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TCOOP 2014: Ati Jon aces Event #11 ($215 NLHE Heads-Up)

Before we turn our attention to the 2014 TCOOP's heads-up battle royale, let's rewind eleven weeks. Within an eight-day window in November, Kazakhstan's Agrobot_388Z amassed over $450,000 in tournament earnings. First, he came in second out of 32,000 players in the Red Spade Open, good for $225k, then won the Sunday Million the following weekend to double his take. Hi... poker gods? We'll have what he's having.

Fast forward to today. With another 1,655 players vanquished, Agrobot_388Z landed on the final table of TCOOP Event #11, a $215 NLHE heads-up affair. Up top was another $56,338 plus a second checkmark on the list of four majors that make up the coveted "Stars Slam" (WCOOP, SCOOP, TCOOP and Sunday Million victories). Standing in his way was Ukraine's Ati Jon, a turbo MTT specialist looking for his first major online title. Following a hotly contested final match, David's slingshot smacked Goliath in the eye as Ati Jon emerged victorious, denying Agrobot_388Z a TCOOP win.

1,657 players entered the 2014 TCOOP's sole heads-up event, creating a $331,400.00 prize pool that easily surpassed the $200,000 guarantee. Winning three matches took players to the final 256 and put them in the money, with first place set to turn their $215 investment into $56,338. Eight Red Spades joined the field including Martin Hruby, Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas, Felix "xflixx" Schneiders, Maxim Lykov and George Danzer. Three finished in the money: Johnny Lodden (152nd), Mickey "memento_mori" Petersen and (168th), and Liv Boeree, who went on a very deep run, winning seven straight matches.

ukipt brighton_day 1A_liv boeree.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree

With 60 players remaining, Boeree hit a T♥2♦2♠ flop holding A♦2♣. She raised Xibummmmm's 300 flop bet to 650 and got called before the 4♦ came on the turn. Xibummmmm fired only 200 into the 1,800-chip pot and Boeree called again. The 2♥ river made Boeree quad deuces and she couldn't have been more delighted to see Xibummmmm push all-in. Boeree called off her remaining 2,000 and doubled to 6,200. A short time later, her pocket queens held up vs. pocket eights to send her on to the Round of 32.

Boeree doubled when she made a great call on the turn with ace-high and the nut flush draw vs. her opponent's unimproved K♠T♦:

Boeree advanced to the Sweet Sixteen thanks to another pair of queens, which flattened RuskiiS4's 8♦9♠ in a pre flop all-in. However, in this case, the third time wasn't the charm for the British Team Pro. Holding 3,683 in chips with 60/120 blinds, Boeree picked up Q♥Q♠ and called thx4dahundro's four-bet shove. Thx4dahundro tabled A♣2♣ and didn't improve on the 8♣5♦3♦ flop. Boeree held on through the 6♥ turn, but thx4dahundro hit a three-outer and spiked the A♥ on the river to end her run in 11th place ($2,982.60).



Agrobot_388Z def. deanorobbo85

Agrobot_388Z took only eleven hands to defeat deanorobbo85. He won five of the first six hands to move out to 6,200 in chips before hitting running cards to make aces up and claim a 3 to 1 chip lead.

Four hands later, deanorobbo85 four-bet shoved pre flop with J♠J♣ and Agrobot_388Z called with A♦T♥. Once again, it took running cards for Agrobot_388Z to pull out a win, the board running out Q♦6♦9♥4♦9♦ to make him a flush. For eighth place, deanorobbo85 picked up $9,113.50.

Muflonchik def. densaya

By the time they reached Level 2, Muflonchik had already whittled densaya down to 875 in chips. Densaya doubled to 1,090 when K♥7♦ turned a pair of kings vs. A♦J♦. Two hands later, densaya doubled again to 2,600 when 5♥6♥ rivered a six-high straight vs. Muflonchik's queens up.

Muflonchick ground densaya back down to 990 in chips, then open-shoved with K♣2♥ at the 40/80 level. Densaya called with 7♣7♠, but had them snapped off when the flop fell K♠9♥4♣. Muflonchik rivered a deuce to make kings up and eliminated densaya in seventh place.

Ati Jon def. candonga

Ati Jon took a 3 to 1 chip lead after check-calling the flop and turn from position on a 9♥5♦4♥6♠ board. The river was the A♥ and Ati Jon checked a third time. Candonga bet 800 and Ati Jon shoved for 5,275. Candonga gave up his hand and Ati Jon moved up to 7,275 in chips.

Ati Jon maintained a 7 to 3 chip lead and punched his ticket to the semifinals when his A♥Q♦ flopped an ace vs. candonga's pocket eights following a pre flop all-in.

Origam1 def. thx4dahundro

Origam1 and thx4dahundro kept it competitive for the better part of four levels, leaving the pots small and the chip counts nearly even. With the blinds up to 50/100, thx4dahundro held a slight lead with 6,652 to 3,348 before Origam1 doubled to 6,700.

Origam1 clung to his slim lead until the 80/160 level, when the4dahundro opened for a min-raise to 320. Origam1 looked down at 6♥6♦ and moved all-in for 5,956. Thx4dahundro called with 5♥5♣. Thx4dahundro couldn't pull off a miracle and exited in fifth place while Origam1 punched his ticket to the semifinals.


Ati Jon vs. Muflonchik

These two traded the chip lead into the 50/100 level when Ati Jon hit an open-ended straight draw with K♣9♦ on a T♠8♠7♦ flop. Both players checked. The turn was the Q♥ and Muflonchik led out for 300. Ati Jon called and hit the 6♠ on the river to make his straight. Muflonchik checked, Ati Jon bet 700 and Muflonchip paid it off only to read the bad news. Ati Jon moved up to 7,546 while Muflonchik fell to 2,454.

Moments later, Ati Jon three-bet shoved pre flop with A♥Q♥ and Muflonchik called all-in with 5♥5♣. Ati Jon flopped an ace and moved on to the final match while Muflonchik took home $18,227.00 for fourth place.

Agrobot_388Z vs. Origam1

Agrobot picked up a 2,400-chip pot on the second hand and moved out to 8,597 in chips before Origam1 doubled to 2,806. All-in with K♣9♦ vs. Q♦Q♥, Origam1 flopped a king to snap off Agrobot_388Z. Two hands later, Origam1's 4♣4♥ held up against Agrobot_388Z's A♣6♦ in another pre flop all-in, doubling his stack to 5,492.

The two traded the chip lead until the 150/300 level. In an unraised pot, both players made middle pair on the J♣8♦2♣ flop. Origam1 check-called Agrobot_388Z's 300-chip bet. The turn was the 3♥ and Origam1 check-called another 503. Both players checked the 5♦ on the river. Agrobot_388Z's K♦8♠ won the kicker war against Origam1's 8♣T♦, good for the 2,200 pot.

Down to 1,914 in chips, Origam1 open-shoved holding T♣7♥ and Agrobot_388Z called with K♥Q♥. Although Origam1 flopped a seven, Agrobot_388Z flopped a queen and moved on to the final table. Origam1 hit the rail in third place, earning $18,227.00.


THE FINAL: Ati Jon vs. Agrobot_388Z

Ati Jon and Agrobot_388Z traded small pots and the chip lead throughout the first three levels. With the blinds up to 50/100, Agrobot_388Z check-raised a 9♦7♦2♣ flop to 444 and Ati Jon three-bet to 744. Agrobot_388Z gave up his hand and Ati Jon raked in the 1,288 pot. Moments later, the blinds now 60/120, Agrobot_388Z opened for a min-raise and Ati Jon called. Both players checked the T♠8♦4♣ flop. The turn came the 9♥ and Ati Jon fired out 350. Agrobot_388Z called and they went to the river. It was the 7♥ and both players checked it down. Ati Jon's Q♥7♠ was good and he picked up to 1,180 pot to move out to a 3 to 1 chip lead.

A few hands later, Agrobot_388Z looked down at A♥J♦ and four-bet shoved for 2,449. Unfortunately for him, Ati Jon was lying in wait with K♥K♠. The pocket kings held up and Ati Jon claimed his first TCOOP title:

Congratulations to TCOOP champion Ati Jon on a hard-fought victory. He banked $56,338 for the win, while runner-up Agrobot_388Z added another $29,826.00 to his bankroll.

There's still plenty more TCOOP ahead. Head over to the TCOOP page for a full schedule and satellite information.

TCOOP-011: $215 NLHE Heads-Up
Entrants: 1,657
Prize pool: $331,400.00
Places paid: 256

1. Ati Jon (Ukraine) $56,338.00
2. Agrobot_388Z (Kazakhstan) $29,826.00
3. Origam1 (Russia) $18,227.00
4. Muflonchik (Russia) $18,227.00
5. thx4dahundro (Canada) $9,113.50
6. candonga (Chile) $9,113.50
7. densaya (Russia) $9,113.50
8. deanorobbo85 (United Kingdom) $9,113.50

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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