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TCOOP 2014: Zoom win for Zach Lou in Event #9 ($215 NL Hold'em Turbo Zoom)

Sometimes Turbo is not enough. On occasion there's need for even more explosiveness, and so, short of TNT, schedule planners add words that might help deliver. In the case of Event #9 of TCOOP 2014 that word was "ZOOM".

It may not have been the plan to get things wrapped up in good time before Saturday afternoon turned into Saturday night, but in four and a half hours 2,183 players were reduced to a winner, Zach Lou from Singapore. Right now he can either go out to celebrate his first TCOOP title, or stay in and look at the $63,045.35 resting in his PokerStars account. Both will feel like good plans right now.

Zach Lou came to the final table as one of the chips leaders and left with the lot, surviving swings that, with blinds so high and a structure so fast, inevitably made for a volatile finale.

tcoop9 final.jpg
The final table line-up of TCOOP Event 9

Here's how it looked at the start.

Seat 1: PlauZee (Germany) - 1,901,976
Seat 2: Pressor (Russia) - 3,463,780
Seat 3: Zyod (Germany) - 380,917
Seat 4: blunosedd (Australia) - 571,308
Seat 5: Richard "nutsinho" Lyndaker (Canada) - 642,444
Seat 6: Bykladjo (Russia) - 696,331
Seat 7: Pthelegend (Canada) - 433,898
Seat 8: ikillU2012 (Vietnam) - 371,050
Seat 9: Zach Lou (Singapore) - 2,295,796

With the big blind already at the 60,000 stage, only three players could claim any kind of breathing room and each, Pressor, Zach Lou and PlauZee had seven figure stacks. Pressor led after a 3 million chip pot with two tables remaining, but it was a final in which the lead was only ever temporary. But while they fought for the lead, others took to doing whatever they could to stay alive.

Pthelegend managed a double-up to turn peanuts into monkey nuts, while Zyod got his chips in with pocket queens to double through Pressor's ace-jack. Zyod would do the same again with tens minutes later, increasing his stack from around 300,000 to 800,000, this time at the expense of Zach Lou.

Bykladjo doubled his stack through Pthelegend with eights against ace-king, which marked the end of what chance Pthelegend had. Although when he found aces he must have thought otherwise.

That hand put ikillU2012 on the rail and sent PlauZee into the lead as the blinds shifted up another gear, the three initial leaders still out front.

Bidding for the role of "champion underdog" though was blunosedd who, thinking in terms of a remarkable comeback set about being blinded away. Going into the break with 63,000 on the big blind, he announced he would be all in. "Wish me luck!" he added, to which Zach Lou passed on his best. Others though had their eyes on the five grand bump his departure would mean for their pockets.

Blunosedd was all-in with three-eight off-suit. Zach Lou raised in middle position, Pressor tank-folded before Richard "nutsinho" Lyndaker, shoved with what little he had left with ten-five off.

So with Lyndaker gone, followed on the next hand by Bykladjo, blunosedd set about his miracle renaissance, which was not long in coming.

But this was a Turbo event and let's face it miracles rarely happen. So despite some brief euphoria it was blunosedd on the rail in fifth place five minutes later, calling Zyod's shove with ace-give with his own short-stacked king-deuce.

With four left Zach Lou, who had by now returned to the lead, albeit in the basis that nobody had many chips, suggested a deal. He got no answer but asked again. Still nothing, even when the big blind increased to 200,000, leaving even Zach Lou with just 16 to play with.

Pressor had ignored talk of numbers and had instead concentrated on acquiring what chips he could, doubling through PlauZee when his ace-seven bettered PlauZee's ace-deuce. That put him on 3.9 million, narrowly behind Zach Lou with 4.1 million.

Zach Lou would suggest numbers again shortly after Zyod departed in fourth place, moving in for 636,000 with queen-five of clubs. Zach Lou made easy work of him with queens, making it the ideal time to call for a negotiated finish.

Zach Lou - 4,821,256
PlauZee - 3,030,574
Pressor - 3,063,170

This time the others were keen to talk. With the big blind at 250,000 there was little between, although Zach Lou's edge earned him the bigger share, with $8,000 left in the middle.

Sometimes deals do little to speed things up. This was not one of those times. Pressor shoved, then Zach Lou, then Zach Lou again. Then PlauZee tried with pocket tens.

Heads-up Zach Lou held a big lead, some 8 million against around 2.8 million. Zach Lou, showing signs of having celebratory plans for his Saturday night, kept shoving. Pressor called and even won one. But only one. Seconds late it was all over.

With no shortage of swagger at the end, Zach Lou took the title and the cash in the middle, denying Pressor in what proved a brief heads-up clash. Congratulations to him on a great performance. Full results are below.

TCOOP-09: $215 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Zoom]
Entrants: 2,183
Prize pool: $436,600.00
Places paid: 288

1. Zach Loh (Singapore) $63,045.35*
2. Pressor (Russia) $49,301.57*
3. PlauZee (Germany) $49,195.08*
4. Zyod (Germany) $27,069.20
5. blunosedd (Australia) $19,647.00
6. Bykladjo (Russia) $15,281.00
7. nutsinho (Canada) $10,915.00
8. Pthelegend (Canada) $7,422.20
9. IkillU2012 (Vietnam) $4,147.70

* Denotes three-way deal

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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