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TCOOP 2014: AMasta89 Masterful in Event #19 ($215 NLHE Hyper-Turbo Sunday Supersonic)

If the TCOOP wasn't "turbo" enough for you then we really hope you played in Event #19 of the series. The Sunday Supersonic Special Edition was a $215 No Limit Holdem Hyper-Turbo that reduced a field of 3,235 to a winner in a tick over two hours of total game time. Yep, you can play some cards and still enjoy another 22 hours of your day! We're sure that Germany's AMasta89 enjoyed the rest of the day after taking the TCOOP title after a three-way deal netted a return of almost $87,000!

The prize pool was guaranteed at $400,000 but that was easily surpassed with the $681,938 prize pool divided among the top 414 players.

Andre Akkari, Adrienne Rowsome, Martin Hrubý, Max Lykov, Nacho Barbero, Andre Coimbra, Joe Cada, João Nunes, George Lind, Christophe de Meulder, George Danzer, Henrique Pinho and Marc-Andre Ladouceur were all in action representing Team PokerStars but fell short of the money. However they didn't suffer as much as zionzi from Brazil who was our bubble in 415th place, to narrowly miss the $381.88 min-cash.

Mickey Petersen (406th - $381.88), Tim English (358th - $402.34), David Yan (331st - $422.80), Christian de León (283rd - $490.99), Michael Fadersen (187th - $647.84) and Johnny Lodden (95th - $988.91) were just some of those to finish the day in profit but fall short of the TCOOP final table.

A double elimination during hand-for-hand play on the final table bubble would see reins77 (10th - $4,262.11) and blony_tair (9th - $5,796.47) both fall during the same hand to see our final table commence with just eight players:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: qbgoose (1,000,602 in chips)
Seat 2: CMoosepower (3,272,870 in chips)
Seat 3: AlexM666 (1,253,794 in chips)
Seat 5: AMasta89 (903,582 in chips)
Seat 6: Civell (2,362,267 in chips)
Seat 7: Steven "Zugwat" Silverman (2,576,835 in chips)
Seat 8: Kaggis (1,727,682 in chips)
Seat 9: Bambeklis (3,077,368 in chips)

With the hyper-turbo-charged blinds kicking off at 125k/250k/50k, there just wasn't any time to sit back and wait, so it was no surprise that we saw our first elimination just a few hands into play.

qbgoose moved all in from under the gun with A♠8♠ but CMoosepower made the call with a dominant A♦T♣. qbgoose was looking for some help but the J♠K♣Q♦ flop was disastrous as CMoosepower hit Broadway! The turn was the 5♥ and river 8♦ to add a little salt in the wound of qbgoose who picked up $9,219.80 for 8th place.

At this point AMasta89, was down to just over two big blinds but a double up with ace-nine against CMoosepower, would see AMasta89 head back in the right direction in the start of an amazing comeback.

It would be a bad three hands for CMoosepower, who went from chip leader to doubling up AMasta89 twice and AlexM666 once in successive hands.

However it would be Kaggis next to fall. Kaggis had just over three big blinds in middle position and moved all in with A♠5♦. Civell called in the big blind with J♥T♥ and connected with the board of T♦9♥6♣9♠2♥ to eliminated Kaggis in 7th place for $16,025.54.

Bambeklis lost a race with pocket fives against Zugwat's ace-seven to leave Bambeklis on the short stack, and when the blinds rolled around those last few chips were in the middle. Bambeklis had 9♣6♥ against AMasta89's K♦Q♠ which paired up on the board of Q♥A♦7♣3♥8♦. Bambeklis would take home $22,844.92 for 6th place.

The chips continued to fly with a key double up coming the way of AMasta89 when ace-king was too strong for CMoosepower's ace-queen to shift the chip lead to the German.

CMoosepower was crippled and all in next hand with 8♦5♠ against two opponents. AMasta89 held A♣K♣ again but it would be AlexM666 who would collect the pot with Q♥2♦ when the board fell 7♥Q♠5♥2♣6♠. AlexM666 was back in business as CMoosepower departed in 5th place for $29,664.30.

As the blinds continued to rise astronomically, the pressure again returned to AlexM666 who moved all in with A♥7♥ against Zugwat's K♦T♦. The board of K♥J♣4♣Q♥7♣ delivered a king for Zugwat to leave AlexM666 to head home in 4th place for a $39,211.43 score.

The three remaining players then agreed to pause the clock where a deal was struck. Zugwat held a healthy chip lead and took the lion's share with Civell the short stack, however there was still $8,000 in the middle and the title of TCOOP champion to play for.

Civell was unable to turn things around and was the next to depart. Civell had around six big blinds and moved all in with A♥J♦ with AMasta89 making a gambling call in the big blind with K♦8♦. The board of 5♣6♣9♦7♣Q♣ brought AMasta89 a straight for the knockout blow. A great run by Civell brought to an end in 3rd place for a post-deal amount of $69,910.52.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 5: AMasta89 (9,142,345 in chips)
Seat 7: Zugwat (7,032,655 in chips)

It looked like a tight contest but with the blinds at 300k/600k/120k there was only one move in the arsenal.

Unfortunately Zugwat pulled the trigger at the wrong moment.

On the very first hand of heads-up play, Zugwat moved all in with Q♦5♥, only to walk smack-bang into the A♠A♥ of AMasta89! The community cards did bring a scare on the turn, but ultimately the 4♥6♠T♣3♠K♦ board left AMasta89's aces to grab the win!

Zugwat received $88,000 following the deal, with AMasta89 running hot on the final table to come back from the short stack to win the TCOOP title and $86,907.17. Congratulations!

TCOOP-19: $215 Sunday Supersonic Special Edition (Hyper-Turbo) - $400k Guaranteed
Entrants: 3,235
Prize Pool: $681,938
Places Paid: 414

1. AMasta89 (Germany) $86,907.17*
2. Steven "Zugwat" Silverman (Canada) $88,000.00*
3. Civell (Belgium) $69,910.51*
4. AlexM666 (Russia) $39,211.43
5. CMoosepower (Denmark) $29,664.30
6. Bambeklis (Lithuania) $22,844.92
7. Kaggis (Norway) $16,025.54
8. qbgoose (Canada) $9,219.80
9. blony_tair (Germany) $5,796.47

* denotes three-handed deal

With 50 events and over $15 million in guaranteed prizes, don't miss out on your opportunity to get among the TCOOP action. Visit the TCOOP main page to see the full schedule of remaining events which run right through until February 2nd.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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