Vegas is getting closer

The way I know that Las Vegas is getting closer is that one of my more insane friends stars a text countdown describing in minutes, hours and days how much time we have left before we're over there. When that bores him, he writes long, detailed emails telling us all how he's already checked in and already sleeping out in the airport, only to make sure he doesn't miss the flight. The details regarding who lets him sleep where and what he does out there then fills up an entire mail. I'm not saying this is one of my most normal friends, but it's hilarious when he describe the hotdog stand owner by first name and the disputes they end up having over the fact that he is lying just behind the stand and not helping out enough.

It's a mystery to me that I still get the same feeling as he does after around 15 years of seeing Vegas on a regular basis. Okay, I'm not looking forward to Vegas as much as he does but the feeling is still there. I know that after exactly 9 days and 17 hours I get homesick and just want to leave this Godforsaken place and that's why it amazes me that I'm still stupid enough to book 14 days every single year! One would think that you would learn this lesson after 15 years, but no.


Jorgensen on his way to a 30th-place $255,242 WSOP finish in 2010

I've had some great moments over there. I've had some horrible ones as well, but let's stick to the funny ones. Like the first time 3 Scandies decided to play golf in around 40 degrees Celsius and our 24 golf balls were all done for by the time we turned to the club house after nine holes. Personally, I decided to keep shooting until I made it over the lake on the 9th hole which resulted in seven balls going straight in the lake, followed by whatever I could spare. I also managed to drink five litres of water without ever being close to taking a leak.

There was also the time when two of my buddies had their Vegas debut. I had told them in advance to have a plan ready for whenever they hit the table games. In their case it was pretty obvious they would just get drunk and then play till they lost it all. So I actually got a little annoyed with them when on their second day they told me they had been up $100,000 and then lost it all.

"What happened to the plan I told you guys to make?" I asked.

The answer was, "I'm really glad you asked that cause I told LH about that before we started and we agreed on the genius plan that when we hit $1,000,000 from our beginning $10,000 we would quit."

But one of my all-time greatest moments was when my dad came with us and managed get the worst jetlag I've ever seen. Considering the fact that I might have seen him drunk maybe three times in my life and making a fool out of himself even less, you suck everything in when you find him drunk at the craps tables at 9.30 am with a Heineken in his hand. Then when he woke up in the afternoon and managed to call security and report a robbery from his room while he was sleeping, only to find his cash in the other inside jacket pocket. That really stands out as a classic 'That's what Vegas does to you' moment.

I'm going to arrive very late this year. I'm only playing the Main Event and as soon I've busted that I'm going to split my time between golf with the guys and high stakes cash games. Good luck to everyone playing the Main Event.

Theo Jorgensen is a member of Team PokerStars Pro