Our new home on the Cotai Strip: Pokerstars Macau

teampro-thumb.JPGPokerstars Macau recently announced its move to the newly renovated and revamped Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex. This place has its sweet memories for me, as I had finished third in the APPT Macau in 2008 which was my biggest live tournament success at the time. Returning there now provides a whole new experience for anyone who visits the home of the biggest and richest poker tournaments in Asia.

The complex already houses top facilities, but let me list several highlights for you in the area. Players on a budget can now consider staying the night at the Grand Waldo Spa for under $60USD or even sleep in the main hall of the spa if you don't mind being in a shared area. Visitors to Macau have previously spent most of their time on the Macau side but everyone knows that the new "place to be" is the Cotai Strip across the bridge on Taipa.


The Cotai strip is continuously getting developed and you can always find swanky new hotels and restaurants to discover. If you thought you really knew Macau, think again! Across the road from Grand Waldo is its sister-hotel, the recently opened Galaxy, which houses several different brands of hotels and several world class bars and restaurants. A short cab ride down to discover Taipa Village - where the original community of Taipa Island started from - will transport you back in time as you discover its small cluster of narrow lanes and alleys with colorful old (& new) colonial houses. Amongst these houses you can discover old temples and the best seafood in Macau!

Another highlight of our newly situated room is its proximity to the go-karting track and golf course. Fancy some speed, and a short cab ride brings you to the Macau Motor Sports Club where you can unleash the speed demon in you! If you feel like a relaxing day out on the greens you can head to Caesars Golf Macau and even enroll yourself for some lessons at the Butch Harmon School. Who knows you could be the next Tiger Woods after all.

There are just so many sights to discover and I will definitely be on the lookout for more gems as I uncover them! In the meantime satellites for the Macau Poker Cup (June 9th-18th) on running now on PokerStars so make sure to make your way there by winning a seat now!

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