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TCOOP 2014: Super win for superh0ld in Event #21 ($27 NLHE 4-Max Turbo)

One double-up can make all the difference. Superh0ld did it early at the final table to soar in front of the other three players, and it was enough to not only gain momentum but increase it. The confidence that comes with a solid lead, as well as the motivation to grab that extra $3,000 from the chop, was combined with skillful play to give the Hungarian a quick victory in the 2014 TCOOP.


Event 21 of the 2014 Turbo Championship of Online Poker offered a 4-Max option for No Limit Hold'em players. The strategy for such short-handed tables needed to be a specific one, and the turbo structure of five-minute levels added another dimension to it. One might think that a small number of people would be interested in such a tournament, but the $24.55+2.45 buy-in and $150K guarantee brought in quite the crowd!

The final numbers showed the guarantee left in the dust for a much larger prize pool:

Players: 8,793
Guarantee: $150,000.00
Prize pool: $215,868.15
Paid players: 1,100

The members of Team PokerStars who played this event didn't make it into the money, though many were otherwise occupied with the festivities going on at EPT Deauville. That left plenty of room for the rest of the field to become stars in their own right.

At the four-hour mark, the field was reduced from four tables to three, at which point play slowed a bit. But after monstron79 exited in seventh place, the official final table bubble was in play. It didn't take long for Wagnao to push all-in with T♦9♦ in the small blind, and Zipppppp147 called from the big blind with K♣2♦. The board of Q♦4♦6♠J♥5♥ was utterly blank, so the king-high played to eliminate Wagnao in sixth place with $1,891.10.

ReBorn010513 with initial lead

Final table play began with these players chip counts:

Seat 1: superh0ld (9,432,986 in chips)
Seat 2: squire1888 (9,450,774 in chips)
Seat 3: KursMarina (2,993,764 in chips)
Seat 4: Zippppppy147 (9,287,422 in chips)
Seat 5: ReBorn010513 (12,800,054 in chips)

2014 TCOOP - Event 21 FT.JPG

It only took a few hands for short-stacked KursMarina to push all--in with A♣3♣, and Zippppppy147 reraised all-in from the small blind with A♥6♣ to isolate, which worked. The flop of J♥8♣6♦ only improved Zippppppy147's hand, and the T♥ and J♦ were enough to eliminate KursMarina in fifth place with $3,035.10.

Chop it up!

The final four chip stacks were fairly even, and the players decided to pause the tournament to discuss a potential deal. Chip-chop numbers were not pleasing, so after some discussion, they did agree to an even chop, with $3,000 set aside for the winner. The payouts would be:

Seat 1: superh0ld (10,182,986 in chips) = $11,286.82
Seat 2: squire1888 (11,100,774 in chips) = $11,286.83
Seat 4: Zippppppy147 (11,531,186 in chips) = $11,286.82
Seat 5: ReBorn010513 (11,150,054 in chips) = $11,286.82

Not long after their return to action, superh0ld found this huge double-up opportunity:

RSS readers click through to see replay

(For whom the video does not play, superh0ld had A♠9♦ against the J♠J♥ of Zippppppy147 and caught an ace on the turn.)

Two hands later, Zippppppy147 shoved with K♠Q♦, and superh0ld showed up with A♥6♣. The board of J♥9♠2♦2♥5♥ allowed the ace kicker to play, and Zippppppy147 had to leave with the $11,286.82 for fourth place.

A few rounds after that, squire1888 responded to an all-in raise from superh0ld by calling all-in with A♥K♠. Superh0ld had K♦9♦, which was still behind after the T♦J♣4♥ flop was revealed. The 9♥ on the turn, however, gave superh0ld the pair, and the 4♣ on the river made that into two pair. Squire1888 had to leave in third place with $11,286.83.

Superh0ld takes super lead into heads-up

The heads-up match began with these chip counts:

Seat 1: superh0ld (33,714,946 in chips)
Seat 5: ReBorn010513 (10,250,054 in chips)

And it only took seven hands for ReBorn010513 to make a move. The hand began with an all-in raise from superh0ld with A♠8♦, and ReBorn010513 called with A♦7♠. The dealer provided a board of Q♥K♥2♦6♦5♥, and the tournament was over. ReBorn010513 had to accept second place and the $11,286.82 that went with it.

Superh0ld claimed victory and $14,286.82 in cash to go with the TCOOP title. Congrats!

TCOOP-21: $27 NL Hold'em (Turbo 4-Max)
Entrants: 8,793
Prize pool: $215,868.15
Places paid: 1,100

1. superh0ld (Hungary) $14,286.82*
2. ReBorn010513 (Luxembourg) $11,286.82*
3. squire1888 (UK) $11,182.83*
4. Zippppppy147 (Ireland) $11,286.82
5. KursMarina (Russia) $3,035.10

*Payouts reflect four-way chop

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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