Why I'm not at the WSOP yet

I had a problem. A big one.

It was WSOP time, and I didn't have a passport. Worse, because I'd been in Toronto for SCOOP, fixing the problems were even harder than you'd expect. I'll explain in a second, but first, I have to say, SCOOP went pretty well.

I got a second place in a five-card pot-limit Omaha 6-max. event (Event #27-H), which was pretty cool. It was the first time I'd ever really played five-card PLO, and it's a great game. There are so many possibilities and playable hands with five cards, and while there wasn't too much post-flop action it was still exciting. Sometimes there would be three players all in and you couldn't keep track of who was winning the hand as the community cards came, it was so complicated.

I also final tabled the $2K NLHE Super-Knockout (Event #11-H), so that was pretty good, too. Besides that there were not too many interesting finishes although I did cash a lot. I made the second day of the $10K Main Event (Event #44-H), but I was pretty short when Day 2 started and so couldn't make a comeback.

I played SCOOP in Toronto with Eugene Katchalov, and in fact for some of the days we were playing face-to-face on laptops. We even ended up at the same tables a couple of times, which is kind of rare to happen in the big field events.


It's always fun to play online. I don't always get a chance to because I spend a lot of time in France and in the U.S., so when a big series like SCOOP comes it is always great to play. It's a good way to practice, too, because you can play so many hands and get yourself into a good groove, including playing all of the different games which isn't so bad to do right before the WSOP.

That is...if it's even possible to get to the WSOP.

See, I ran into some trouble in Toronto when a bag of mine was stolen. Inside that bag?

You guessed it... my passport.

Because of that, I had real trouble getting back to France. And even then, while the WSOP was starting, I was stuck in France dealing with all the paperwork required to get a new passport. I could do nothing at the WSOP until it was finished.

I'll be playing a full schedule once I get there, but I've had to be patient until I could get everything straightened out. Poker teaches you patience, though, and so I sat tight until I could get back into the game.

And then today...success!


So, the next time you hear from me, I'll be in Vegas looking for my next gold bracelet.

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