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Making the VIP Club your best friend

We all receive promotional emails and see pop ups on the PokerStars client when we sign in and casually scroll past them making a side and mental note to watch out for "that VIP tourney on 16th of November" or "that sale that they are having which I'd take a look at when I have the time".

Sounds familiar? If it does than here is a wakeup call for you: "YOU ARE MISSING OUT!"


Here are some tips on how to make the VIP Club your best friend just as I have over the years since the days of maintaining my SilverStar to my Supernova status of recent years. Why should you read these tips you ask? Because these promotions and bonuses helped pad my bankroll, win my way to live and luxurious events as well as given me cool gadgets and apparel which have made many friends & family go jelly (jealous).

First of all look out for the VIP tournaments which can be found under the "Tourney" -> "VIP" tab. These shows all the VIP tournaments that are open to registering and upcoming. To plan ahead, unclick the "show registering/upcoming" and plan your grind days/schedule around those that really interest you! In addition to the multitude of value added satellites during festival (WCOOP, SCOOP, PCA etc) periods the mainstays are the:

  • VIP $30,000 Weekly (SilverStar 100FPP) / $100,000 Monthly (GoldStar Freeroll or Satellites) / $1,000,000 Quarterly (Supernova Freeroll or Satellites)
  • Weekly Sunday Million VIP Satellite with five seats added (PlatinumStar 2,500FPP)
  • Various VIP Bashes (SilverStar onwards)

    You could spend your FPPs (Frequent Player Points) on anything under the sun from buying cookies for your girlfriend to a purchase of a home or a spanking new sports car! As for my favorite picks other than cold hard cash (VIP Bonuses and Cash Rewards) I really like using the FPPs for purchases of tournament tickets as I think they provide the best value in terms of Value/FPP especially if you intend to buy-in directly for those events. These help to pad the bankroll and gives me the opportunity of making more money!

    I've also used the VIP Club to purchase handy and cool apparel like jumpers & jackets as well as beach kits, towels and household items! Definitely take time to browse through the VIP Store and you might be surprised and what products they have waiting for your redemption! Look our for the VIP Store sales which are held from time to time to get a steal!

    There are so many things like the VIP Club Live Parties, VIP Matches and various exciting promotions which makes it impossible to cover in one article. All I can say is the next time you receive a promotional email from PokerStars, read through it and mark the dates and times down. Spend some time browsing through the tournament VIP Lobby and Store and target a gift to reward yourself or pad your bankroll with.

    The VIP Club is there for all us players and you should definitely understand it and make it your best friend.

    Bryan Huang is a member of Team PokerStars Pro

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