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TCOOP 2014: anuj22 draws low to win Event #12 ($27 NL 2-7 Single Draw)

Deuce-to-Seven is a throwback game to the golden old days of saloons and spaghetti westerns. While this lowball version isn't quite the same, it is still a 5-card draw poker game with one draw and no limit betting. These games do not pull in the massive fields of No Limit Hold'em tournaments but players who love the game, swear by the game.

TCOOP Event #12 was a $27 No Limit 2-7 Single Draw tournament and the 1,561 players easily surpassed its $25,000 guarantee with the top five players all set to earn a four-digit payout at the end of the day, not too shabby for a $27 buy-in. It took less than four hours for the field to shrink down to just a few remaining tables and one big name in the mix.

George "Jorj95" Lind was among the leaders throughout the later parts of the tournament and showed the skill necessary for consistent success in the non-Hold'em games. The Team PokerStars member has big results across multiple variants including a Stud Hi/Lo SCOOP title in 2012 plus a final tables during WSOP Omaha Hi/Lo and the Poker Players Championship 8-Game mix events.

Lind was unable to carry his chiplead over to the final table after a series of big second best hands. His one time healthy lead was quickly chopped up as the tournament shrunk to two table and the WSOP runner-up was eliminated in 11th place.

The elimination of Lind left a group of players all with relatively similar chipstacks once the final table was formed when madguesser was sent out in 8th place. F@ntom85 began the final table with the chiplead but only kanaris9 was in the danger zone with the rest hanging close to the top.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: harcsat6 (1,199,250 in chips)
Seat 2: jerostar (1,133,050 in chips)
Seat 3: F@ntom85 (1,451,866 in chips)
Seat 4: RozaMadder (1,301,134 in chips)
Seat 5: KiM_Godlike (934,790 in chips)
Seat 6: kanaris9 (767,017 in chips)
Seat 7: anuj22 (1,017,893 in chips)

Blinds: 30k/60k with 15k ante

KiM_Godlike does not run like God, eliminated in 7th

KiM_Godlike was not in a bad position at the start of the final but lost a big hand to RozaMadder to leave the Russian with less than five big blinds. kanaris9 began the first elimination hand with a min-raise under the gun and KiM_Godlike just called from the big blind.

KiM_Godlike then tossed away three cards only to see kanaris9 stand pat behind. It was as good a three card draw as KiM_Godlike could expect and pushed all-in with T♠8♣7♦5♣2♥ but was no good when kanaris9 called with 9♠5♦4♣3♦2♣. The hand pushed a few hundred thousand chips towards kanaris9 while KiM_Godlike was the first knocked off the final table in 7th place for $648.

harcsat6 stands pat, eliminated in 6th

While the chip distribution at the start of the final table was fairly equal, the early stages of play saw RozaMadder and anuj22 making big strides to pull away from the field. harcsat6 was down to 623k when he found a hand worth taking a shot.

kanaris9 once again was involved and began the action with a min-raise from the cut-off before harcsat6 shoved all-in. harcsat6 was first to act and stood pat with T♣9♣8♥4♦2♦ while kanaris9 drew a single card. harcsat6 had a good starting hand but was outdrawn when kanaris9 rolled over 9♦8♦6♣5♣3♦ for the better hand and the win while harcsat6 was the next eliminated in 6th place for $862.

F@ntom85 floats a draw, eliminated in 5th

The chips continued to flow in the same directions as F@ntom85 lost a major pot on the very next hand to RozaMadder to drop to 174,849 with blinds at 50/100k/25k ante. F@ntom85 was able to hold on for two more hands before putting the remaining chips in the middle.

kanaris9 and anuj22 called from the blinds before kanaris drew one card and anuj22 drew two. F@ntom85 was last to act and drew only one. kanaris9 rolled over a less-than-impressive A♣J♦T♦9♦3♣ and was just barely behind the King-high K♥9♣8♠5♠2♦ of anuj22. The one card draw of F@ntom85 obviously did not hit and the hand was mucked to send him out in 5th place for $1,150.

jerostar falls short, eliminated in 4th

The four players remaining were divided into two haves and two have-nots. RozaMadder and anuj22 continued to lead while jerostar and kanaris9 were being hit hard with the blinds. jerostar shoved all-in from the button after anuj22 raised to 275k from under the gun.

anuj22 called and both players liked their starting hands as the both stood pat with their option. jerostar was dealt T♦9♣7♣5♦2♠ for a strong starter when four-handed but anuj22 was able to show down one just a little better with T♠8♦7♦6♥2♣ for the pot. jerostar hung around the middle of the pack for most of the final table but eventually succumbed in 4th place for $1,651.

kanaris9 runs out of time, eliminated in 3rd

kanaris9 did well to make it to three-handed play after beginning the final table with the shortest stack among the remaining seven. This was mostly due to picking up big hands and getting involved with some elimination hands but eventually had to take a shot with the other two players holding big stacks.

kanaris9 found a worthy starting hand and open-shoved from under the gun and anuj22 called in the small blind. Both players drew one card and both hit a top hand. kanaris9 drew to 9♦8♥7♥6♦2♠ which is usually has a good chance to win but anuj22 drew better to show 8♣5♣4♠3♦2♦, #5 on the list of best Deuce-to-Seven hands. kanaris9 did well to climb the payout ladder but was sent out in 3rd place for $2,622.

The final two players were atop the leaderboard for most of the final table so it was no surprise that RozaMadder and anuj22 immediately paused the tournament to discuss a deal.

anuj22 dealt strong to win TCOOP Event #12

Seat 4: RozaMadder (3,043,434 in chips)
Seat 7: anuj22 (4,761,566 in chips)

It took just a few minutes of negotiation but the two were able to come to make a deal chopping up the top two spots in the tournament. Once the payouts were updated and play was back underway, it only took a few hands before anuj22 took command. The final hand was a cooler for RozaMadder and an unfortunate way to lose.

anuj22 raised to 300,005 from the button before RozaMadder shoved over the top only to get an instant call from anuj22. Both players stood pat and RozaMadder had to feel good with J♦9♥7♥5♥3♥ until anuj22 showed J♣9♠7♦4♠3♣ to out-pip the Ukraine. RozaMadder was the tournament runner-up in 2nd place for $4,267 while anuj22 picked up the title along with $4,982.

TCOOP-12: $27 NL Single Draw 2-7 (Turbo)
Entrants: 1,561
Prize pool: $38,322.55
Places paid: 210

1. anuj22 (India) $4,982.55*
2. RozaMadder (Ukraine) $4,267.94
3. kanaris9 (Norway) $2,622.41
4. jerostar (Austria) $1,651.31
5. F@ntom85 (Russia) $1,150.44
6. harcsat6 (Hungary) $862.64
7. KiM_Godlike (Russia) $648.03
denotes heads-up deal

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