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Fish & trips

2011 was a terrible year for me poker-wise. It seemed I was seeing the ugly side of variance every time I sat down to play. However, in 2012 I started finally turning it around. Experiencing such highs and lows in the game made me realize I had to adapt more of a long-term thought process to my approach. I read up on a lot of strategy articles and tried not to let a day go by when I didn't learn something new or do something to improve my game. So far this year, I've been playing really well and I feel like I'm experiencing a new level of confidence. I'm making a few final tables each week and have been very happy with my results.

One thing that really helped when I was re-evaluating my game was adjusting my computer setup. I expanded to three flat-screen monitors, which enables me to play up to 20 tables very comfortably with no overlap between them.


A sickest setup contender?

I've mostly been sticking to MTTs and MTT Sit & Go's, but I've also found success with the step satellites. I saved myself a lot of money by winning an EPT Berlin package (including buy-in, hotel, and cash for travel expenses) worth €8,000 through only a €27 investment in the steps.

In between tournaments and playing online, I've also squeezed in a couple of holidays. I have a young son and a 15-month old daughter and we recently took a trip to the mountains to go skiing. The resort was ideal for families with kids and we rented a cottage that was situated close to the children's ski zone. The kids really enjoyed it. It was also a nice surprise to discover there were four other families staying at the lodge that played poker. After we got the children to sleep each night, we stayed up and either played a home game or all played online on our laptops. I made a little money in the home games and had a wonderful, relaxing time.

Spring has finally arrived in the Czech Republic and these days I'm spending a lot of time working outside in my garden. It's my daughter's first spring and I've been building her a sandbox and a playhouse. I'm also planning out my schedule for the WSOP. A good friend of mine won a package and we're going to travel to Las Vegas together. I think I'll be there for about three weeks total. But first, I'm looking forward to a different kind of fishing trip. This one is an annual excursion to Spain with a group of my closest friends. Here's a look at what I caught last time.


What a massive fish (and the catch isn't bad either)

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