(Rake)-Racing my brother

My brother Matthias and I are continuing to pursue our Supernova Elite Challenge this year, and while it's still an uphill battle for both of us, we had a chance to gather a lot of VPPs in a fun way recently. We both took part in the Belgian Online Poker Championship (BOPC) Ringgame-Cup that recently played out on PokerStars.be from March 24-April 13. There's a cool event coming up associated with the BOPC-Ringgame Cup, too, that you can watch on PokerStars.tv. Let me explain.

The BOPC Ringgame-Cup was a neat promotion, kind of a "rake race" that challenged players to see who could accumulate the most VPPs during those three weeks. The top three would then get to participate in that special cash game that is going to be shown on PokerStars.tv on April 21.

It was nice to see how many people responded to the promotion. To be eligible to participate, players had to register for a special Ringgame-Cup tournament, and there was a big turnout for that. Then there ended up being a lot players who were able to get a ton of hands in, including myself and Matthias. There was $10,000 awarded to the 100 players who earned the most VPPs during the promotion, with the money distributed by percentage according to how many VPPs each earned. Here is a full list of the top 100 finishers.

In the end, Matthias ended up finishing sixth and I ended in seventh, so we were just outside the top three. Here's what the Top 10 looked like:


The player who finished first -- wejo13 -- is a good friend of ours, which is pretty cool, and we know Raizz and PkrJack, too. So those three will be playing in the cash game, plus two more "wild card" players who are being drawn randomly out of all of the players who participated who earned 500 or more VPPs.

The cash game will also have one Team PokerStars Pro participating, and in fact that's where even though Matthias and I came up short in the race, we're going to be involved in the game and show, too.

Before the BOPC Ringgame-Cup race started, Matthias and I were invited to a secret competition -- we didn't know what it would be beforehand -- and the winner between us would be the Team PokerStars Pro who got to play in the cash game on April 21 while the loser would do commentary.

Here's a video showing us learning about the challenge and showing how it played out. Even if you don't speak Dutch, you'll be able to tell what's going on -- we had to see which one of us could keep a soccer ball off the ground for the most number of kicks while wearing these funny rubber boots. Take a look:

As you can see, Matthias got completely crushed, haha. Too much pressure, obviously! Maybe I enjoyed myself a little too much there, but really, there's nothing better than beating your brother. Anyhow, thanks to winning that challenge I'll be the one playing in the ring game while Matthias will be providing commentary.

The game will be a six-handed €2/€4 no-limit hold'em ring game with pot-limit betting before the flop and no-limit after the flop. The Ringgame-Cup winners are getting €400 credited to their accounts with which to play, and the game will last for 150 hands with everyone getting to keep their winnings. Also, the player who ends the game with the biggest stack after those 150 hands will earn an additional €1,000, which ought to make things interesting especially near the end.

I'm really looking forward to playing against these true grinders. I was lucky, actually, that some of the top dogs in Belgium didn't make it. Some were on a ski vacation, I know, and so didn't get enough VPPs. The player who finished fourth, for instance -- OtB_RedBaron -- regularly plays 50/100 and 100/200. So I hope to do well in the game, but we'll see.

The game is on PokerStars.be, but as I say everyone can watch because it will be streamed live on PokerStars.tv-- hole cards down -- starting at 21:00 CET on April 21, with Matthias commentating along with Gaëlle Garcia Diaz. It's pretty exciting as this is the first time a game on PokerStars.be is going to be streamed live like this.

So I know you've probably been following the action from EPT Sanremo, but after that finishes go back to PokerStars.tv and check out that BOPC Ringgame-Cup starting at 21:00 CET on Monday, April 21!

Christophe de Meulder is a member of Team PokerStars Pro

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