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TCOOP 2014: Everyone stumbles over üä-qaypö.wsx in Event #39, $82 FL Hold'em (Turbo, 6-Max)

Raise, re-raise, re-re-raise.

As TCOOP 2014 approached its final weekend stretch, spilling over into February, 1,282 players min-raised it to the limit in Event #39, the $82 Limit Hold'em Six-Max Turbo with a $50,000 guarantee. Only 600 players were seated when the computer elves began shuffling and dealing, but by the end of late registration the prize pool had almost doubled its guarantee with $96,150 up for grabs.

In typical TCOOP fashion, it all took less than four hours, and üä-qaypö.wsx (your guess is as good as ours), who entered the final table with a vulnerable stack, fourth in chips, bulldozed the competition with a lot of face-cards finding themselves face-up in front of their avatar. No deal was made, no time for it, such was the speed of evisceration for the Austrian, who scooped $16,105.83 and the TCOOP title.

With eight players left DannStarr, covering koshka5824 by a small blind, suffered a nearly unspeakable cooler. We're talking aces versus kings as you may have guessed. That would set up koshka5824's run deep into the big money, while DannStarr would have to wonder what cute, pleading animal they put off to deserve kings versus aces, short-handed in turbo limit hold'em, approaching the final table bubble. They were eliminated shortly thereafter.

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As if that setup had not been fortuitous enough, koshka5824 was responsible for the final table bubble elimination, and needed the final card to do the deed in a huge pot. It all began when Canadian homejoe22, by all indications a lovable everyman, raised J♠ J♥ in blind versus blind and koshka5824 defended with T♠ 9♥. On a T♥ 7♠ 5♥ flop it was a dream scenario for homejoe22, having both suits and rank dominated. Three bets went in. Another bet on the 3♣ turn left both players with one big bet behind going into the river, which was the backbreaking 9♦. 1.6M wagering units slid into the Croatian's stack and they would break the penultimate table to enter the final one with nearly 2M, good for the chip-lead. Out in seventh was homejoe22 who would have to be placated with $1,634.55.


Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: tula070 (Russia) 1,355,321
Seat 2: koshka5824 (Croatia) 1,980,158
Seat 3: bullyon (Costa Rica) 297,982
Seat 4: kahnu (Germany) 1,145,264
Seat 5: üä-qaypö.wsx (Austria) 767,421
Seat 6: bryan00nl (Netherlands) 8623,854

It was almost as if üä-qaypö.wsx had made a surreptitious pact with unholy elements, because their card rush was both preternatural and relentless. First (following a bullyon double through bryan00nl), they placed their final four-and-some big blinds in the middle with A♣ 9♦ against the A♥ 3♠ of koshka5825. All the chip-leader could manage was a chop sweat on a paired board, to not avail.

The next hand four players folded, which left bryan00nl and tula070 left to tangle in blind versus blind.

Raise, re-raise, call. J♥ J♦ 7♠.

Check-call. K♦

All-in and a call. It was A♦ 2♦ for bryan00nl. tula070 had felt priced in getting almost seven to one odds on a call. It turns out they had enough equity for the price with A♠ 3♣ and the 8♠ river brick meant no harm no foul. The players would need something other than an ace-rag vs ace-rag matchup to dispel the first of six.

üä-qaypö.wsx seizes the lead

The Austrian raised to 200,000 in middle position and was flat-called by tula070 on the button and bullyon in the big-blind. The flop was 8♠ 4♠ 2♣ and the action was capped for 400,000 between the initial raiser and the player in position. The K♣ slowed down neither party and tula070 had less than a big bet back once all the chips were squared. It was A♥ 8♦ on their account, done in by the J♣ J♦ of the unpronounceable one on the 9♠ river. Russian tula070 was crippled and mucked their cards without fanfare at showdown the next hand, out in sixth for $2,644.12.

üä-qaypö.wsx won the following six pots in sequence, including eliminating kahnu, who had been down to their last two big-blinds. The two managed to get all-in preflop, the short-stack flopping well with A♦ 3♦ on K♦ 8♥ 7♦ against the dominant A♥ 9♠ of the accumulating Austrian. Bricks ahoy was the call from the felt as the board ran out 2♣ 6♣ and the German representative of this very European final table, kahnu, would go out fifth, awarded $4,057.53.

üä-qaypö.wsx had a breather the next hand, letting koshka5824 attend to the blinds, before coolering bryan00nl's A♥ Q♥ with K♣ K♥ on a Q♠ 9♣ 2♥ flop in a capped pot. Two sevens from heaven, 7♣ 7♥, for the unspeakable screen name and another 1.8M chips wandered their way. bryan00nl's took home $6,201.67, their run over in fourth.

The next pot went the chip-leader's way to boot and they had amassed 5M of the 6.5M in play with blinds at 60,000-120,000. It took less than two orbits for whittled koshka5824, once the table's superpower, to go with the untrusthworthy 6♠ 3♠ for a big blind and a half. Both their opponents saw the 9♣ 5♦ 4♣ flop and between the two it was üä-qaypö.wsx who did the deed (naturally) with A♠ 2♣, forcing bullyon out of the pot on the flop to run out a J♦ 3♦ for the scoop. It was the wrong pair for the Croatian koshka5824 who was eliminated third for $9,086.17.

Supernova bullyon would not be, erm, bullied, by the domineering deficit they faced, battling üä-qaypö.wsx every pot of the heads-up match. The two traded pots for a dozen hands, bullyon never surpassing the 1M mark, but staying afloat, before the decisive confrontation played out. Action was capped preflop and that was good enough for bullyon to be committed to their K♠ 3♥. They would be in very rough shape on the A♠ 8♠ 9♦ flop, mainly on account of the ineffably-named Austrian's A♥ K♥. There would be no drama (of the backdoor spades variety) as the Q♣ turn left the plucky bullyon drowning dead amid the tidal wave that was üä-qaypö.wsx's final table performance. Second place for bullyon was worth a cool $12,018.75, enough to take some wine with all that water.

üä-qaypö.wsx had done it, going the length of the tournament without making a bet-sizing error. Too bad this was not a knockout tournament, because üä-qaypö.wsx, with their incomprehensible accented moniker, was directly responsible for all five final-table casualties.

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Congratulations üä-qaypö.wsx for running over a strong field of min-raisers, and beguiling everyone, namely, en route to scooping $16,105.83 and the TCOOP #39 title!

TCOOP-39: $82 Fixed Limit Hold'em (Turbo, 6-Max)
Entrants: 1,282
Prize pool: $96,150
Places paid: 168

1. üä-qaypö.wsx (Austria) $16,105.83
2. bullyon (Costa Rica) $12,018.75
3. koshka5824 (Croatia) $9,086.17
4. bryan00nl (Netherlands) $6,201.67
5. kahnu (Germany) $4,057.53
6. tula070 (Russia) $2,644.12

TCOOP is wrapping up Sunday! Check out the schedule here to get in on the action before its all in the books!

Gareth Chantler is freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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