WCOOP 2010: A little bit of advice

celina_lin_appt_macau1.JPGby Celina Lin
WCOOP 2010 is a date marked down in most poker players' schedule. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, it is essentially the world series of online poker! The buy-ins range from $100-$10,000, so it will suit recreational players to those with a big bankroll.

In the past we have seen many champions like 'Jovial Gent' arise from such series, and become overnight idols on the virtual felt. The WCOOP offers tournaments from 6 max, high rollers, shoot out to turbos, and guaranteed prize pool of $300,000 to $10 Million.

Most poker players nowadays are pretty used to tournament structures, blind levels and antes. The strategy for multi-table tournaments differs depending on your opponents. If your table is limping a lot, you might want to adopt a more aggressive play and isolate pots where you can get it heads up. If players are relatively tight on your table, you might want to see cheap flops and try to set mine and bust players with over pairs.

When the blinds and antes get high, pick your spots to steal blinds constantly, keep putting pressure on short stacks and try a squeeze play if the situation is appropriate. A lucky few may find themselves in short-handed situations on the final table and maybe even heads up play. Most tournament players lack in short-handed and heads-up play because it doesn't happen very often.

WCOOP 2010 will offer everyone a great chance to brush up on multi-table tournament skills, win big and play with Team PokerStars Pros from all over the world. I wish you all the best of luck and may the best win! See you all on the virtual felt.


Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Celina Lin