Dealing with Vegas, rooting for Belgium

I've been out in Vegas for part of the WSOP. I also took a side trip to New York with my girlfriend. Now, it's back to Vegas for a bit.

Vegas is a funny place. I always like going, but when you're there for a while, you're often glad to be going home, or at least that's often the case for me. It's not like normal life. It's kind of like Disneyland -- great fun at first, but if you're there too long it can wear you down.

Of course, Vegas can be very nice if you're doing well. It almost feels like the city is embracing you if you're winning in the cash games and going deep in tournaments. You feel great about yourself and about poker, and there are so many opportunities and games to play, you just love being there.

But on the flip side, when things aren't going so well and you aren't cashing or not playing your A-game, you find yourself wanting to look for something else besides poker. That's when Vegas can be a tough place to be. Sure, there are great shows and lots of things to do, but if you're someone who's been to Vegas many times, those have a little less attraction for you. I think this will be about my 10th trip and I've seen just about all the shows, I feel like.

I'm also not really a big gambler, and Vegas is oriented a lot toward gambling. There are lots of clubs and opportunities to party in Vegas, too, but if you're a professional poker player and take your job seriously, you know that partying a lot tends not to help your win rate a lot.

Well I rented a car which helps out a lot including getting away occasionally when the rare off day does come. It's nice just to get out of the air conditioning a little, too, which always tends to make me feel a little under the weather, especially when I first get there and am still dealing with jet lag.

It's exciting -- Vegas is really the place to be every summer for poker players, but I'll be excited to get home. After all, Belgium is doing well in the World Cup!

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