lead with 576K. With 42 to go, keeisr dragged a massive pot and chipped up to 1.69 million, almost twice as many chips as second place. With 27 remaining on three tables, keeisr passed the 2 million mark but the chase pack caught up. With 18 to go, keeisr continued to have a grip on the lead with 2.2 million, yet sergioverde (Colombia) built up his stack to 1.7 million, which was good enough for second overall.

With ten to go and action at hand-for-hand, Yaba (Canada) leap-frogged into the top spot while keisr slipped to second place. Both players held around 2.5 million, but keeisr quickly regained the lead with 3.5 million. However, on the last hand before the final two tables consolidated, Yaba and keeisr went to a war. When the dust settled, Yaba shipped a 4.2 million pot and staved off elimination. Keeisr advanced to the final table but lost the precious lead he had held for most of the evening.

Ibragimfish (Ukraine) bubbled off the final table in tenth place. Ibragimfish's J♠T♠4♠3♦ lost to flushamflop's A♣Q♣3♣2♦, after flushamflop won with a better two pair.


Event #2 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Yaba (4,233,786)
Seat 2: chilenocl (1,115,351)
Seat 3: keeisr (1,188,634)
Seat 4: gbmantis (1,851,895)
Seat 5: deeppokit (799,396)
Seat 6: sergioverde (2,831,608)
Seat 7: lros (680,236)
Seat 8: sirglen237 (482,891)
Seat 9: flushamflop (2,536,203)

The final table commenced in the middle of Level 44. Blinds were 70,000 and 140,000 with a 17.5K ante. Yaba led with 4.2 million and sirglen237 was the shorty with 482K.

gbmantis eliminated in 9th place

The first knock out at the final table occurred on the seventh hand when flushamflop open-shoved for 1,286,203 and gbmantis called all-in for 801,544.

flushamflop: A♦8♥6♦2♠
gbmantis: A♠5♣4♦2♣

Although flushamflop held a slight lead pre-flop, the board ran out K♥T♥8♣T♦2♥. flushamflop hit an eight on the flop and won the pot with two pair (and without a qualifying low). Mexico's gbmantis became the first player to bust at the final table and collected $1,336.20 for ninth place.

deeppokit eliminated in 8th place

Short-stacked deeppokit moved all-in for 381,896 and keeisr called from the big blind. Tough time to get ambushed by cowboys because keeisr held K♠K♥4♦2♥ against deeppokit's K♣6♣3♣2♣. The board ran out A♥Q♠5♥T♦J♣ and neither player improved. Alas, keeisr's pocket Kings held up. New Zealand's deeppokit busted out in eighth place and earned $2,125.34.

With seven remaining, keeisr jumped into the lead with 3.7 million. However, it would only be short-lived before Yaba snatched it right back a couple of levels later.

lros eliminated in 7th place

Another short-stack made a stand when lros shoved for 207,736. Both sergioverde and keeisr called. Three-way pot. The flop was 6♦5♦3♥. When keeisr fired out 100,000, sergioverde insta-folded. Heads-up. keeisr showed J♥4♥2♦2♠ for a flopped a straight. Tough luck for lros and his A♣A♠Q♦8♠. The turn was the T♠ and the river was 3♠. keeisr scooped with a 6-high straight and a 6-5-4-3-2 low, while lros's Aces were snapped off. Denmark's lros collected $3,694.20 for seventh place.

sirglen237 eliminated in 6th place

Yaba threw his weight around and moved all-in for 2,603,902. Shorty sirglen237 made a final stand and called all-in with Q♣Q♥8♥5♣. It was a valiant effort against Yaba's A♠K♣8♦3♦. The flop was K♦Q♦5♦ and sirglen237 improved to a set of Queens, however Yaba flopped a flush and seized the lead. The turn was the 7♣ and the river was the A♥. The board did not pair for sirglen237 and Yaba scooped with a King-high flush and an 8-7-5-3-A low. Greece's sirglen237 busted out in sixth place and earned $5,266.20.

keeisr eliminated in 5th place

It two quick hands, keeisr met his fate. The first hand was not pretty when keeisr got creamed by Yaba's Aces. Both players bombed it all-in preflop with Yaba's A♥A♦7♠5♠ leading keeisr's A♠9♠5♦5♥. The board ran out K♣T♠2♦T♥Q♠ and keeisr failed to run down Yaba. Aces held up for Yaba and keeisr was crippled as Yaba re-seized the leave

On the very next hand, keeisr open-shoved for 655,343 with 9♦7♥4♠4♦ and chilenocl finished him off with A♣T♣7♦3♣. The board ran out K♠J♣8♥Q♠2♥ and chilenocl turned a straight to win the pot. Unfortunately, keeisr magnificent run had finally come to an end. Norway's keeisr collected $6,838.20 for a gutsy fifth-place performance.

With only four left in the hunt for the TCOOP title, Yaba sat on the lead with 6.7 million and flushamflop brought up the rear with 1.8 million.

flushamflop eliminated in 4th place

It didn't last four-handed very long... sergioverde shoved for 3,456,372 and flushamflop called all-in for 1,327,747. Everyone else got out of the way and sergioverde was ahead with A♥A♦7♣3♥ versus flushamflop's A♣8♥6♥2♠. The board ran out T♦4♦2♣T♥K♠. Austria's flushamflop finished with two pair (Tens and Deuces), but lost to sergioverde's Aces up and better two pair. For fourth place, flushamflop took home $9,039.00.


Yaba's big stack was worth 5.8 million, while chilenocl sat in second with 5.1 million and sergioverde took on short stack honors with 4.6 million. With three remaining, action was paused to discuss a deal. After a spirited debate, an agreement was reached: Yaba ($18,339.14), sergioverde ($17,191.13), chilenocl ($16,904.93), and with $3,000 left on the table for the eventual champion.

chilenocl eliminated in 3rd place

After the deal was reached, play resumed we saw instant fireworks. Yaba opened to 2 million, chilenocl shoved all-in for 4,192,961, and Yaba called. Yaba trailed with A♦Q♠7♠3♥ against chilenocl's A♣K♦8♠3♠. However, a Queen on the flop gave Yaba the lead. The board ran out Q♦9♠4♠8♣3♦. Yaba scooped with two pair and an 9-7-4-3-A low. Chile's chilenocl busted out in third place, but earned $16,904.93.

HEADS-UP: Yaba (Canada) vs. sergioverde (Colombia)
Seat 1: Yaba (11,498,381)
Seat 6: sergioverde (4,221,619)

Heads-up lasted 12 hands. It seemed like sergioverde was poised to make a run when he dragged a 4.9 million pot with a flush, but Yaba won it all back and then some on the next hand. That was sergioverde only and last chance to win it.

sergioverde eliminated in 2nd place: Yaba wins TCOOP title

Yaba didn't waste any time and shoved all-in for 11.3 million and sergioverde called. Yaba was in trouble with 9♣7♠5♥3♥ against sergioverde's K♠K♥9♥7♦. However, the board ran out 6♦3♦2♥8♠4♥ and Yaba rivered an eight-high straight. Yaba also scooped with a 6-5-4-3-A low. Unable to improve a pair of Kings, sergioverde was knocked out in second place.

For a runner-up performance, Colombia's sergioverde collected $17,191.13.

Canada's Yaba won the tournament and shipped a TCOOP title in Event #2. Yaba won $22,339.14 for first place. Congratulations to our newest champion.

Check out the final hand via the snazzy replayer:

RSS readers must click thru to view replayer

Event #2 $55 NL Omaha Hi/Lo - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 3,144
Prize Pool: $157,200
Payouts: 396

1. Yaba (Canada) - $22,339.14 **
2. sergioverde (Colombia) - $17,191.13 **
3. chilenocl (Chile) - $16,904.93 **
4. flushamflop (Austria) - $9,039.00
5. keeisr (Norway) - $6,838.20
6. sirglen237 (Greece) - $5,266.20
7. Iros (Denmark) - $3,694.20
8. deeppokit (New Zealand) - $2,125.34
9. gbmantis (Mexico) - $1,336.20

** Denotes a deal was struck among the final three players

For a complete schedule of events, results and other turbo-charged information, visit the TCOOP home page.

Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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