One wild way to multi-table

It's a busy time of year -- like always, it seems -- and I have more interesting tourney trips coming up soon that I'm really looking forward to.

The first will be to Brazil to play at the next stop of the Brazilian Series of Poker, the BSOP Millions that will be happening in São Paulo from November 25-December 3. Then right after that I'll be on the road again to play EPT Prague which takes place from December 7-17.

In the past I always had certain stops that I had to play each year -- London, the PCA, Monte Carlo, and some others -- and that kind of limited my being able to travel to other places. But this year we've worked things out so I can go to some different places than I usually hit.

I actually played the BSOP last year and really enjoyed it, and so I'm happy to go back. But I've never been to Prague before, a place by all accounts I've heard is awesome to visit and so I'm very psyched about getting to go for the first time. Obviously it's going to be cold there, but it's cold just about everywhere this time of year (except for maybe South America). But I'm really looking forward to the trip.

After that I'll definitely be at the PCA again -- that's a stop I think just about everyone tries not to miss. But in the new year I'm hoping to continue this trend of visiting new places, including going to Malta for the new EPT stop there in March.


A couple of years where I took multi-tabling to the ridiculous extreme

Being a professional poker player and having this freedom to travel and see different places as part of my job, I'm grateful whenever the opportunity arises to go to countries I've never been to before and experience the world and meeting new people. Loving poker as I do, it's very fun to see how the game is played in different places as well.

Going to new places to play also kind of keeps the game interesting. There will be a lot of familiar faces both at the BSOP and in Prague, I'm sure, but there will be a lot of players against whom I've never played before. Every city has a different vibe, too, which gives things a little bit of flavor and excitement.

It'll be a hectic time coming up, for sure, but there's plenty to look forward to.

Chris Moneymaker
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