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Author! Author!

In my last blog post I mentioned my new novel and how it was beginning to occupy a lot of my time and energy lately. I did take a break to play EPT Barcelona, and while there gave an update on how things were proceeding. Now I'm writing this post at a time when the release of my novel is getting close -- it's very exciting!

The book is called Karmínový Dvojdolár -- the title refers to a bloody two-dollar bill -- and it's a crime thriller. The official release date is today, and really is the culmination of a lifelong dream of mine.

2013.10.04-Dag Palovic pic (book).png

Ever since I was very small, I have always enjoyed writing. I remember being giving assignments in school to write essays and I always liked being able to write and be descriptive about whatever topics I was assigned.

As an adult I've had the opportunity to write in different contexts, including co-authoring a poker strategy book with Tom McEvoy. Our book sold a lot of copies here in Slovakia, which was very satisfying and encouraging. I began to think about possibly going back to doing some creative writing, and in fact all of my life had thought about possibly writing a novel.

Finally I decided to write one, and from the start I thought it important to try to write something that would be commercially successful. I thought about the most popular genres worldwide -- crime novels and romances -- and considered which might be the one to try.


I decided a romance probably wasn't best for me, especially for a first attempt. For one thing, romance novels are primarily read by women. Now I love women -- and in Slovakia we have the most beautiful women in the world -- but I wasn't sure I should try to write a romance my first time out.

I felt more comfortable with the idea of writing a crime novel. I enjoy reading them, they are especially popular among both men and women all over the world, and I also felt like the genre was one in which I could not only tell an interesting story, but also one in which incorporate some of my ideas about life and society, too, which I wanted very much to do as well.

So I set to work. Once I came up with my basic story idea, I consulted with knowledgeable people for help, including one who has worked for 20 years in drug enforcement, another who has worked with a S.W.A.T.-type unit, another who is the best forensic doctor in the Slovak Republic, and other experts to help with certain episodes and details.

Talking with these people helped me flesh out my plot, which is a detective story involving a murder, but is also incorporates another more political storyline that involves pharmaceutical companies creating a virus as part of a scheme to sell vaccines. The book also deals with relationships between various characters, including those involving main detective, Gus Larsen. And there are some great plot twists, too, which I think readers are going to be surprised by and enjoy.

There are other surprises, too, involved with the way the book is going to be marketed and some various tie-ins including some fun ways for readers to interact with the story. If you're curious here is the book's website -- in Slovakian, of course. But the book is going to be translated soon into many languages including English, so stay tuned!

I can't wait for people to start reading it. Talk about suspense!

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