My sources say "winner!"

Wouldn't it be great if there was a crystal ball that would show you what tournaments you're going to cash in or even win? I think two of my friends might have one, and I'll tell you why.
The last couple of years at the World Series of Poker, I started off slowly then got hot at the end. I often put together my best runs in the Main Event. This year it was completely backwards. I started off great, with five cashes in my first seven events, and then went stone cold. I finished with six cashes but lost about $18,000 overall.

I probably blame it all on one little situation I had, one big hand that I lost that took the steam out of me in Event 24. You might wonder, "How can one hand have such an impact?" I'm usually the guy that says if you lose one hand, you go on to the next one.

Some hands are different though, aren't they? Sometimes in your bad run or your good run you remember one specific hand that took the air out of you or gave you one of the biggest upswings.


Event 24 was a $1500 NLHE, one of the big fields with close to 2,000 players. We were down to about 22 players. I was all in on a flop of Q-9-2 with K♦Q♦. There were two diamonds on the flop, giving me top pair and a flush draw. My opponent called with two 10s. I was about a 16-1 favorite but you know how it goes - I lost the hand.

As I said, I'm normally the guy who says that bad beats happen. Poker players have to accept that. But this was a hand that would have given me a great shot at a bracelet. If my hand had held up I'd have dragged a pot worth about 70 big blinds. I could have used that pot to cruise to the final table.

Instead I busted in 22nd place and the hand seemed to take the stuffing out of me. I limped through the rest of the WSOP, earning one more small cash, before heading back to New York stuck $18,000.

After the World Series I usually take my family on a trip. Two of my favorite destinations are Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun and Rock in Punta Cana, DR. This year I decided we'd go to Cancun because I was looking forward to seeing the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza. It's supposed to be one of the Wonders of the World.

So I was back in New York, making preparation for the trip. A couple of my friends called me and said, "What the hell are you doing in New York? There's a $5,000 OFC event in the Carnivale of Poker. You're great at this game. You have what it takes to win this tournament."

That's all bullshit. I think I play the game pretty well, but of course you've got to run good to win a tournament. Instead of telling them that, I said, "Are you nuts? I'm not going to come back to Vegas to play one tournament. I just left Vegas two days ago."

The guys convinced me. They'd put up all the money but I'd get a big percentage of myself. I always love when I have zero invested. I seem to play better. Plus, they even offered to fly me there. I guess they looked into their poker crystal ball and saw that I was going to win this event and that's why they put me in.

They were absolutely right. I won the tournament. I made a deal heads-up with Nacho, but eventually I won it. And with the money that I got from that, I ended up on the plus side for the WSOP after all.

These same two guys put me into some events at EPT Barcelona. I guess they looked into their crystal ball again and saw great things for me. Man, I'd love to get my hands on that crystal ball myself!

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