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TCOOP 2014: chipov4ik chips up to victory in Event #22 ($82 FL Omaha H/L Turbo)

The Turbo Championship of Online Poker is moving towards the midway point of the series and Event #22 offered up another special tournament. The $82 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tournament had a healthy $50,000 guarantee which was easily surpassed long before late registration was closed for those looking to combine split pot games with the math fun of limit poker.

The tournament drew 1,113 players for a $83,475 prize pool and the winner schedule to receive just shy of $15,000 for the title. The turbo structure combined with the limit betting meant the tournament moved along at a brisk pace and ran its course in less than four hours. The field quickly made it into the money and the money bubble meant many players were left with just a few big bets for post-flop action.

Nothing could slow down the play as the levels continued to climb. By the time kimble83 was eliminated in 10th place to form the final table, the average stack was slightly more than six big bets. With stacks this shallow, it was no surprise the tournament played down from nine to a champion in less than 15 minutes.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Chaesi (280,922 in chips)
Seat 2: doxxeo (161,679 in chips)
Seat 3: chipov4ik (1,572,008 in chips)
Seat 4: cmax285 (835,938 in chips)
Seat 5: daxfut (422,658 in chips)
Seat 6: leps64 (212,915 in chips)
Seat 7: Aazelle2 (219,790 in chips)
Seat 8: 1MTM91 (509,292 in chips)
Seat 9: Amosov (1,349,798 in chips)

Limits: 50k/100k

leps64 gambles, eliminated in 9th

leps64 wasn't the shortest stack to begin the final table but was there quickly after a quick trip through the blinds. The Russian found a good spot to make a move after chipov4ik opened the action and daxfut called behind. leps64 put in a third bet, enough to go all-in, and was called by both chipov1k and daxfut for a possible triple up.

chipov4ik bet once again after the K♥J♠2♣ flop and daxfut moved out of the way. leps64 was looking for a lot of help with A♠8♠5♦3♠ against bottom two and gutshot draw of chipov4ik with A♥J♥T♥2♠. The Q♠ turn completed the straight for chipov4ik and left leps64 looking for one of the seven remaining spades in the deck. None of them materialized on the 7♥ river and leps64 was the first eliminate from the final table in 9th place for $959.

1MTM91 misses the river, eliminated in 8th

It took a few hands to get the knockouts on a roll but the elimination of leps64 kicked it in gear. Just two hands later the final table saw one of the few hands where the chips went in during the big bet portion of the hand.

1MTM91 opened the preflop action from the button and Amosov responded with a third bet from the small blind with only 1MTM91 staying around. Amosov bet again after the Q♦T♠5♦ flop and 1MTM91 called before the 8♦ turn. Amosov led out and 1MTM91 raised for less than half a big bet to see he was up against the nut flush A♦K♣6♦3♠.

1MTM91 was drawing dead to the high hand with A♥Q♥4♣2♦ and was left looking for the nut low. The Q♣ river left 1MTM91 with the second best trip Queens and was sent out in 8th place for $1,669.

Chaesi can't chase, eliminated in 7th

The quick string of big pots continued with the very next hand when chipov4ik opened under the gun and Chaesi followed up with a third bet. chipov4ik wasn't going anywhere and capped the betting, enough to put Chaesi all-in with the call.

Chaesi: K♣K♥8♥2♥
chipov4ik: A♦A♥6♥3♦

Chaesi was unlucky to run Kings into Aces and was in a worse situation after the Q♥7♣4♥ flop to give chipov4ik a nut flush and gutshot draws to the Aces. The river was unnecessary after the 5♠ for the straight and lock low. The pointless 5♣ came on the river and Chaesi was the second consecutive player eliminated, knocked out in 7th place for $2,504.

Aazelle2 next to take a shot, eliminated in 6th

Two straight hands, two eliminations and the third one followed suit with chipleader chipov4ik doing more of the heavy lifting with more pressure by opening from the cutoff. Aazelle2's third bet was for less than 20,000 and chipov4ik instantly called.

Aazelle2 was in a virtual coin flip with A♣9♣9♠5♦ against A♦T♣6♦2♦ and little changed with the J♦5♥2♣ flop. The turned 2♥ was a big hit to Aazelle2 leaving just four outs to win and stay alive. None of those outs hit the river and the 4♦ gave chipov4ik another scoop while Aazelle2 was eliminated in 6th place for $3,339.

doxxeo gets wrapped, eliminated in 5th

The quick elimination of three straight players at the final table made the four hand stretch until the next knockout seem like a marathon. It was also the only time during late action where talk of a deal would occur, with no results.

Even while one player was asking about looking at numbers, there was still some action to distract. daxfut raised from the button with Amosov coming along in the small blind and micro-stacked doxxeo in the big. doxxeo bet the last 41,679 after the A♣Q♥3♦ flop and the other two players called before the 6♣ turn. Amosov and daxfut checked to see the T♥ river and Amosov led out, putting daxfut to a long decision before calling.

Amosov showed K♠J♠T♦2♦ for the flopped wrap draw which completed on the river. daxfut mucked his hand and was left with just 13k while doxxeo also mucked a losing hand to be the next out in 5th place for $4,173.

daxfut blinds down, eliminated in 4th

The previous hand left with just 13k with blinds at 40k/80k and managed to last a few hands before automatically being all-in from the big blind. chipov4ik called from the button and cmax285 completed in the small blind to see the A♦Q♥6♦ flop. The two players with chips both checked before the 6♥ turn and they both checked again.

cmax825 clicked check after the T♠ before chipov4ik took the initiative with a bet to drive cmax825 out of the hand. daxfut was ahead until the river with 6♣4♦3♠2♣ and was unlucky to lose against J♦T♦T♣7♣. daxfut did well to advance during the final table but was eliminated in 4th place for $5,926.

cmax285 maxes out, eliminated in 3rd

The pace of players exiting the tournament allowed the chipstacks to gain a little advantage over the turbo format and three-handed play had the longest stretch without an elimination at the final table. The three remaining players saw 23 hands dealt before two players found hands to go.

Chipleader chipov4ik raised from the small blind then just called after cmax285 put in a third bet from the big blind. chipov4ik pulled a rare check-raise after the J♥J♦6♠ flop prompting cmax285 to put in his last 9,614 with the third and final bet.

cmax285 was in a lot of trouble with 9♦9♠4♠2♥ and chipov4ik flopping the near mortal nuts with K♦J♣6♦2♦. cmax285 picked up more than a few chop outs to the low hand on the 8♣ turn but missed picking up half of the pot thanks to the T♦ river.

chipov4ik hits it hard to win Event #22

Seat 3: chipov4ik (4,293,490 in chips)
Seat 9: Amosov (1,271,510 in chips)

The final heads up battle was between two Ukrainian grinders with chipov4ik holding a near 4-to-1 chiplead. Amosov did little to change the status and the tournament was complete in seven hands with some chopped pots in the mix.

Amosov was down to just 321,510 and three-bet the open from chipov4ik. Four bets was enough to get all of Amosov's chips in the middle in with a slight lead in the hand Q♣T♥5♦4♠ against 9♠8♥7♠3♦. The possible double took a big hit when chipov4ik stormed ahead with the J♦T♠8♦ flop. The Q♥ turn improved chipov4ik's straight and left Amosov looking for a four-out full house.

No miracle when the river came 8♠ and Amosov was sent out in 2nd place for $10,061 while chipov4ik earned $14,592 for the TCOOP title.

TCOOP-22: $82 FL Omaha H/L (Turbo)
Entrants: 1,113
Prize pool: $83,475
Places paid: 144

1. chipov4ik (Ukraine) $14,592.01
2. Amosov (Ukraine) $10,601.32
3. cmax285 (Austria) $7,930.12
4. daxfut (Austria) $5,926.72
5. doxxeo (Croatia) $4,173.75
6. Aazelle2 (Switzerland) $3,339.00
7. Chaesi (Switzerland) $2,504.25
8. 1MTM91 (United Kingdom) $1,669.50
9. leps64 (Russia) $959.96

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