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TCOOP 2014: AlexKP wins second TCOOP title; Binks Hyper-Turbo Event #23 [$215 NL 6-max]

Cheetah. Usain Bolt. Bugatti Veyron. Secretariat. Homer Simpson at a donut shop. Speed of light. All of those things are fast. Very fast. Almost as fast as TCOOP's hyper-turbo format with three-minute levels.

AlexKP is not a stranger to the winner's circle. The short-handed guru won a WCOOP event in 2010 (Event #1 $215 NL 6-max) and won a TCOOP event in 2012 (Event #37 $55 PLO 6-max). The Danish pro also narrowly missed a shot at winning multiple TCOOP events in 2012 with a runner-up finish in Event #47 ($2,100 NL Heads-up High Roller). All in all, those three performances netted AlexKP over $500,000 in prize money.

Flash forward to today. AlexKP found himself heads-up for his second career TCOOP title in Event #23 [$215 NL 6-max Hyper-Turbo]. When heads-up began against DavidPet1, AlexKP trailed 10.5 million to 4.4 million in chips. Despite the disadvantage, AlexKP held his ground in a fourteen-minute battle before finally delivering a knock-out blow. When the dust settled, AlexKP emerged as the newest TCOOP champion and added a second TCOOP title to his already impressive resume.

TCOOP Event #23 $215 NL [6-Max Hyper-Turbo] attracted 3,001 runners. They boosted the prize pool to $632,610.80. The top 390 places paid out with $99,638.00 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pros taking a shot at a TCOOP title included Theo Jorgensen, Matthias De Meulder, Christian de León, Vivian Im, Nacho Barbero, Johnny Lodden, George Danzer, and Mikhail Shalamov. PokerStars Team Online grinding it out in this event included Mickey 'mement_mori' Petersen, Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra, and George 'Jorj95' Lind.

The only notable to cash was mement_mori, who finished in 208th place. mement_mori got it all-in pre-flop with K♠J♦ and KaiserÖltözz called with T♠T♥. The board ran out A♠8♣2♠6♥2♦ and KaiserÖltözz tens held up. mement_mori hit the virtual rail in 208th, which paid out $537.71.

The money bubble burst in 48 minutes, only 18 minutes after late registration ended. The final table was set in just 100 minutes. The entire tournament would have been completed in under two hours, but there was a ten-minute pause in the action to discuss a deal with three players remaining.

Russia's jANJKE bubbled off the final table in seventh place after losing a race with K♥Q♥ against AlexKP's 5♠5♣. AlexKP actually rivered a set. With jANJKE eliminated, the final table of six was set.


TCOOP Event #23 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: wann2play (1,954,120)
Seat 2: Handebraken (2,610,261)
Seat 3: AlexKP (5,112,522)
Seat 4: sexygee (1,122,862)
Seat 5: DavidPet1 (2,435,590)
Seat 6: Nur1ck (1,769,645)

The final table commenced during Level 32 with blinds at 60K/120K and a 2,400 ante. AlexKP held the lead with 5.1 million, while sexygee brought up the rear with 1.1 million.

Nur1ck eliminated in 6th place

Someone made a quick exit, fitting for this hyper-turbo format. DavidPet1 min-raised to 240K, Nur1ck shoved over the top for 1,817,645 with K♥Q♥, and DavidPet1 called with A♠J♠. The flop was K♦J♣T♠. Nur1ck took the lead with a pair of Kings and picked up an open-ended straight draw. Meanwhile, DavidPet1 flopped a pair of Jacks and a gutshot Broadway draw. The turn was the 2♣, but the Q♣ spiked on the river. Nur1ck rivered two-pair, but DavidPet1 rivered a straight to win the pot. Australia's Nur1ck earned $11,304.75 for a sixth-place performance.

sexygee eliminated in 5th place

Short-stacked sexygee was the next player to meet their fate. Handebraken opened to 248,399, sexygee blitzed all-in for 1,122,862, and Handebraken called. Handebraken led with A♠Q♥ against sexygee's A♣T♦. The board ran out K♥8♥3♥Q♦4♠. Although sexygee turned a Broadway gutshot, sexygee whiffed on the river. Handebraken turned a pair of Queens, which held up to win the pot. For fifth place, sexygee collected $22,141.37.

wann2play eliminated in 4th place

Anther quickie bustout. DavidPet1 min-raised to 320K, wann2play bombed it all-in for 1,362,120, and DavidPet1 called. wann2play woke up with K♣K♦ against DavidPet1's A♦9♠. The flop was Q♠T♠6♠ and DavidPet1 picked up a four-flush draw. The turn was the 3♦ and the river was the 3♠. DavidPet1 rivered a Queen-high flush to win the pot. Alas, wann2play's pocket cowboys were cracked and he got flushed out in fourth place, which paid out $34,793.59.


With three to go, DavidPet1 held the overall lead with 5.8 million. AlexKP was second with 4.8 million and Handebraken was last with 4.3 million. Action was paused so the players could discuss a deal. No matter what, they had to leave $8,000 on the table to the eventual winner. ICM numbers were floated as follows: DavidPet1 ($75,088.25), AlexKP ($72,302.30), and Handebraken ($70,769.60).

AlexKP shot down the numbers right away. "I got 1.5 million in cashes on Stars plus won 2 TCOOP including the TCOOP high roller. Gonna want more than the ICM guys."

AlexKP was stretching the truth a wee bit. He actually won one TCOOP in 2012 but finished second in the TCOOP heads-up High Roller. However, AlexKP never mentioned his WCOOP title.

A tense negotiation quickly flared up. AlexKP felt he had an edge but he wanted DavidPet1 and Handebraken to accept less than the ICM numbers. Surprisingly, both players agreed on taking less money, especially the chip leader DavidPet1. They quickly reached a new deal with the adjusted numbers: DavidPet1 ($73,000), AlexKP ($76,160.15), and Handebraken ($69,000). Also, first place would be rewarded an additional $8,000. Play resumed.

Handebraken eliminated in 3rd place

DavidPet1, the min-raise machine, opened with another min-raise to 400,000. Handebraken didn't blink and jammed all-in for 2,957,123 with A♦7♦, and DavidPet1 insta-called with 5♦5♠. Coinflip. The board ran out K♥Q♣6♥8♣5♣. DavidPet1 rivered a set of fives, which was unnecessary because Handebraken failed to improve. For a third-place finish, Malta's Handebraken took home $69,000.

HEADS-UP: DavidPet1 (Czech Republic) vs. AlexKP (Denmark)
Seat 3: AlexKP (4,448,522)
Seat 5: DavidPet1 (10,556,478)

With two to go, DavidPet1 held the chip advantage over AlexKP. Heads-up lasted 68 hands, spread out over 14 minutes. The lead switched hands several times down the final stretch.

After fifty or so hands, both players were back to where they initially started. DavidPet1 attempted to knock out AlexKP. He bully-shoved with 9♦7♥ and AlexKP made a final stand with K♦8♦. AlexKP avoided elimination with a timely double up. AlexKP seized the lead 7.9M to 7M. However, DavidPet1 launched a counter-attack to regain the lead. AlexKP's stack dwindled down to 5 million, but that was as low as it would get for the rest of the tournament. AlexKP won back the lead after dragging five consecutive pots to surge to 9 million. DavidPet1 battled back and actually re-seized the lead 7.7M to 7.2M, yet lost it all in a mere two hands.

DavidPet1 eliminated in 2nd place; AlexKP wins second TCOOP crown

Going into the final hand, AlexKP held the lead 9.3M to 5.6M. Both players limped in. The flop was 7♥4♠3♦. AlexKP check-called 500,000 from DavidPet1. The turn was the 4♦. AlexKP check-called a 1 million bet from DavidPet1. The Q♠ fell on the river. AlexKP checked, DavidPet1 moved all-in for 3,561,268, and AlexKP called.

AlexKP: 6♥5♥
DavidPet1: 9♣4♣

DavidPet1 turned trip fours, but AlexKP flopped a straight. AlexKP's seven-high straight held up to win the pot.

DavidPet1 was knocked out in second place, which paid out $73,000.

Congrats to Denmark's AlexKP. First place in Event #23 paid out $84,160.15. This is his second TCOOP title and third overall COOP crown. AlexKP now needs a victory in SCOOP to complete a Triple COOP.

View the final hand in the re-player:

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TCOOP-23 $215 NL (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo)
Entrants: 3,001
Prize pool: $632,610.80
Places paid: 390

1. AlexKP (Denmark) - $84,160.15 **
2. DavidPet1 (Czech Republic) - $73,000.00 **
3. Handebraken (Malta) - $69,000.00 **
4. wann2play (Netherlands) - $34,793.59
5. sexygee (United Kingdom) - $22,141.37
6. Nur1ck (Australia) - $11,304.75

** denotes a deal among the final three players

Visit the TCOOP main page to see a schedule of remaining events and find out who is on top of the Leader Board.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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