It's over already?

My World Series of Poker is over. It seemed to go by quickly, but that's partly because I was late getting there this time.

I was writing before about how I had some trouble with a stolen bag and a lost passport back in May, which delayed me getting to the WSOP. Actually that turned out not to be such a bad thing, and when putting everything into perspective, missing the first 10 days of the WSOP wasn't the worst thing in the world.


Got it!

Things started well for me once I got there. The second event I played was the $10K H.O.R.S.E. and I finished 16th, then I had a deep run in the $5K six-max right after that but busted just shy of the top 50. It didn't go as smoothly after that, however, and those would end up being my only two cashes.

One of my favorite events all summer was the Dealer's Choice tournament, which was a lot of fun even though I didn't last that long and busted near the end of Day 1. It was a great addition to the schedule, I thought.

A lot of players loved it. It must have been hard for the dealers, though, because we could choose between 16 different games, including some games they'd never had before at the World Series. I really hope they are going to have it again. It was such a fun format and involved a lot of different strategy.

When it was my turn to choose the game I sometimes picked ace-to-five triple draw. I never played that game before, actually, but I love deuce-to-seven triple draw and it has some similarities. I also picked Badeucy. I tried to pick games I wouldn't get a chance to play otherwise. I mean what's the point of picking no-limit hold'em? Even if I might have a bigger edge, I wanted to have some fun.

Maybe if I had made the final table I would've stuck with picking my best games, but since it was Day 1 I wanted to experiment and enjoy the chance to play different games. It would also have been worth picking games I felt perhaps I had an edge in versus particular players, which I would have probably done also had I gotten deeper.

In any case, while I didn't cash as much as I would have liked nor did I get another bracelet, it was another fun summer in Las Vegas. And it's over already!

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