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TCOOP 2014: christo7777 stud-master with victory in Event #26 [$27 Stud]

Turbo-charged final table. Lasted a mere 17 minutes and 20 overall hands. Heads-up? Decided in a single hand. That's how quickly christo7777 liquidated the competition at the final table. Impressive feat considering the game was limit Seven-card Stud and not something crazier like PLO or short-handed NL.

TCOOP Event #26 $27 Stud attracted 1,933 runners. The guarantee kicked in for this Stud event. Yes, we experienced a rare overlay in the TCOOP series. The total prize pool was $50,000.00 with $8,700 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pros taking a shot at a TCOOP title included Andre Akkari, George Danzer, Marcel Luske, Henrique Pinho, and Nacho Barbero. The only member of Team Online in this event was Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, who happened to be one of the notables who cashed. Petersen finished in 157th place.

Norway's paaskebaesen bubbled off the final table in ninth place after making a final stand with 8♦8♥K♠4♠7♠K♦9♠ against daddikos' 3♣A♠A♦7♥6♦9♦7♦. daddikos dragged the pot with a better two pair -- Aces and sevens vs. Kings and Eights. With paaskebaesen eliminated, the final table of eight was set.


TCOOP Event #26 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: I have 2 AAs (2,165,250)
Seat 2: crista92 (677,740)
Seat 3: Afterpub (800,320)
Seat 4: CharismA3 (920,656)
Seat 5: Radinovich (950,026)
Seat 6: OtteKing (713,715)
Seat 7: daddikos (2,074,338)
Seat 8: christo7777 (1,362,955)

The final table commenced during Level 38 with blinds at 160K/320K. I have 2 AAs was out in front with 2.1 million, while crista92 was the shorty with 677K.

daddikos eliminated in 8th place

This was a rapid-fire final table. A player busted immediately. daddikos raised to 200,000 with A♠, I have 2 AAs re-raised to 400,000 with 5♥, daddikos bumped it up to 600,000, and I have 2 AAs called. On fourth street, daddikos bet 200,000 with (x-x)A♠K♥ and I have 2 AAs called with (x-x)5♥6♣. On fifth street, daddikos bet 400,000 with A♠K♥6♦, I have 2 AAs raised to 800,000 with (x-x)5♥6♣4♠, and daddikos called all-in for 290,338. The boards finished up...

I have 2 AAs: 7♥A♥5♥6♣4♠8♦3♥
daddikos: J♣T♣A♠K♥6♦8♥4♣

daddikos missed a Bradway gutshot draw and never improved beyond Ace-high. I have 2 AAs made an eight-high straight on sixth street, which was good enough to win the pot. Russia's daddikos became the first player to exit at the final table and earned $500.00 for an eighth-place finish.

OtteKing eliminated in 7th place; Radinovich eliminated in 6th place

Two bustouts in the same hand. christo7777 opened to 400,000 with A♦, Radinovich raised to 600,000 with 8♠, short-stacked OtteKing called all-in for 37,715 with 6♦, and christo7777 called. Three-handed. On fourth street, Radinovich moved all-in for his remaining stack of 46,026 with (x-x)8♠K♣ and christo7777 called with (x-x) A♦J♦. The boards ran out:

Radinovich: J♣J♥8♠K♣4♣3♠5♥
christo7777: 3♦6♣A♦J♦4♦3♣2♦
OtteKing: 6♠Q♠6♦7♥A♣7♦Q♦

Radinovich only improved to a pair of Jacks and OtteKing could only muster up two pair -- Queens and sevens. christo7777 won both the main pot and the side pot with a Ace-high flush and knocked out both players. For a seventh-place finish, OtteKing earned $1,000.00. For sixth place, Radinovich took home $1,500.00.

With five to go, I have 2 AAs held the lead with 3.7 million and crista92 was clinging to life with 373K.

CharismA3 eliminated in 5th place

Another three-way hand with two stacks all-in. Narrowly missed another double-elimination. This time, one of the short stacks doubled up and only one player went home. crista92 opened to 200,000 with T♣, Afterpub bumped it up to 400,000 with Q♦, CharismA3 three-bet to 600,000 with 7♠, crista92 re-raised all-in for 787,480. Betting was capped so Afterpub and CharismA3 both called. On fourth street, crista92 improved to a pair of tens with (x-x)T♣T♥. Afterpub's (x-x)Q♦T♠ checked-called a 400,000 bet from CharismA3 with (x-x)7♠3♥. On fifth street, Afterpub checked, CharismA3 bet 400,000 with (x-x)7♠3♥4♠, Afterpub raised to 800,000 with (x-x)Q♦T♠A♣, and CharismA3 called all-in for 61,832. crista92 still led with a pair of tens and (x-x)T♣T♥3♠. The rest of the boards finished up:

Afterpub: J♦A♥Q♦T♠A♣8♠3♦
CharismA3: A♦A♠7♠3♥4♠8♦5♣
crista92: 3♣K♣T♣T♥3♠4♥7♣

crista92 tripled up and won the main pot with two pair -- tens and treys. Afterpub won the side pot with a pair of Aces and an Queen-kicker, while CharismA3's pair of Aces and an 8-kicker was not good enough to stave off elimination. Germany's CharismA3 was knocked out in fifth place which paid out $2,500.00.

Afterpub eliminated in 4th place

Fireworks happened on fifth street. Afterpub checked with (x-x)Q♦J♠4♠, christo7777 bet 500,000 with (x-x)6♣5♦4♦, Afterpub raised to 1 million, christo7777 re-raised to 1.5 million, and Afterpub called all-in for 152,672. The boards ran out:

Afterpub: Q♥6♥Q♦J♠4♠2♥9♣
christo7777: 6♠3♣6♣5♦4♦6♦K♥

christo7777 was awarded the pot with trip sixes. Afterpub's pair of Queens were no good. Afterpub collected $3,500.00 for fourth place.

crista92 eliminated in 3rd place

Short-stacked crista92 was all-in on third street against I have 2 AAs. The board finished up:

I have 2 AAs: A♥A♠2♦T♥4♦6♥6♦
crista92: 8♣7♥A♦4♣J♠Q♥J♥

I have 2 AAs really had two Aces and dragged the pot with two pair -- Aces and sixes. crista92 made a final stand with a pair of Jacks, which was not good enough to win. For a third-place finish, crista92 earned $4,750.00.

HEADS-UP: christo7777 (Cyprus) vs. I have 2 AAs (Denmark)
Seat 1: I have 2 AAs (3,227,648)
Seat 8: christo7777 (6,437,352)

With two remaning, christo7777 held a 2-1 advantage. Heads-up lasted one hand. If you blinked, you might have missed it.

I have 2 AAs eliminated in 2nd place; christo7777 wins TCOOP Event #26

All the money went in on sixth street. christo7777 was ahead with a pair of deuces and (x-x)J♦2♥2♦3♥ against I have 2 AAs nine-high with (x-x)3♣5♥6♠9♦. christo7777 fired out 500,000, I have 2 AAs bumped it up to 1 million, christo7777 re-raised to 1.5 million, and I have 2 AAs called all-in for 177,648. On seventh street, the players tabled their hands:

I have 2 AAs: 9♣4♠3♣5♥6♠9♦A♠
christo7777: T♥T♠J♦2♥2♦3♥Q♦

christo7777 won the pot with two pair -- tens and deuces, while I have 2 AAs lost the pot with a pair of nines. Although I have 2 AAs picked up an open-ended straight draw on fifth street, he failed to improve and busted out in second place.

For a runner-up performance, I have 2 AAs earned $6,212.00.

Congrats to christo7777 from Cyprus, who earned $8,700.00 for winning TCOOP Event #26.

View the final hand in the replayer:

RSS players must click through to view replayer

TCOOP-26 $27 Stud (Turbo)
Entrants: 1933
Prize pool: $50,000
Places paid: 256

1. christo7777 (Cyprus) - $8,700.00
2. I have 2 AAs (Denmark) - $6,212.00
3. crista92 (Greece) - $4,750.00
4. Afterpub (Germany) - $3,500.00
5. CharismA3 (Germany) - $2,500.00
6. Radinovich (New Zealand) - $1,500.00
7. OtteKing (Netherlands) - $1,000.00
8. daddikos (Russia) - $500.00

Visit the TCOOP main page to see a schedule of remaining events and find out who is on top of the Leader Board.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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