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TCOOP 2014: Macieq endures ups and downs to win Hi Lo Event #14 ($82+R NL Omaha H/L, 6-Max)

With just two tables remaining it was becoming obvious that Event 14, an Omaha Hi/Lo contest, was moving along at a much faster clip than expected, which in general is considered standard for a good TCOOP finale.

So as the clock ticked on and things came to a pass ahead of schedule, play would be divided between the haves and the have-nots. While two players sat comfortably on seven figure stacks, the others looked for an opportunity to get back into the thick of it. No such opportunity presented itself in the half hour it took to wrap the event up.

Freed from the restrictions of penury however, was eventual winner Macieq, one of the early leaders, who calmly took advantage of others' plight to win his first TCOOP title and a first prize of $33,545.79.

TCOOP 14 final.jpg
The final table of Event 14 gets underway

Here's how things looked 27 minutes earlier.

Seat 1: trelskig (Canada) - 838,017
Seat 2: RCAMDESSUS (Argentina) - 2,369,985
Seat 3: Macieq (Poland) - 3,609,488
Seat 4: TheBrain35 (Germany) - 464,469
Seat 5: Mitorun (Russia) - 702,789
Seat 6: luckys luke (Germany) - 358,002

The Hi/Lo concept presents a particular dynamic to a poker game. While in regular hold'em for example, or Omaha, a shove will result in one of two outcomes, either a double up or an elimination. Hi/Lo works a little differently, often with a blink-and-you'll-miss it division of chips as high hands, and low hands are examined and compensated before you've had chance to look at the board. Put all that online and you're lucky to make sense of any of it, or you would be had the re-player not been invented.

So as trelskig joked about a six-way chop luckys luke got to work turning around his miserable short-stacked plight. First he shoved against Macieq, winning the Hi, before trying again two minutes later against RCAMDESSUS, with altogether different results. His hand of A♠ J♦ 9♦ J♥ in the small blind was no good against RCAMDESSUS's 2♣ 3♣ A♥ Q♠, which was good for the Hi and the Lo. Not-so-luckys Luke.

TheBrain35, playing the event on a smartphone - presumably while commuting or in church -- was next to wrestle his fate, securing a big double up in a three-way hand with RCAMDESSUS and Macieq which resulted in TheBrain35 waking up with Hi and Lo, effectively turning his stack of 279,000 into more than 850,000.

Not so Mitorun when he tried something similar on the next hand. The former SCOOP winner got his chips in against RCAMDESSUS.

Back from the break trelskig, who would make a habit of it as the final progressed, shoved from the button with 645,000, securing a double up against Macieq in the big blind. With no Lo trelskig's tens and sixes took him up to more than 1.3 million, although Macieq's 3.4 million was still good for the overall lead.

More shoves would follow, with TheBrain35 and trelskig moving in, the latter three times, each time with stalemate. Cottoning on, the others then seemed to stop calling, denying them any opportunity for expansion, until TheBrain35 finally ran into a hand.

That left things three-handed, with Macieq out to a convincing lead with the big blind now at 120,000.

Macieq - 4 million
RCAMDESSUS - 2.4 million
trelskig - 1.7 million

Everyone now tried the all-in shuffle, first trelskig (unanswered), then Macieq (declined), and then RCAMDESSUS, who was called by Macieq who would double up the Argentinian.

Trelskig was now clearly in want of help and called all-in Macieq's three-bet shoved seconds later.

It left Macieq with a two-two-one lead going into the heads-up phase, which he set about extending, in readiness for a battle of attrition. He needn't have worried. It was all over quickly and painlessly.

Well perhaps not painlessly for RCAMDESSUS, the chip leader coming into the final. But it was a noble second place. For Macieq however, the spoils. A first TCOOP title and $33,545.79. Full results are detailed below.

TCOOP-14: $82+R NL Omaha H/L [6-Max, Turbo]
Entrants: 813 (1,305 re-buys, 419 add ons)
Prize pool: $190,275.00
Places paid: 102

1. Macieq (Poland) $33,545.79
2. RCAMDESSUS (Argentina) $24,735.75
3. trelskig (Canada) $19,027.50
4. TheBrain35 (Germany) $13,319.25
5. Mitorun (Russia) $9,513.75
6. luckys luke (Germany) $5,708.25

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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