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TCOOP 2014: Sam Stein crowned King of Event #4 ($55 NLHE Turbo)

The opening day of the 2014 Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) has entered the record books in a flash. Four action-packed tournaments were crammed into a busy day and by the time it was all over, four new TCOOP champions had been crowned in just over a ten-hour time span. The latest champion is a well-known player who goes by the name Sam "KingKobeMVP" Stein as he overcame fellow poker pro Kevin "ImaLuckSac" Macphee to win TCOOP Event #4.

Stein has won or finished on the final table of just about any live tournament you can think of. He has posted almost $4 million in live tournament results, with his biggest score being a cool $1 million for finishing 4th in the 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event.


Stein is no slouch on the virtual felt either, winning the PokerStars Sunday 500 back in 2009 for just under six figures and he even made a deep run in WCOOP Main Event in 2008. One accolade that has eluded Stein throughout his poker career is winning one of the "major" PokerStars online titles. He got close in 2009, making the final table of a $3,150 buy-in No Limit Holdem event during the inaugural Spring Championship of Online Poker. He ultimately finished in 8th for $66,000.

Now Stein can add a TCOOP title to his long poker resume.

TCOOP Event #4 was a $55 No Limit Holdem event that featured a $300,000 guarantee, but that was easily smashed when 8,358 players created a prize pool of $417,900. The top 1,040 players picked up a piece of that prize pool, but only one Team PokerStars Pro would finish in the money with Nacho Barbero finishing in 361st place for a $154 collect.

Barbero may have been the only one to cash, but plenty of other Team PokerStars players entered the event. Some of those that took part in TCOOP Event #4, but failed to make it deep included Jonathan Duhamel, Marcel Luske, Jake Cody, Henrique Pinho, Joe Cada, Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, Joao "jomane" Nune and George "jorj95" Lind.

None of these Team PokerStars players got as close to the money as Sweden's "puck13on" who finished in 1,081st place as the official bubble player. Once the bubble burst it wouldn't take long for another big bubble to take place as ten players all hoped to make the final table. It was Germany's "SusoRover" who finished in 10th place for a bittersweet $2,298 score and with that the final table was set:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: Kevin "ImaLuckSac" Macphee - 4,944,153
Seat 2: rickychaja - 8,677,859
Seat 3: kruvant - 9,578,582
Seat 4: ProWannabe10 - 5,918,632
Seat 5: t.heck9r - 476,816
Seat 6: AAspen76 - 4,830,390
Seat 7: ezee1 - 1,727,880
Seat 8: 28Firtina28 - 1,731,200
Seat 9: Sam "KingKobeMVP" Stein - 3,904,488

t.heck9r started the final table as the short stack and folded a couple of hands before finding himself all in from the big blind for just over 250,000. The rest of the table folded around to ProWannabe10 in the small blind and he made the call. It was t.heck9r holding T♦8♠ against the A♣Q♣ of ProWannabe10. When the board ran out 5♥K♠9♣T♣6♦, t.heck9r had hit a pair to double up and got in the chat box straight away to share their delight.

"IT'S NOT OVER YET GUYS," t.heck9r said.

And t.heck9r was correct as they would manage a pay jump with ezee1 ultimately being the first player eliminated at the final table. ImaLuckSac jammed for just under 5.5 million and ezee1 was the lone caller from the big blind, with the last 1.4 million in chips going in the middle holding 9♦9♣ against ImaLuckSac's A♣K♣. The board ran out A♦6♠Q♦8♥6♦ and with that ezee1 was eliminated in 9th place for $3,238.

Just a few hands earlier t.heck9r had said it wasn't over yet, but now it was as t.heck9r would finish in 8th place when jamming K♣T♣ from the cutoff. 28FIRTINA28 made the call from the big blind holding A♦9♠. The board ran out 2♥7♠7♥9♣8♣, with t.heck9r sent home with $5,014 for this 8th place finish.

Next to go, in 7th place, was ProWannabe10 and it was an unlucky final hand for the online poker player from Mexico after a devastating blow delivered by rickychaja:

RSS readers click through to see replay

The eliminations continued at a characteristically-turbo pace as just a couple of hands later AAspen76 would open to 1.8 million from the button and call off the rest the chips when KingKobeMVP three-bet shoved from the big blind. Aaspen76 held 6♥5♥ against KingKobeMVP's Q♦8♦ and the news only got worse for Aaspen76 when a Q♣T♣Q♥ flop appeared on the screen. The 4♦ turn and the 6♠ river were no help and Aaspen76 was eliminated in 6th place for $12,954.

The time span between 6th and 5th place would be the longest experienced at the final table so far, but that's not saying too much considering 28FIRTINA28 would be eliminated just five minutes after Aaspen76's demise. 28FIRTINA28 shoved the last 4.7 million in from the cutoff holding 2♦2♠ and received a call from rickychaja in the big blind with A♥K♣. The Q♣T♠J♦ was perfect for rickychaja and 28FIRTINA28 wasn't able to catch runner-runner cards on the J♣ turn or the 9♥ river and with that was eliminated in 5th place for a $17,133 score.

When four-handed play began, rickychaja was the chip leader, but that changed quickly as KingKobeMVP and ImaLuckSac accumulated chips and began swapping the chip lead back and forth for a few hands. KingKobeMVP had just over 60,000 more than ImaLuckSac when the clock was paused and a deal discussion began.


Team PokerStars Online's Jorge "Baalim" Limon was the final table host and outlined the ICM deal numbers to the players, along with explaining that $6,000 was to be set aside for the eventual champion. KingKobeMVP, ImaLuckSac and kruvant quickly typed "agree" into the chat box, but rickychaja remained quiet and was nudged to type "I Agree" into the chat box several times. Eventually the request was asked in the native tongue of the Argentinean the deal was promptly agreed to.

Just a few hands after the deal and the action would once again see players eliminated at almost every moment. It was rickychaja who would fall in 4th place, with A♦Q♣ falling to ImaLuckSac's A♠3♠ when a J♠4♠Q♠5♠7♠ board was spread on the virtual felt. The deal meant rickychaja took home $37,303 for a 4th place finish which is quite a lot more than the $22,148 originally slated if there was no deal.

ImaLuckSac had a hefty chip lead at this point, but when KingKobeMVP doubled up holding J♥7♥ against ImaLuckSac's K♥J♣, the chip positions reversed. It was then kruvant who was eliminated in 3rd place. It started with KingKobeMVP limping the cutoff with A♦J♥ and IMaLuckSac folding his small blind. Kruvant then shoved for just under 10 million from the big blind holding J♠7♣ and KingKobeMVP called. The board ran out 4♥6♦9♠6♥8♥ and kruvant was eliminated in 3rd place for $35,907.

Heads-up Chip Counts
KingKobeMVP - 33,651,380 chips
ImaLuckSac - 8,138,620 chips

The heads-up battle started with KingKobeMVP holding a more than 4-1 chip lead over ImaLuckSac and it was only the second hand of heads-up that would see KingKobeMVP crowned the victor.

The final hand of Event #4 of the 2014 TCOOP saw ImaLuckSac shove his last 8,738,620 in chips in the middle from the button. KingKobeMVP called from the big blind and the players cards were revealed.

KingKobeMVP: A♥4♥
ImaLuckSac: K♥8♣

The final board of the tournament was 6♠J♣T♥7♣T♦ and with that ImaLuckSac had been eliminated in 2nd place for $42,567 and KingKobeMVP claimed $48,616 and the TCOOP title for his victory.

TCOOP-04: $55 NL Hold'em (Turbo) - $330K Guaranteed
Entrants: 8,358
Prize Pool: $417,900
Places Paid: 1,080

1st KingKobeMVP (Mexico)- $48,616.27*
2nd ImaLuckSac (Canada) - $42,567.80*
3rd kruvant (Netherlands) - $35,907.11*
4th rickychaja (Argentina) - $37,303.68*
5th 28FIRTINA28 (Germany) - $17,133.90
6th Aaspen76 (Sweden) - $12,954.90
7th ProWannabe10 (Mexico) - $8,984.85
8th t.heck9r (Germany) - $5,014.80
9th ezee1 (Canada) - $3,238.72

* denotes four-handed deal

With 50 events and over $15 million in guaranteed prizes, don't miss out on your opportunity to get among the TCOOP action. Visit the TCOOP main page to see the full schedule of remaining events which run right through until February 2nd.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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