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TCOOP 2014: Melwax waxes the field in Event #5 ($27 PLO 6-Max 2R1A)

The 2014 Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) rolled into the weekend on the second day of play with a popular variant of the game. Players love to gamble it up in Pot Limit Omaha, throw in the 6-Max Turbo format and there was a steady stream of grinders getting their chips in the middle. They were also given the opportunity to rebuy two times in the first 90-minutes of the tournament plus an add-on when the rebuy period was over.

The tournament drew 2,964 players who hit the rebuy button 3,509 times but only 758 of them were around long enough for the optional add-on. Even with the fast pace of play, it still took the field over four hours to hit hand-for-hand play on the final table bubble. SuPerNeo1971 was the unfortunate player to bust out in 7th place and the six remaining players had their last table change of the tournament.

Melwax began the final table with the chiplead and the pace of play once again picked up. They may have slowed down as the tables decreased by those six players were done the tournament in less than 30 hands.


Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: easywithaces (3,800,156 in chips)
Seat 2: for1aN2 (3,385,754 in chips)
Seat 3: bokkie87 (4,354,728 in chips)
Seat 4: Sh4tterhand (3,144,506 in chips)
Seat 5: Melwax (12,396,197 in chips)
Seat 6: jorhos (9,073,659 in chips)

Blinds: 250k/500k

Sh4tterhand shuts the door, eliminated in 6th

Sh4tterhand began the final table with the shortest stack and lost ground on the rest of the field when next smallest for1aN2 hit an early double-up. While the table contemplated looking at the numbers for a deal, Sh4tterhand took shot with a pot-sized raise under the gun with only for1aN2 calling from the small blind.

Sh4tterhand was left with just over one big blind when the flop came out K♦6♣3♣ and for1aN2 bet enough to put them in the middle. Sh4tterhand called with A♥A♣J♣8♦ and was looking great for the double-up against Q♣J♦9♦2♣ as a near 90% favorite with a pair of Aces and nut flush draw.

The J♠ on the turn improved for1aN2's odds before the 2♠ river completed the bad beat Jacks up to send Sh4tterhand out of the tournament in 6th place for $3,172.

easywithaces find Jacks, eliminated in 5th

It took nearly two full orbits to drop the first player at the final table but just three more hands before the next player took their shot. easywithaces was holding just over three big blinds before three betting all-in after a jorhos pot-size bet. jorhos called with J♣6♠5♠4♥ and was behind the J♦J♥9♦8♣ of easywithaces.

easywithaces stayed ahead on the K♦Q♣9♠ flop as another 90% favorite. The turn and river were once again unkind at the final table as the board completed with the 6♣ and 6♥ to give jorhos running trip sixes for the win. easywithaces was all-in with the best chance to double but was knocked out in 5th place for $6,213.

bokkie87 bounced, eliminated in 4th

The remaining four players were finally able to agree to a discussion of a deal looking at the numbers from every possible angle. After an extended negotiation, they had a deal with chipleader for1aN2 getting the biggest part of the deal leaving $2,000 behind for the winner.

Short stacked bokkie87 wasted no time going for the extra payout as he was already set to make more than $6,000 over the schedule 4th place payout. jorhos opened the action and bokkie87 responded by shoving all-in from the big blind with K♣J♥9♣5♥ and was up against K♥J♦4♣2♣. Neither player hit the A♠T♣8♣ flop but both picked up the same gut short Broadway draw but bokkie87 was also looking at the better flush draw.

jorhos jumped into the lead with the bottom pair 2♦ turn leaving bokkie87 with 15 out to stay alive. The 8♠ was not one of those outs and bokkie87 was sent out in 4th place for $16,070.

for1aN2 gets waxed, eliminated in 3rd

for1aN2 received the biggest slice of the four-handed deal but those chips didn't last long and was all-in on the very next hand. The Dutch grinder was set to earn nearly 20 grand so likely wasn't sweating the collapse. for1aN2 opened the action with a pot-sized bet on the button before Melwax came over the top all-in from the small blind.

for1aN2 called the bet with T♣6♦5♣4♠ and needed a lot of help against Q♣Q♦T♦8♣ but drawing almost dead when the flop came Q♥J♦2♦. Any chance off running suckout cards ended with the 2♣ turn and the pointless 9♦ sent the former chipleader out in 3rd place for $19,196.

Melwax goes wire-to-wire to win TCOOP Event #5

Seat 5: Melwax (19,712,211 in chips)
Seat 6: jorhos (16,442,789 in chips)

Melwax began the final table with the chiplead and completed the tournament at the top. The final table only lasted a half dozen hands after the four player deal with half of those hands occurring during heads-up action. Three hands was all it took.

Melwax took command with an 18,000,000 chip pot on the second hand before jorhos three bet all-in on the third. jorhos had a great chance to get back in the match with A♥K♦9♦4♥ against A♦T♠5♣4♦. Melwax was not to be denied by jumping far ahead on the T♦6♠4♠ and jorhos was left with just four outs after the 7♥ turn.

The tournament ended with the 2♣ river and jorhos was eliminated as the runner-up for $18,349 while Melwax became the latest TCOOP champion along with picking up $19,612.

TCOOP-05: $27 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max (2R1A)
Entrants: 2,964 (3,509 re-buys, 758 add-ons)
Prize pool: $177,521.05
Places paid: 309

1. Melwax (Sweden) $19,612.54*
2. jorhos (Czech Republic) $18,349.37*
3. for1aN2 (Russia) $19,196.95*
4. bokkie87 (Netherlands) $16,070.37*
5. easywithaces (Ireland) $6,213.23
6. Sh4tterhand (Germany) $3,172.30
denotes 4-way deal

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