An autumn with Bruno and the dogs

There's not too much going on right now for me. Since the WSOP I played LAPT Panama. At the moment I'm excited about my friend Bruno Politano, who is part of this year's November Nine. He's the first Brazilian player ever to make it to the final table of the WSOP Main Event. Bruno Kawauti made it to 15th last year, which was the best previous finish for a Brazilian.

Bruno Politano is such a great guy and he's a good player, too. He'd been getting a lot of good results on the BSOP and on the LAPT, so on the one hand it isn't too surprising to see him do well. But whenever anybody makes it all of the way to the November Nine it's kind of unexpected, and so it's super exciting.

Everybody's talking about a huge boom for poker happening here in Brazil. There's going to be a lot of media covering Bruno over the next few months, which will be good. There will be a lot of attention outside of Brazil, too. People from the U.S. and other places aren't always aware of all the good players in Brazil, but there are a lot of them and this is a good opportunity for people to find out not only about Bruno but about Brazilian poker in general.

Bruno was actually one of my first friends in poker. I've known him since 2006 or 2007. He's one of the survivors -- so many who were playing back then aren't playing anymore now. But Bruno stuck with it. He has a business in Sao Paulo that keeps him busy, but he's always worked a lot on his game, playing seriously and improving his skills. He's gotten results all along, too, so it's nice to see him get rewarded for all of his efforts.

It's going to be crazy in November. There are going to be a lot of us coming from Brazil to be there at the Rio. Bruno said he can get tickets for 120 people, I think, but I believe there will be more than that going out for the final table, so we'll have to find more.

He's in ninth right now, but he's got 30 big blinds. Bruno plays online a lot and so has a lot of experience playing a stack that size, so he can manage and find the right spots. If he had like 7-9 big blinds, it would be tough for all of us to go out for that, but with a stack like he has, we're all ready to go to Las Vegas and support him.

It's going to be a really tough final table. There are a lot of good players. Mark Newhouse making it back to the final table for the second straight year -- that's just sick! It's unbelievable.

I'm going to the U.S. a little early. I breed Golden Retrievers, and there is a big show during the last week of October in Asheville, North Carolina -- the GRCA National (Golden Retriever Club of America). I am going to take two of my dogs to compete, then my friend will bring them back to Brazil, and I'll go on from there to the November Nine.

I have 28 Golden Retrievers. The place where we breed them is amazing. The competitions are fun, but it is great just to be around them, too -- so much good energy.

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A few members of my family

It should be a lot of fun, both going to the show and then the November Nine. I'll be trying to carry some of that good energy from my dogs to Vegas with me to help Bruno!

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